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Comment 18 Mar 2011

Unless there is a historic upset today, we will be playing on Sunday.  So this Villanova vs. George Mason game today, who would we really want to match up against?  I think the Buckeyes match up pretty well against most opponents, and the "strong" Big East didn't look the part yesterday.

I personally would rather play Villanova, and I think that match up would be a good game to get primed for WVU who I think will beat Kentucky.  I would have liked to see George Mason (my alma mater) make a run, but it looks like that will have to come in another year.

Comment 14 Mar 2011

I am right there with you brother.  I attended Mason as well, and have been a life long Buckeye fan.  This was my worst case scenario and of course it had to play out this way.  I have no problem rooting for the Buckeyes if/when they play Mason, but I would have loved to see Mason get a crack at the other one seeds.

From a pure bball standpoint.  I don't see Mason matching up very well against tOSU, so I wouldn't mind playing them in the second round.

Comment 13 Mar 2011

This was my worst case scenario...I am a George Mason Alumni.  Born and raised Ohio State fan, and the last thing I wanted was OSU and Mason to have a potential match up in the tourney.  I do think Mason will beat Nova, setting up a Buckeye vs. Patriots second round game.

There is no question who my loyalty lies with, which is Ohio State when they play Mason.  I also didn't want to see Syracuse in our region since we would could potentially see them in Newark.  I was some what worried about UNC, but I just don't see them making a deep push anymore.

I am pumped for this tourney!

Comment 13 Mar 2011

This region looks loaded to me.  Maybe I am just over reacting, but Villanova was a top ten team, Mason won like 15 in a row before losing in the conference semis.  UNC, Syracuse, Kentucky have all been top ten teams at one point as well.

Comment 13 Mar 2011

Well apparently you need to score a 100 points, or else you really aren't a dominant bball team.  Kenny Smith agreeing to the big ten not being able to score while his Tarheels he just praised scored 58 points today.

It's the same old story tired story...the Big Ten is slow and not talented. 

Comment 13 Mar 2011

B1G Champs!  That being said, I am reallly starting to think this team plays to level of competition.  You would have thought we are a 10 loss team the way Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith were talking about them.  Of course Seth Davis doesn't have the stones to step and praise the Bucks like he has all year.

Going into the Tourney, the two teams that will scare me will be Syracuse and St. Johns.  I would really prefer they aren't in our region.  Playing them in Newark isn't ideal.

6 more to go!

Comment 12 Mar 2011

The mgoblog girls are over there crying about the officials saying there were two bad calls that caused an 18-0 run!  This team really needs to buckle down when they get these large leads.  That has to be the 4th or 5th time they have been up big only to let the other team threaten late.  It hasn't back fired yet, but it is only a matter of time, before it does.

That being said, this time continues to have different guys step up each game and at different points in the game.  To have Craft and Lighty on the bench with two fouls for most of the first half and still have lead, is a great sign.  I love Sullingers play on the glass, and then to have Diebs in the first half and Buford in the second half provide the offensive spark, it was a great game all around.

I would really like to play MSU tomorrow for the title.  It is going to take a really special and complete team to beat this group, and if they stay focused and hungry, I am really confident they can cut down the nets this year.

Big Ten Season Champs, Big Ten Tourney Champs, NCAA Tourney Champs!  FUCK THE HATERS!

Comment 12 Mar 2011

I am on hold with Strike City right now, they don't seem to know if they are going to be showing it either.  They told me they were showing a previous OSU game that was supposed to be on CBS and they couldn't get it once I went down there.

Have they told you it will definitely be on?

Comment 12 Mar 2011

What provider do you have?  I have Time Warner (which sucks) and they turn CBS into Raycom for ACC games, and then they just put Sports Center on ESPN instead of showing the ACC game as it normally would in any other region.

I wouldn't mind purchasing the game if it comes to that.

Comment 12 Mar 2011

Is there anyone else that is down here in ACC country?  CBS is showing the ACC tourney instead of the OSU game!?  So it has ESPN and CBS/Raycom showing ACC, and no Big Ten games.

Does anyone know if the game is shown on any type of package?

Comment 11 Mar 2011

Unfortunately, Mich1gAAn plays a similiar style as NW.  scUM can be a bit more uptempo, but I am sure they will try and slow the pace as well.

I can't imagine the team playing nearly as bad as they did this afternoon.  I will just blame that on the noon start time, along with the near week layoff.  I think we see a complete 180 from what we saw today.

Comment 11 Mar 2011

That never gets old!  I love ET's "what happened?"  comment right after he hits the shot!

Comment 11 Mar 2011

It is refreshing...I guess I am just a little concerned with the lack of fire from the older guys.   I know NW can drain the life out of games, and Lighty more than others thrives on games that get up and down the court.

I have no doubt in mind that whole team shows up on the same night there isn't a team in the country that can beat them.

Comment 11 Mar 2011

The offense look completely out of sync today, and if Craft doesn't step up along with Sully hitting free throws, we are one and done.  I don't put to much stock into todays game, but it was pretty alarming the lack of fire from the likes of Lighty, Buford, and to some extent Deibler. 

We always struggle against the nerds, and I think this will be another good game to learn from heading into the NCAA Tourney. 

I would really like to see Craft start the game, and have Dallas spell Sully every now and then.  Craft is going to go down as one of the most loved Buckeyes when it is all said and done.  As great as this team can be this year, if Buford and Sully both come back next year, which I think they will, this team is going to be scary good!

I would really like to put a beating on scUM but it looks like the Illini are going to do it themselves.

Comment 08 Mar 2011

Well there is only one thing to do now....have the bball team win the whole damn thing!