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Comment 15 Feb 2018

Before the USC game, I had the same feeling regarding Sheffield. But, he was very solid in coverage all night against a really good set of WRs and a super talent QB in Darnold. I'm pretty bullish with my expectations of how well Sheffield will perform this upcoming year. 

With Arnette, he would need to put together an absolutely stellar season for me to forget about the number of times he's been singled out in coverage. Some bad memories burned into my brain.

Comment 05 Feb 2018

I want to be upset about this. But, honestly, this is really great for the future of the program. Holtmann is making a strong statement about what he expects from his players. It may result in a loss @ Purdue. But, I'd rather the program be clean and run right than be chasing wins at all costs.

Comment 30 Jan 2018

Definitely first read that as "BOOKER TO DIE" and freaked out for a second.

To answer your actual post, I don't think so.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

He was even the hero of the Michigan game, turning in the best passing performance against the Wolverines of the past four years.

It's a bit sad that Dwayne's stat line of 6/7 for 94 yards is being argued as the best passing performance in four years against TTUN. Personally, I think JT's game in the Big House in 2015 was better. But, all the same, it speaks to how much better we need to be throwing the ball.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Back row (left to right): Sevyn Banks, Dallas Gant, Max Wray, Zaid (walk-on), Tommy Togiai, Matthew Jones.

Front row (left to right): Tyreke Johnson, Dominic (walk-on kicker), Master Teague

EDIT: Welp, all that hard work and investigating just to get beaten to the punch by a staffer.

Comment 20 Dec 2017

Pridgeon and Bowen were at guard because Prince and Jones locked down the two tackle spots. Both of those guys have the size and ability to play tackle. This was Alabi's first year at tackle and showed a lot of promise according to the staff. I wouldn't be so quick to deem him unfit to man the outside.

Comment 20 Dec 2017

Alabi, Pridgeon, Bowen, and Wray are all tackles. I know you disappointed about the finish (as am I) but the cupboards aren't bare in Columbus. There's a ridiculous amount of talent on this roster with a very, very good class coming in.