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Comment 08 Jun 2017

I was just making the point of Creighton while this year has their best class ever is not on par with recruiting with other Big East schools, and Ohio State is a premier athletic destination for coaches IMO and Smith sat up there and said how important recruiting is.  You do not say that then hire a guy who this year has 3 four stars and that is his best class ever and one is top 100.  JMO

Don't say recruiting is one of the reasons Matta has not done well of late and hire a guy not known for being an elite recruiter.

This program deserves a top tier coach IMO.  It is not Duke, Kentucky, UNC, UCLA, or a storied basketball school however it is one of the top 3 Athletic Institutions in the Nation easily and should get a top tier coach.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Recruiting is the lifeblood Smith says.....

Offers job to top recruiting head coach in college basketball.......wait no...offers job to Greg McD who has never signed a top 1,000,000 player ever, except his own son.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Can Chris Mack recruit though?

That is the question with hiring these Greg Marshalls and Chris Macks that coach and do so much with less talent, can they get ELITE TALENT?  That is what OSU needs, this program has the facilities and money most colleges dream about, this basketball program in the mid to later 2000's was elite, we were getting top recruits and pushing into the tourney. 

Matta was still recruiting good got Russell and then with the Giddens, Granderstaff, Lyle and Mickey Mitchell class but something happened and that entire team dissolved. 

Comment 09 Mar 2017

From what I have seen of Beverly he will be starting next year, better shooter, distributor and ball handler than Jackson.

This team will be better next year just with Loving moving on, I have never seen such unmotivated play from a college athlete, his minutes will go to Funderberk if he doesn't transfer and he may actually want to play and give effort.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

With our current OC? It doesn't matter.

Can't be Krenzel or Germaine they would die, has to be Pryor, or Miller, or JT.

The QB has to run the ball 40 times with our current offensive philosophy, however with Pryor I think we would be avg more than 3.4 yards per carry.  He would probably tear it up.

If we have an OC who will throw DOWNFIELD and unlock this offense's true potential the choice is EASY.

CARDALE JONES the only one who has an NFL arm and has won a National Title and taken down Alabama. 

Comment 06 Nov 2016

Joe has great poise in pocket and nice touch in his passes.  He is a winner in highschool he was a great leader and played one if the best State Championship games I have ever seen.  You can tell a competitor and leader when they are on the field and he is just that.

Son of a coach too so he knows the work to put in.  Kid throws a great deep ball and Haskins is good too but I doubt he beats out Burow.  OSU has talent at QB for years to come.

Burrow throws a nice deep ball too, go back to spring game he was by far the best QB in that game, more reps the better for him since Barrett runs it so often.

Exciting times at OSU QB is most important position and it appears we have a ton of talent there for years

Comment 27 Sep 2016

He should go to Ohio University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope he finds success wherever he goes, but I pray he does not go to a Pro Style offence up north.  That would just suck.  I was so excited for Danny, we have followed him since he was a junior high kid. 

Best of luck to him!!!

Comment 23 Mar 2016

The problem is our one upperclassman does not care.

I would sit Loving, I know he has talent but he brings the team down or something.  Who does this team turn to?  When they huddle up who is their inspirational leader?  Honestly AJ Harris to me seems to be the one guy who could be a leader for this team.  He hustles and is intense.  Tate hustles and is intense but is out of control emotionally and on the floor. 

Mickey Mitchell struggled this year, but every game I watched I am not sure why but no one will pass him the ball, I watched multiple skip passes across the floor that were stolen when Mitchell was open right next to a guy.  At least pass it to move the ball not that Mitchell needs to shoot it, but continue the flow not try a long shot pass.

Next year Thad needs to sit this team down, look them in the eye and ask who wants it.

My starting lineup would be;

Aj Harris

Ja Lyle




With Loving, Tate, and Williams off the bench.  Why Mitchell?  Because he can create for others if given the opportunity.  Loving and Williams off the bench would provide scoring.  Maybe Loving would supplant Mitchell eventually if he showed passion.  Never seen a guy with that much talent just go through the motions, he is worse than Amir Williams from that standpoint IMO.

