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Comment 24 Jan 2019

I disagree. Like I said, it's not that hard. He wasn't boxed into a corner, he was chosen to speak to the media and he gave a cocky answer. If you respect your opponent, then it's not a matter of _saying_ the right thing, the right thing just gets said naturally.

Also, it betrays his mindset. If you think you are so good as you can guarantee a win, then you don't have enough respect for the opponent. And if you don't have enough respect for an opponent, then you don't practice like you could lose the game. And if you don't practice like you could lose the game, you will.

Comment 02 Dec 2018

“There was at least one member on every one of these combinations – for 4, 5 and 6 – that was representing a case for each of those teams to be 4,”

Expand the playoffs then. No reason this needs to stay at 4 teams. None. You've made a clear statement that the committee can't agree. And also, by excluding UCF, you've told the Group of 5 teams that you will never have a chance.

NCAA should take control of a football post season like they do in basketball. Enough of this corporation sponsored bowl nonsense.