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Comment 05 Sep 2016
Having read about every article on the subject over the past nin months, I'd say he stays until one of two jobs comes calling: 1. Ohio State (birthplace, great memories with the title run) 2. Texas (adopted home state) I don't see either open soon. Houston is a place he can build into a title contender with great local recruits, and the money will be there to keep him.
Comment 11 Jan 2016
James Harrison nearly decapitating Mo Massaquoi, their kick returner (think it was Brown actually) kicked a punter in the face, and Harrison again on Brady Quinn. This is all in the past ten years. And only one team off the top of my head. Do you really want to pull at this string?
Comment 17 Aug 2015

It's one year. If he's still lining up out wide when spring practice starts, let's have this conversation absolutely.

Comment 15 Aug 2015
This being the last year of their Adidias contract, makes sense to celebrate their history before Nike rewrites it. Plus, what else do they have to celebrate in a 4-8 year?
Comment 14 Aug 2015
Worth noting, Ryan Tannehill played receiver up through the midpoint of his junior season, still drafted as a quarterback in the top ten. This could really help him develop as a passer too.
Comment 13 May 2015

They're similar, but not exactly the same thing. Impressions is the number of ad units displayed, and with (for example) Adsense, you can have up to three units on a given page. So if you have (3 units) x (1 pageview), you'd really have 3 impressions.

Comment 13 May 2015

In order:

  • What it takes in terms of technical ability to both create and maintain a site.
    • If you're going the pre-fab forum route, not a whole lot. Most of those applications (phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, etc) are fairly easy to configure if you can read a manual and take some educated guesses. Getting beyond that into installing some modifications takes a little bit more know-how, but it's not terribly difficult to pick up if you have any technical skill beyond starting up a computer (which I'm guessing you do, considering what you're asking).
  • What options are out there in terms of discussion board software.
    • phpBB and SMF (Simple Machines Forum) are both free and work decently well. If you start looking at paid forum software, I used vBulletin for the better part of a decade. If you're willing to branch out a bit and go beyond the forum, Drupal (the content management system 11W and millions of other websites are built on) offers a lot of great features that are decently easy to install (for the most part). phpBB, SMF, and Drupal are usually available through auto-installers on most shared hosting environments.
  • What kind of revenue can be expected from ads / amazon links.
    • Nothing, but you'll double it in six months (assuming you last that long). Google Adsense can be rather finicky, and if you can start generating decent traffic (3,000+ impressions per day), you can start generating $0.50-$1.00 a day (nothing to write home about, but at least you're no longer funding your own site, it's funding itself!). Amazon and other affiliate links are great if people click/buy, but you really need to have consistent traffic in order to make much if anything off them (it's really feast or famine with those).
  • Any other general thoughts, ideas, pitfalls, etc.
    • Starting a site is a big challenge, making it a success is even more difficult, but if you put the work into it and pull it off, it's very rewarding. I did it for almost a decade, and it changed my life (seriously) by giving me the work experience I needed to launch a career as a professional web developer.
    • The biggest pitfall is the membership. The 11W team does a great job of keeping people engaged and keeping nasty folks out. That's the biggest challenge in running any community, online or real world, and it's your biggest obstacle between you and success.

Best of luck to you!

Comment 25 Apr 2015
Is there any sweeter scenarios than Harbs struggling to a 5 win campaign, Arizona making the playoff as a 4 seed, and Urban summarily crushing them by 40 on the way to a second CFP title?
Comment 23 Apr 2015
Load Final Fantasy 7, save at first save point. Shut down PlayStation, install Gameshark, boot with Gameshark, load game, save again, spend infinity helmet stickers and bash n00b That State Up Northers comfortably from level 99.
Comment 18 Apr 2015
Ton of respect for this young man. He's got three stars ahead of him, another four highly regarded guys coming in behind him, and he keeps grinding.
Comment 09 Apr 2015

There's a strong tendency toward censorship in the name of "safe spaces" on college campuses, and (as much as I hate to compliment the guy), Harbaugh's right to oppose this. The whole point of college is higher learning, and learning about a world that doesn't exist (sorry, there's going to be something that offends you out in the real world, you need to learn to deal with it) does not serve that goal, especially when the tendency is to shut down all debate. Really unfortunately, I saw the same tendencies when I graduated from OSU five years ago, and this is not strictly a That State Up North problem.

With all that said, something we can all agree on, it'll be fun to watch these students who have no idea how to deal with things adverse to their worldview be forced to accept that Urban Frank Meyer is the best coach in the B1G as he rubs Harbaugh's face in the big * at midfield in Ann Arbor in 7 months and 19 days.

Comment 03 Apr 2015
I typically let mine marinate overnight. Really gets them tender and keeps them juicy. When they're on the grill, I typically shoot for a nice sear first, then let them cook low for as long as it takes. And I just started doing this last summer. It takes some getting used to, but it's relatively easy to pick up once you get a feel for it.
Comment 01 Apr 2015
I can help you with that. Use create a player, 6'5, 280 lbs, every rating at 99, unless they have one for mercy, which would of course be 0.
Comment 02 Feb 2015

Otto Graham, 10 years, 10 championship games. No one has done it before or since.

Seriously, the guy is the reason for the facemask. How does he not get more play in these debates?

Comment 28 Jan 2015
Report: Browns ask Urban Meyer to set aside 9 Sunday afternoons in 2015 to give pregame speeches prior to any Browns game in the state of Ohio.