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Comment 12 Dec 2018

I was just going off of the 247 composite scores. I'd imagine Jarrett will be just outside five-star status (with Wypler) when it updates the Rivals rankings. But, I could be wrong. I have no idea the math behind the composite scores.

Comment 12 Dec 2018

That would be a class of NINE five-stars (with Wypler and Jarrett being just outside of five-star status). Would make my NCAA dynasty classes look like trash. 

Comment 07 Dec 2018

You're getting baited in, Spooner. Just gotta let the personal attacks roll off ya like water on a rain jacket. It's the internet. It happens to everyone. Just think happy thoughts; like Garrett Wilson making one-handed catches with no WR gloves. Or Cade Stover posting over 30 tackles in one game. Step away for the screen, drink some tea, watch Bob Ross paint a beautiful mountain range. Life goes on.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

It seems to me that Schiano could be staying. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if that happened. The defense was good in 2017, with the exception of poor linebacker play. If you find a replacement for Davis, I think this defense will be fine with Schiano and Grinch at the helm.

Plus, keep in mind that Day is a first year coach. The experience and wisdom that Schiano has from his time as a HC is something that Day probably views as invaluable. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Urban did a lot of really good things outside the scope of football. His relationship with Jacob Jarvis, the annual Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, countless hospital trips and letters to fans going through tough times medically are all things that I really appreciate about Urban. I've heard from a few that played for Urban here at OSU and they echoed the sentiment of how much he cares about his players and their success in life, not just in football. Urban Meyer's a good dude. I don't care what the media tries to paint him as. Was he perfect? Nope. Did he own his mistakes? Yes. And that's what you should expect from a Buckeye. Represented Ohio State in a way that should make us proud.

Comment 03 Dec 2018


Sounds like a bad spin-off of Benny and the Jets. 

Comment 24 Nov 2018

Toby Flenderson

November 24th, 2018 at 4:27 PM

Although Harbaugh deserves a ton of the blame for the disaster of this game, I think we all have to come to terms with what Michigan is.

Michigan is not OSU. Michigan is not Clemson. Michigan is not Alabama. Michigan is not Oklahoma. Michigan is not Georgia.

Michigan is a very good top 15 program such as Wisconsin and Virginia Tech (the good years). Michigan is a program who wins 9-10 games a year, can beat some ranked teams at home, but is unable to compete on the large national scale. 

I have finally come to terms with it, it is what we are. We should be happy to beat MSU and PSU, but we are not an elite program. 

Comment 19 Nov 2018

Sexton isn't Kyrie. Love is injured every other month. JR is JR. TT is too inconsistent and has no outside game (which is crucial with how well Lebron drives and dishes it out). Lebron would've had to do equally as much, if not more, this year than he did last. 

Plus, don't judge the Warriors for games in November. They'll be unstoppable come April.

Comment 17 Nov 2018

Especially with a motor like Winovich. He doesn't ever stop going after the ball. Gotta keep your man on the ground.

Comment 13 Nov 2018

If this is true, along with everything else we've heard about him, it's honestly amazing that this team has had the success it's had with a cancer like ZS on the staff. Makes it even more impressive if ZS's allegations against Tom Herman are true too.

Comment 12 Nov 2018

It's not a matter of if Michigan would take both (they 100% would). It's a matter of whether or not Zach Harrison would want to commit to Michigan if Karlaftis (along with 4 other defensive ends) are already committed there.