Comment 27 Jan 2016






I would keep Lyle or Harris on the floor at all times, rotating them out with Williams and Mitchell.  I like Loving off the bench along with Williams.  I also like a "running" lineup of Harris, Mitchell, Tate, KBD, Giddens/Bell...I think that would be a great up and down fast break lineup to change the pace of games.

Comment 15 Jan 2016

Burrow is going to surprise people one day, the kid is a good QB and is more athletic than people think.  They clamor over Haskins but I think Burrow is a better prospect than Haskins anyway.  I would love to have them both on the roster though.  Burrow did not get the pub since he played in Southern Ohio, but in the playoffs he showed poise in the pocket, mobility, leadership, and guts out there on the field.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

This team has talent all over even with the departures.  There is no reason to think if this team gets by Oklahoma early they are not undefeated heading into the Northwestern game.  That will be the first test after Oklahoma, almost every team in BIG Ten is replacing their starting QB.  We return ours. 

Sept. 3: Bowling Green
Sept. 10: Tulsa
Sept. 17: at Oklahoma
Oct. 1: Rutgers
Oct. 8: Indiana  - Replacing Sudfield at QB and Howard at RB
Oct. 15: at Wisconsin - Breaking in a new QB
Oct. 22: at Penn State - Hackenberg is gone (which could be good for them?)
Oct. 29: Northwestern - Return the bigger part of their team so they will be dangerous
Nov. 5: Nebraska - Returning most of their team as well they should be better
Nov. 12: at Maryland
Nov. 19: at MSU - Replacing Cook at QB, but have some talent still so they will be good
Nov. 26: Michigan - Replacing QB

Comment 28 Dec 2015


Lyle - SG

Tate - SF

Diop - PF

Giddens - C

Loving needs to come off the bench, did anyone watch him after he missed a drive bank shot, whine around, while people were rebounding the miss all around him?  The Commentator even said he had bad body language, that is the issue with Loving, he sulks, he does not hustle.  Sure he is the leading scorer but it just seems he is not in the game all the time.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

He is a point forward, who can distribute and create looks for everyone and himself.  He can drive to the basket though and has the size and finishing ability to be a better scorer in college than he was in highschool. 

People looked at his stats last year and he only avg 9.5 pts a game.   But that team was centered around DJ and their C underneath and Mickey distributed the ball.

He is a stat sheet filler who can get you double digits in three different categories and guard three different positions from SG to PF

Comment 23 Dec 2015

Not sure if people remember OSU basketball before Thad...O'Brien, Mr. Rolled up Magazine Ayers, O'Brien had a final four team thanks to Redd and Penn playing great, but it was taken away because of Boban Slovovivvich and some other foreign guys I don't even think ever played here or if they did they sucked..

Thad has made OSU basketball relevant and a destination for top tier highschool kids to even consider let alone come here.  He is here as long as he wants IMO.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

Loving played 34 minutes had 3 rebs 4 pts and 4 TOs

I know he is the only JR on the team and our leading scorer, but to me he just has Zero hustle.  I like him better off the bench as a scoring option. 

I think Mitchell should get more minutes going forward, I hope Loving starts to get after it, he is sloppy with the ball and just seems underwhelming to me.  For a team that had a guy transfer because he didn't play good enough defense Loving gets 34 minutes and plays little to no defense? 

I am probably in the minority who thinks this way but the more I watch him jog around and not fly off picks set for him to set up his shot because he is a three point threat the more I understand why he was not on the team during that stretch last year.  He just sort of walks off the screens, and his guy is in his face at the 3pt line.

Comment 21 Dec 2015

I think the expectations is for this team to grow and gel together and learn how to play as a team for next year to be honest.  I would say squeak into the tourney as a 12-13 seed or win the NIT....which would not be a bad thing for a young team, actually winning a tournament can be a big building block.