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Lover of fatty meats, sweet treats, bourbon, and The Ohio State Buckeyes.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting in the Superdome, awestruck, confetti falling, realizing that 85 Yards Through the Heart of the South happened and that the Buckeyes had done the improbable. Two days before I had posed with the Nick Saban statue in Tuscaloosa holding an Ohio flag. Later on Bourbon street a drunken fan would grab my shoulders and say "THAT happened! And WE were there!"
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • MLB TEAM: tribe

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Comment 20 hours ago

I have thought about it a bit and I absolutely want Michigan to throttle Alabama. Of course I hate TTUN, but, I am tired of this SEC narrative. Buckeye players admitted that 2014/2015 bowl results gave them increased confidence when matching up with 'Bama. I get that our game is before, but, the last one vs LSU (presumably) won't be. Also, Gophers to beat Auburn. Additionally, if I am Penn State, I'm sour about a matchup vs Memphis.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I disagree that Minnesota is on the outside looking in. They have a chance to pad their resume considerably and would make it in if they won out (which they won't because the Buckeyes will/would stomp a hole in them). Alabama is dead in the water and will be jumped by the PAC 12, or BIG 12 champ, or LSU (if GA wins). I really don't see how 'Bama has a path.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Thanks! I'm going to do my best to show her Columbus's best. She's a good one and somewhat pretends to enjoy football for my benefit. She's Persian and loves Americana type things. So to her, that I love football is a major plus. She likes Brutus a lot but calls him "the cute Donut guy." I just stopped correcting her on that one. I'm thinking TBDBITL blows her away.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

I'm bringing my non-Ohioan gf to Ohio for the first time to watch this game (student section!). I have repeated to her again and again that we aren't leaving the game regardless of the weather. However, I've purchased a bunch of cold weather gear so she's somewhat comfortable. Glad to find this thread. Seems like it will be that Ohio-y winter mist at times. Just makes it a little colder. I'll bide Cincy OSU's advice and check back tomorrow for increased accuracy. Good to know about too.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

I whole-heartedly agree with this. The playoff should be to crown a champion--that is the 1 best team, not the 4 best teams. So, if you don't win your conference (which is always based on objective criteria) you're not the best team. I don't care if its arguable that you're one of the top 4. Teams should have to win their conference. If you're a 3 loss conference winner, chances are you'd be left out because there are likely 4 conference champs with better resumes.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Hell, the Bowls are good for me! I love watching them. Also that chart looks waaaaay better after 8 games than it will after the season where teams 6-8 will have 2-3 losses. 4 teams is perfect! There could be some modifications, but I like 4. Every game matters, and if you win the conference and every game--you'll get in.

Comment 29 Sep 2019

Funny thing about Fields is although he’s played well, it’s obvious that he can take it to another level. The room for improvement is there. Super high ceiling. Normally a guy like that doesn’t display so much poise. I, like the media, keep moving the goalposts on this team. Thinking the next week will be the “real test.” It’s unfair because they have dominated some decent football teams. I hope they stay hungry and smash everything in their path. 

Comment 06 Aug 2018

To everyone saying two weeks is too long, damn, give the poor cats that have to type out the report that is acceptable to all the egos on the committee and have it edited 1000 times a break. Sounds to me like they know what needs to be done and are finalizing. Always better to overdeliver and putting together a report which will surely be scrutinized takes time.