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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sitting in the Superdome, awestruck, confetti falling, realizing that 85 Yards Through the Heart of the South happened and that the Buckeyes had done the improbable. Two days before I had posed with the Nick Saban statue in Tuscaloosa holding an Ohio flag. Later on Bourbon street a drunken fan would grab my shoulders and say "THAT happened! And WE were there!"
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Comment 11 Jan 2018

I pulled the following from a write up about the 2014 class: 

– Campbell is one of the youngest players in the 2014 recruiting class as a whole. In fact, he still can't drive a car with more than one other additional person in yet as he is still 16 years old (he committed when he was 15).

– He doesn't turn 17 years of age until this summer and won't be 18 until his sophomore year of college.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

Parris was young when he began his Ohio State career (I believe he was 16 when he enrolled). He is still a young guy with the potential to make another huge leap forward. Don't sleep on him. I think we're seeing someone that is just putting things together and poised to be a serious game changer.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

I do have questions about his durability and his slight frame, but it seemed to me that he's playing chess while Darnold is playing checkers. Though if the Browns drafted Darnold I wouldn't be upset.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

I actually have a great feeling about this off season. There is a solid base and I think the Browns are in the position if the do grab the right qb (big if), they'll be able to add some great pieces this draft and be fairly competitive with a young emerging core.

In addition to QB, I'd like to see Fitz, a RB (Love?), OT, EDGE, and a slot receiver. Much of that can be snagged in the draft and if not, there will be plenty of cap space.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

I'd smash my TV if they drafted Barkley at 1. There are plenty of good rbs available in the second round that would be upgrades.

Don't overthink it. Sign a vet QB and draft Rosen or Darnold, I agree with Minkah at 4 and would be ecstatic. I like your other picks.

Comment 27 Dec 2017

I completely disagree. Rosen pops off the screen when I watch him. Over 60% is a good completion percentage given the throws he makes and how many drops he suffers. Rosen is the best QB prospect I've seen since Luck. The Browns should absolutely draft him.

Comment 13 Dec 2017

Buckeye-wise, Jarmarco in the 2nd would be great, as would one of the Buckeye DEs (the Browns could use another pass rusher). Of course Ward would be an amazing add but I doubt he is around in a place were the Browns could snag him.

Comment 13 Dec 2017

Yes, (and thanks for the nonobvious correction). I'd love to see him at FS for the Browns, would allow Peppers to play closer to the line of scrimmage were he is better suited.

Comment 13 Dec 2017

There are plenty of good running backs in this draft. Browns should snag one in the second or third. I like Kirkpatrick out of bama with the Houston pick (6-8) and Rosen at 1.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

A game against a good conference winning USC team with the same record in front of a bunch of Texas recruits? I'll take it.

I also think Ohio State may make this thing ugly. I also agree it will be the highest rated game. Only thing that saves the CFP ratings this year is that they're not playing those games on New Year's Eve.