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Comment 18 Mar 2019

Just like it says, regular season conference champs.

Comment 08 Mar 2019

You paid money to get these points, sometimes large sums.

No I didn't.  I paid money for a good or service I was going to purchase anyway.  It's not like I would have paid less if I had paid in cash.  The points are essentially free if I am paying my card off every month and have no annual fee.  The opportunity cost argument below is a bit different.

Comment 08 Mar 2019

That is maybe my favorite play by an Ohio State quarterback of all time, but if I'm being truthful, it's in part because my dumb ass laughs out loud at how absurd J.T. Barrett looks as he "outruns" the entire Minnesota Golden Gopher defensive secondary.

It's hard to run fast when you are bundled up because it is freezing in Minnesota.

Comment 08 Mar 2019

The Big Ten's only problem in basketball is winning that last game.  Over the last ten seasons, here are some schools and their number of final four appearances:

Villanova - 3

UConn - 3

Wisconsin - 2

Kansas - 3

Ohio State - 1

Kentucky - 4

North Carolina - 3

Duke - 2

Michigan - 2

Michigan State - 3