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Comment 27 Mar 2014

I think ESPN has gotten to your brains with the SEC hype, and you're a bunch of B1G fans... Not to be a homer but let's look at this objectively (full disclosure: ND fan so I don't like any of you, at least respect the B1G sans Michigan)

Projected best 5 teams in each conference, in order:

SEC: Bama, Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, Mizzou

B1G: OSU, MSU, UW, Iowa, Nebraska

PAC-12: Stanford, Oregon, ASU, USC, Washington

Depending on how teams develop, the SEC and the PAC-12 are a toss-up. Having Bama at the top makes the SEC look good, but going down that list I think OSU, MSU, and UW beat the rest of the SEC teams more than they lose to them. If Iowa and Nebraska have good years, the B1G could reclaim its rightful place atop the conferences, but that's a little much to ask from the cornfields.