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Comment 19 Aug 2014

Hope Braxton is able to play this year!  If not, it should be pointed out that Winston was a little known redshirt Freshman who won the Heisman and the championship last year with FSU.  It's a team game and team chemistry is far more important than any individual.  Let this team play before we decide if they're going to be great or not. After all, how many of us thought the 2002 team would win a title before the season?

Comment 21 Jun 2014
Yes...and Urban's titles had a lot of Zook recruits. This "monster recruiter" left Florida in bad shape when his 5 stars didn't pan out. Tressel, who was more concerned with character than rankings, left OSU with a 12 - 0 team. There's no doubt that Urban can motivate and coach as well as Tressel, but I like JT better as a recruiter.
Comment 20 Jun 2014
I think Tressel was a better recruiter than Urban. No matter what the star rating of a class, Tressel's classes produced 1 National Title, 3 title appearances, countless awards, and at one point, won or shared 7 straight Big titles. Until Urban can match that at OSU, Tressel rules. Also, Ballard's first name was Jake, not Jack.
Comment 08 Jan 2014

Many criticized Tressel's play calling, but with the game on the line, JT would have handed the ball to#34! This season, Hyde was the best OSU tailback since Archie and with the way we passed the ball in the final games of the season, it was foolish to not give him 25 - 30 carries per game.  All of you spread fans can have Urban and his offense...give me Woody/Tresselball any day!

Comment 05 Jun 2012 Krenzel?  All he did was win a National Chamionship! I mean Laurinaitis was good but the thing I remember about him is watching him get burned time after time against Florida and LSU.  I'd rather see Krenzel than Troy Smith.  Krenzel won his title game, Smith gave his away.


Comment 24 Nov 2011

Come on guys...don't believe the hype.  Urban is a product of the ESPN machine.  He's not as great a recruiter as ESPN would have you believe (Look at Florida these days).  Once the cupboard is bare he will cut and run.  He is a good coach and will win many games with Tressel's guys, but he will leave the program far worse than he found it.  Take a good hard look at what Luke has been able dto accomplish with this team.  He, like his players, has improved each week.  That hasn't always translated to wins, but these kids are better than they were at the beggining of the season.  A team with this much inexpiereience on both sides of the ball is going to loose some games, instead of blaming Luke for that, maybe we should re-examin our unrealistic expectations for this team.  This team also has better second halves than firsts, (Nebraska being the exception) another mark of a well coached team.  Then this week we see that even in the face of looming NCAA sanctions, Luke is able to land the #1 recruit in the state.  A Cincy kid no less!  We're going to throw away the next great Ohio State coach because Gene Smith isn't half the AD Andy Geiger was.  Gene is going to give into the pressure from fans and media.  He's going to drink the ESPNaide, and hire the next John Cooper.  All I can say is, be very careful what you wish for!