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Comment 09 Jul 2020

Sad to watch. Everything they did so well... sharing the ball, in-your-face defense, etc. ... last year was completely gone this time. Some of it might be the virus situation, but Dallas looks like he's 90 years old... Deibler and Buford look definitely on the down side... Craft was the old Craft for about five minutes, then not... Thomas was forcing up bad shots as always and not making any. Lighty still looks like a real player, but when he saw that nobody else was up to snuff, he tried to take over himself... and almost did. How could they play Dallas all those minutes when that other kid was obviously a lot more effective?

Comment 23 Jun 2020

I don't understand how not playing in this tournament is in the "best professional interest" of the Wesson boys. Not playing shows a lack of confidence in their abilities just when Andre should be showing overseas teams that he can be an asset and Andre should be showing NBA teams that he belongs in their draft and can help a team at that level.

Comment 08 Jun 2020

Why the surprise when a kid who admittedly has mental issues says something that is "nuts?" Who knows what kind of fantasies are going on in his head? Good luck Marquette. If he doesn't get a waiver to play next year... or maybe even if he does..., you are going to have one interesting year coming up.

Comment 07 Jun 2020

I don't understand how in a thread that already demolishes site's commenting policy of "Avoid Politics, Religion & Hot-Button Social Issues" my comment needed to be voided. The story is about Coach Johnson teaching his sons some things that will apparently serve them well as adults. I recommended that he also teach them to stay off drugs, not break the law, and not resist police if they encounter the cops. I also recommended that he, himself, consider a reaction other than violence to a verbal insult. Pretty controversial I guess... mea culpa.

Comment 23 May 2020

If there is no summer league this year, it will be one less chance for him to show his stuff to NBA teams... or even overseas teams that pay attention to summer league. I hope he has a very good agent with contacts all over the world.

Comment 13 Apr 2020

I can't bring up the link, but I remember OSU was heavily involved with Davis. My son was working in Chicago at the time and I gave him an assignment to go find Davis and convince him to be a Buckeye. Not the only time he has disappointed me... lol. I also remember that before Davis' big growth spurt when he was a 6'3" guard, one of the first... maybe the only... scholarship offer he had was from Cleveland State.

Comment 15 Mar 2020

This virus thing has to be particularly tough on a guy like Coombs. The guy can't sit still for a minute. Everything a person is supposed to do these days is exactly the opposite of what Kerry does.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Earlier in this thread I've said nice things about Caleb... well deserved. Still, can anyone remember even one time where something good happened when he tried to drive from the top of the key to the basket?

Comment 17 Feb 2020

Though his weight loss may have hurt his ability to finish at he basket, it has made him light years better at defending away from the basket. He's actually well above average now.

Comment 17 Feb 2020

I've always thought that Caleb would not make it in the NBA and maybe not even overseas because he lacks the "quick twitch" seen in most pro players. This year, however, I've been impressed by his "smarts" and his good hands and, of course, his outside shot, so who knows. If he's projected at the top of the second round, he probably should leave unless he really likes the college life, education and his teammates/coaches... plus the chance to have a really good season next year.