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Comment 14 Feb 2014

DJ funny you linked to that tiger woods article! I work in NYC and JUST visited the head of school at Horace Mann. They've consistently had scandals like this the past 3 years. I never saw the tiger woods look a like but that's pretty damn funny. What an ass clown.

Comment 14 Dec 2013

Here's a link for those like me stranded in NYC and other places without the BTN!

Comment 20 Mar 2011

Oh word.  Do you ever go to Manny's on 2nd ave and 92nd?  I just moved here two months ago and haven't made it to the OSU bar yet.  I'm actually going to the game friday but may hit up the side bar post game.  

Comment 20 Mar 2011

So whos going to be in Newark?  I'm living on the upper east side of manhattan for this semester and my cousin and a bunch of guys are coming up for the game.  If anyone wants to meet up friday night I know a great sports bar that has $1 drafts and $4 pitchers during friday nights.  If you're unfamiliar with new york city prices, that is f***ing unbelievable.    

Comment 08 Mar 2011

ugh, not sure if I can wait that long.......

Maybe pryor will tweet something useful in the meantime :)

Comment 08 Mar 2011

It feels like to me this whole situation is about to officially go public, and if it happens during the month of march, than the tournement may be a pretty damn good [temporary] distraction for the public, and a much needed one for all Buckeye fans.

If it is as big of a deal as most of us are assuming it to be, then the university and the NCAA have been prepping and most likely in legal discussions for at least weeks, probably even months.  

My gut tells me that past "reports" about how tOSU has been appealing the player sanctions are most likely legitiment claims, but are misguided and are ACTUALLY the University/NCAA investigating the now current alligations against Tressel.  


Damn. Damn. Damn.  IF our bball team wins the tourne, my excitment will be short lived. Becuase of this. 

Comment 08 Mar 2011

guys, I'm seing this, "Jim Delany just suspended Jim Tressel for the first half of Oho State's spring game." all over twitter.  Can anyone find any credibility to this claim?

Comment 25 Feb 2011

Yeah I'd pretty much agree with that - I played for 20 years of my life but never really wanted to go pro.  If you're serious about a soccer career you do not go to college to play, you go over seas.  Thats just how it is but as the MLS continues to grow and develop that will definitely change.  The league already has 16 teams in the US and is planning for 20 by 2012...  but for now its buckeyes > The crew   

Comment 25 Feb 2011

Lol good video.  Its part of the game for soccer but also football, but we point it out more in soccer.. They're both great sports and as much as you may utterly dispise the acting, its simply a trade of game and almost everyone does it.