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Comment 17 Jun 2018

247Sports had a write-up on the Pylon 7v7 Championship in Atlanta going on yesterday and today. Craig Young competed in it and the author, Barton Simmons, had this to say about him.

New Ohio State commit Craig Young was probably the most impressive prospect at the event from a physical standpoint. He looks all of his listed 6-4, 200 pounds. He runs a 10.5 in the 100 and he played cornerback. He could end up as an ultra-athletic linebacker for the Buckeyes.

Looks like we're really getting a good one in Young.

Comment 14 Jun 2018

JT "wins" QB challenge even though he lost by three in the first round.

But, random throwing challenges aside, does anyone have any writeups from people who cover the Saints that give a rundown of how JT is doing in camp? Seems like he has a real chance of making the roster.

Comment 12 Jun 2018

You'll notice that the lower rated players on in positions that aren't particularly strong this year (i.e TE, LB). Meanwhile, strong areas like WR and O-line are seeing better, more highly rated players leaning or committed to the good guys. I think the staff is just doing their research to look deeper in the class in weaker areas to find some underrated gems.

Comment 07 Jun 2018

The article I posted says that there will be good quarterbacks that come out of this class. No one is saying that the 2019 QBs won't have success at the next level. The issue for this class is identifying who they are. When there's an issue identifying who the stars are going to be, that means that the talent doesn't standout like it normally does with certain must-get QB prospects. This leads to a class having a down year.

There will be guys from this class that have great and successful careers at the next level. But, there aren't many obvious stars in the making that we've seen so far.

Comment 07 Jun 2018

Please, continue to talk about how Lebron doesn't do enough. If he gives money, the response is, "It's more than just giving money. Actually do something to support the community." When he starts a school to help target and help underperforming students (starting as early as 3rd grade), the response is, "Do more. Be more personally involved." Just accept the fact that you're a hater and NOTHING he does (whether on the court or in the real world) is going to be good enough for you.

Comment 07 Jun 2018

I just hope Cavs fans don't throw a fit when Lebron leaves. He came back and brought Cleveland a championship. He owes the city nothing and deserves to go somewhere where he can win more rings before his play declines due to age.

Comment 24 May 2018

The following players are all ones we weren't expected to sign early on in their respective recruitments and ended up closing on and getting:


  • Wyatt Davis
  • Baron Browning
  • Kendall Sheffield


  • Tyreke Johnson
  • Tommy Togiai
  • Nicholas Petit-Frere
  • Josh Proctor

There's a long way to go in this cycle. Urban has the ability to get elite players on campus once and sell them on strapping it up for the scarlet and grey. Wait til the dust is settled before getting too negative.

Comment 24 May 2018

If anything, we are not emphasizing it enough - or just not playing up to our standards in the game.

My grandpa always says the classic phrase, "In rivalry games, you can throw out the records." and for years, I never really believed him. But, after years of watching it (and I'm sure the older fans that have seen more of this rivalry than myself can attest to this), I actually believe that saying to be the case with OSU-UM. The better team usually prevails but, the margin of victory is more indicative of two teams that are both motivated and badly want to win.

Comment 24 May 2018

For anyone that doesn't want to scroll through all the comments in the last thread, credit to the source along with a link is necessary with any paywalled recruiting info (see: SFla's post above).

On a recruiting note, CBs rolling in for LB Rian Davis (teammate of DT Tyler Davis) to UGA. Should be interesting since the Davis' have been talked about as a package deal and Tyler Davis seems to be trending slightly towards us. 

Comment 21 May 2018

We've heard about the overall disappointment of the QB's in this 2019 class. Along with QBs, DBs and LBs look like they're having a bit of a down year as well. In your opinion, which positions groups (besides quarterbacks) in this 2019 class are particularly strong/weak?

Comment 17 May 2018

Interesting tidbit I just caught from Donnelly's Dotting the Eyes piece from yesterday. In talking with a 2020 WR prospect, Rashawn Williams from Michigan, he mentioned that a few Buckeye commits for the 2020 class are talking to him about OSU.

“It’s a good relationship. I talk to a couple of players that are committed there in the 2020 class, my class. They say that Ohio State’s coaches talk about me with them now and then,” said Williams. “I talk with Jake Wray and I talk to Justin Rogers a lot, too.”

Interesting in that we only officially have one commit in 2020 in Jake Wray. Justin Rogers is a heavy lean to us but the fact that Williams mentioned him in the same conversation about Buckeye commits might suggest Rogers is a silent commit.