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Went to ohio state for 11 years from out of state. Earned four degrees, but my Fandom is the most important thing I left with.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field after we beat TTUN to go to the Fiesta bowl against whiny Miami
  • NFL TEAM: Cowboys fan...
  • NHL TEAM: Hockey?
  • NBA TEAM: Memphis - Go Conley!
  • MLB TEAM: None
  • SOCCER TEAM: Leicester City

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Comment 17 Jun 2019
I think the point about continuity holds water. My hypothesis is that Day planned on keeping continuity unless he knew he had a great replacement. With the energy it took to transition the D coaching staff and the need to get things rolling, I think he may have ran out of time to find a good enough replacement to justify a transition to a new OL coach. Perhaps there's only so much you can do in one hiring cycle. So, you plug the biggest leaks and re-evaluate as this year progresses. Just a hypothesis though.
Comment 30 Apr 2019
Yup, my first thought is that it means he ends up at UGA. But, I'm also happy to hear the new staff is making a strong enough impact to make the top 2. I can't help but think that means good things for 2021 and maybe even some of the late commits for 2020.
Comment 26 Apr 2019
Yes. If I'm looking for big time wins on the field and recruiting trail, I would make the trade (assuming the current paying players accusation is disproven). The proven commodity over the new kid on the block seems the wise decision. The future is still bright for Day. But how bright? Beating Bama twice for national titles - is it that bright? I'm not willing to bet on that and Dabo has already achieved it.
Comment 26 Apr 2019
What if you like your job but wish it was better and believe it might be if you put the right pressure on the right institutional frameworks? I mean, why not have a go? Worst case scenario is they push you out and then you look for your sunnier skies.
Comment 26 Apr 2019
Plus, the reason he doesn't want a nation-wide pay the players policy is because right now that's the advantage his booster's are giving him (according to the Clemson Basketball staff). If everyone else can also pay their players, they wouldn't be nearly as good.
Comment 24 Mar 2019
My guess is whoever the Pats spy crew tells him will be open based on the defensive play call.
Comment 26 Feb 2019
But, really... isn't he locked into the first pick pretty much? Does he have anything to gain here? Or does he just need to show that he's back to 100%? I haven't been paying too close attention, is he going to the combine, too?
Comment 19 Feb 2019
I wonder how honest the perspective is versus how much of it is built in the bias of resentment surrounding how PJ is trying to rebuild the program. I don't know much about how PJ treats his own guys, but clearly Jerry doesn't like how his former players were getting the short end of the stick. Regardless, I would think that a new coach should use just about whatever tactic they need to (within reason) so that they can get that boat rowing in the right direction - or whatever non-Fleckian analogy you'd prefer.