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Comment 04 Nov 2018

Meyers loyalty to his coaching staff is commendable but has turned into a disaster. Here is a link about Saban's staff from last February.

Comment 29 Oct 2018

There is nothing wrong with the talent level of players that a major revamp of the assistant coaching staff won't solve. Unfortunately that won't happen until this season has ended. Urb has proven that he knows how to evaluate talent and integrate them into his scheme. Except for Johnson none of the others should be complacent about there job security.

Comment 09 May 2018

Until Meyers replaces Bill Davis the LB's will be the weak link on the team. Player talent is there but will never realize full potential under inferior leadership.

Comment 28 Feb 2018

Good to see that staff salary parity reward those who contribute the most. However, that being said I think that Larry Johnson and Tony Alford deserved a bigger increase than they got. Especially Johnson who could easily double his salary at other major universities.

Comment 13 Feb 2018

Let's hope that Meyer knows more about Tavar Johnson's ability as a coach and recruiter than his resume indicates. LB Coach Bill Davis is the weak-link on staff and would have been replaced if not for his personal friendship with Urban. Studrawa is another mediocre coach. His O-Line failed miserably in every recent loss since he arrived. He certainly doesn't compare with his D-Line counterpart Larry Johnson is either coaching or recruiting.    

Comment 09 Jan 2018

If Bill Davis wasn't Meyers "close friend" he would have been replaced at seasons end. There has been a huge drop off in both recruiting & coaching since Luke Fickell left. There are a couple of other staff weak links: Studrawa Offensive Line likewise can't compare with Larry Johnson's Defensive Line recruiting and coaching. Kevin Wilson is a journeyman coach but is not among the best & brightest OC's.  One only needs to review previous losses to Clemson, Oklahoma, Iowa etc. to determine where the problems are.  Of course Urb's stubborn refusal to replace JT in those games contributed unlike Nick Saban who replaced Jalen Hurts with Freshman Tua Tagovailoa at halftime for the National Championship. The Buckeyes are rich in talent. The weakest links are some of the coaching staff. 

Comment 04 Nov 2017

When JT is on his game he is very, very good. When he is off he is terrible. The blame game is all on the coaching staff for not having the team mentally ready and for not making necessary adjustments to the game plan on the fly.  The team has some of the best talent in the country that is not able to play disciplined, consistent football. Why wasn't JT replaced when it was obvious that he needed to be.  Why keep Webster sharing carries with Dobbins when Dobbins is clearly a better ball-carrier?

Comment 18 Oct 2017

The litmus test for JT's talent will be to see how NFL teams evaluate his ability and where he ranks in the draft. Right now many think he is a good - not great talent who has been fortunate to be supported by outstanding team-mates and superior coaching. 

Comment 27 Sep 2017

"Schiano, however, says that not every coverage is designed for the Buckeye cornerbacks to turn and locate the ball."

The play of Arnette and Sheffield would indicate that either they are not very good players OR that designed coverage schemes are bad. Logical fallacies & myopic hindsight are not good analytics for a Defensive Coordinator. An argument from false premises is a line of reasoning which can lead to wrong results.  Maybe Schiano just doesn't want to believe his "lying eyes"?

Comment 25 Sep 2017

BRB makes a good point. Lets wait and see how well they play against quality opponents. The talent of the players is superior but so far they haven't dominated any of the games played so far. Is that because of inexperience, schemes, coaching? Still not convinced that Studrawa is up to the task. 

Comment 24 Sep 2017

No surprise. AP voters who watched the game were unimpressed that a team loaded with outstanding talent looked so sloppy in beating an inferior UNLV.  I submit that it's not the players but rather the staff of assistant coaches hired by Meyer. With the exception of Terry Alford and Larry Johnson the other coaches are mostly past their prime and/or incompetent.  Studrawa was exposed when Clemson's defense dominated the O-Line. Davis is better known for being Urbans best man at his wedding rather than an equal of Fickell's Line Backer coaching.  Schiano's group of DB's look disorganized and confused. Wilson has received a lot of hype and hyperbole but reviewing his Curricula Vitae reveals mediocrity.  Until some of the top young assistants replace Urbans friends and buddies it could make for a looong season. 

Comment 19 Sep 2017

Spielman's core point is that both the player and the university mutually benefit from their relationship. However, the university should not be able to benefit in perpetuity without any commensurate remuneration to the players whose name and likeness they use to enhance future profits. There is precedent in the entertainment industry whereby both featured stars and bit-players earn royalties and/or residuals for as ever long as their works are re-run.  Spielman told The Associated Press in a statement he will donate any money obtained through the lawsuit directly to the university's athletic department. Spielman stated that "My concern is about the exploitation of all former players across this nation who do not have the platform to stand up for themselves while universities and corporations benefit financially by selling their name and likenesses without their individual consent," Spielman said.