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Comment 2 hours ago

You would need sensors in multiple parts of the ball: both ends, and around the entire center circumference because you don't know which part of the ball is crossing forward.  All that and not change the weight of the ball or the aerodynamics.  The goal line is fixed but the first down markers are constantly moving.  In addition, many fields are crowned so lasers are out.  Also you would need a whole line of sensors extending upward because you don't know the height of the ball when it is crossing the plane of the goal line/first down.

Yeah, we are asking for a whole lot here when we are talking about a sport that still measures first downs with two sticks connected by a chain.

Comment 25 Oct 2020

It was still a bad pass and decision. Ball was thrown into double coverage and could have been intercepted (although it may have been contested without the PI.)

Comment 25 Oct 2020

To be clear, I’m a Browns fan, not a Bengals fan, but I have seen a bit of Burrow this year living in Dayton. My biggest concern with him is the fact he is being forced to throw too much behind a terrible o-line. 

Comment 25 Oct 2020

He does look pretty good. Some of his numbers are because he has to throw it that many times (and he got to face the Browns D twice).

Comment 25 Oct 2020

Oklahoma QB to Michigan WR.... god it must suck to be a browns fan

Nope. TD passes for my team are always good. Doesn’t matter where they went to college. Beasts watching Haskins get benched or Price suck.

Comment 25 Oct 2020

 And no one seems to agree still on what targeting is.

i think I have an idea, but there are still some calls that mystify me. I think we can agree that if Nebraska continues to tackle like they did yesterday, they are going to get called for targeting a lot this year.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

He’s actually running for POTUS

In theory. But in several states he is listed on the ballot as a VP candidate with Rocky De La Fuente Guerra and the American Independent Party.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

Agree about Fields. Could care less about the late TD one way or another. 

Comment 24 Oct 2020

r. For example, he’s having trouble with Borland and Werner. Both played horrendously today,

It’s amazing how little our fans actually know compared to what they pretend to know. Werner did not play horrendously and is not the problem. 

Comment 24 Oct 2020

 But let's not pretend that's going to stop us from grinding your face in the gravel for 60 minutes every year

That’s not how I remember what happened last time Nebraska came to the shoe.