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Comment 17 hours ago

but the S&P was created by a guy before he worked for ESPN (if he does work for espn now? Asking for a friend?) and it had a lot of other factors that go into it that dynamically change throughout the season.

Funny you mention wasn’t very well received when someone else *cough* brought this up a few weeks ago. 

And had you read that thread, you’d understand Navy’s sarcasm. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

a review of the vote log shows you readily downvote and then go reverse it after the thread goes quiet to keep your total down  

That is a complete and total bullshit of a lie. How are you even a MOD? I’m embarrassed for you. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Apples to oranges. I admittedly got caught up in DVing tiffs back in the days or the wild Wild West of 11w. And yes, a MOD can confirm my statement. I don’t lie, nor do I DV those I disagree with or those who throw out personal insults. And, when I DID, I spoke my mind as well. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Idk if u can say that with yourself have over 1300 downvotes credited to your account.

Context is your friend. 1) Look how long I’ve been around...almost 6 years. 2) I’ve given out roughly 20-35 DVs in the last three years. 3) When I did/do DV, I almost always left a comment as well. Context. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Go back and watch....he certainly didn't seem deflated after the go ahead TD. Or after the 4th down stop to clinch the win.

He didn't sound deflated making the call on Samuel's TD in overtime.

He didn't sound deflated during the 2014 CFP title game.

Is it possible people are just hearing what they want to hear?

Comment 15 Sep 2019

$1.14B over 6 years is $190M per year.

I don't HATE the rest of what you said....don't agree with a lot of it, but appreciate that you, unlike most others, are able to articulate your opinion with reasoning.

Upvote to you even though I don't agree.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

And what exactly was false about what was written? Furthermore, how is that pushing a narrative that we only won because of a fluke PI call? Like it or not, that call will always be brought up with that game regardless of the media outlet. Simply mentioning it was a controversial call doesn't diminish anything.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Unless you have better sources, thats not the conclusion ive come to. Everything ive seen shows espn having a 2.25 billion$ contract with the sec that pays 150 million a year and gives espn primary rights.  Espn has a 1 billion$ contract with the B1G that pays 100 million a year for secondary rights.

ESPN's current B1G contract is for $1.14B over 6 years, or $190M per year....well north of what they pay annually for the SEC. $190M per year isn't chump change and you certainly don't invest that kind of money in something only to turn around and shit on the biggest brand. You can't play on both sides of the fence and say ESPN cares about TV contracts(and ratings) when talking about the SEC, and then ignore the huge short term investment they have in the B1G. You talk about marriage and side pieces....I agree, ESPN is married to the SEC, but they certainly don't want their #1 side piece(the B1G/OSU) to get fat and ugly. It's possible to be married to your wife, and also be in love with your side piece.

Look, I don't really disagree that ESPN has a bigger financial stake in the SEC or that there isn't any bias at play in terms of how they talk about the SEC. What I'm saying is that  1) SOMETIMES, it gets exaggerated and used as an excuse to make sense of things we don't like(ie, SEC bias is why we didn't make the playoffs the last two years ignoring the two blowout losses to bad teams) and 2) if any teams is immune to the bias it would be OSU seeing how much money ESPN has invested in the league. You mentioned in your post they want a return on their SEC investment, but you act like they don't expect the same from their investment in the B1G.

Comment 15 Sep 2019

He used profanity and called people names.

1) Umm, the term chickenshit downvoters is pretty widely used around here. And let’s not kid yourself, that’s not why I was downvoted. Want proof? Look further down the thread, a MOD used the word “fucking” and currently sits at 8 upvotes and 0 downvotes. 

2) Who did I call a name?

3) Let’s not get started on name calling, you should see some of the things thrown my way. 

4) I haven’t downvoted one of the “ESPN hates us” club members in probably 2-3 years, but for some reason they just can’t help themselves. Wonder why???