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OSU Football fan for as long as I can remember. Old enough to clearly recall every season since the early 90s. The best game I ever attended was against TTUN at the Shoe in '02. The worst game I ever attended was V Tech in '14 but man did it make the rest of the season that much sweeter!

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Comment 13 Feb 2020

Their ceiling under Frankin seems to be 10-2 regular season and most years that won't sniff the top 5.  Agreed, with the losses of their best pass rushers and Hamler, this doesn't appear to be some big breakthrough season coming.  Clifford is just a guy, he isn't dynamic. 

Comment 27 Dec 2019

You are totally correct.  I recently tortured myself watching that game also.  what people forget about that ‘16 team though, is as much as we struggled to throw the ball, we couldn’t run it against good teams either.  I went to the WI game that year and we couldn’t get Weber going.  Penn St we hit a long run w/ Samuel but basically couldn’t run it.  TTUN was ugly too.  This years team is going to run on anyone.  Period.  Because of that, it will open the rest of our playbook.  

Let’s see if Chase & co can bring the heat and help our secondary have a night! 

Comment 26 Dec 2019

I fucking love the position we are in right now!  Go ahead world, believe Clemson and aww shucks Dabo will never lose another big game ever... until about 8:30 EST when we just drilled you with about 4 solid jabs to start off the night and have the foundation laid to put you on your ass with a hay maker later on!  I cannot wait for this one!!! 

Comment 20 Dec 2019

Jim Leonhard who played for/with some of the best defensive minds in football with the Ravens & Jets is probably the best DC in college football for my $ considering he has zero top recruits and fields a top 10 defense every year.  

They threw the kitchen sink at Fields twice and he figured them out.  

And Venables D has been absolutely shredded on these games before by a guy named Jake Coker and a true freshman QB.  So relax, he’s not God. 

Comment 20 Dec 2019

What's funny about this is I recall a similar article several years ago when everyone was freaking out that we couldn't recruit DTs and Antwuan Jackson spurned us for Aubrurn.... we know how that worked out.

And as an aside, I consider 13-1, "fine." So yes, even with a terrible D w/ a ton of stuff going wrong, we were still fine.  And OSU will absolutely be better than fine with a good hire to replace Hafley.  

Comment 18 Dec 2019

That's funny... In all seriousness, Bama had his number in their games in '15-17.  They won the game in '16 but it was a shootout.  If I recall correctly, OJ Howard, Bama's TE had like 3 long catches with no one around him in one of the matchups- hopefully he cuts Ruckert lose the same way and he makes him pay. 

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Everyone just thinks because they blew out ND and Bama last year, it will happen again.  #1 we are light years ahead of ND on both sides of the ball from a talent & coaching standpoint.  #2 They had 3 first round picks and all 4 DL went to NFL from last year.  Their front will not be able to handle our OL so they will have to stack the box and if Fields is accurate on down field throws, they will not stop us.  I'm sure they will score some points but our D is better equipped so slow them down than vice versa.  

Comment 17 Dec 2019

This is true but Clemson is a true spread team.  Wisky has a small army of FBs, TEs and played w/ 6 OL at times against us.  TTUN straight double teamed him and held CY a lot.  No one likes to see a lot of flags but it would help us a lot if CY draws a hold in the early going to set the tone. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

There is no doubting Clemson’s skill position speed and dynamic play making ability for by far the best QB we’ve seen this season.

That said, their O line is not great and on the other side, I believe our interior O line can move their front.  So my feeling is they will need an all world performance from Lawrence to beat us. 

Comment 14 Dec 2019

No, I’m not.  In the last 4 years Mass has had a grand total of six 4 star recruits.  Yes New Jersey has talent and isn’t that far away but good luck going toe to toe w/ us, Penn St, TTUN and now Schiano for those recruits.  Their facilities are not great, I was just there. Lastly, if you think the rest of the conference with the exception of Syracuse doesn’t have clear advantages with recruiting, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Clemson, FSU, Miami, the NC & VA schools all are in talent rich areas.  In terms of winning tradition, that depends on your definition... for me 1 conference title since ‘91 and 8 games below .500 the last 10 years is certainly terrible as far as recent history goes.