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Comment 18 Dec 2018
I'm slightly worried he may end up a drama queen, based on this exit timing. Maybe he thinks he will sit one more year at GA. Maybe he's playing the GA staff to try to get guaranteed playing time. I think that if Haskins stays it's actually perfect for Fields. Tate would likely move on looking to start anywhere. If Haskins declares for the draft the 3 way qb battle will be superb. Hunches aside, I'd take him. If he cant earn the spot we're out a scholarship alone. It shows high recruits that we're still a major destination even as zurban steps down. It's a huge recruiting statement
Comment 23 Nov 2018
I'm back and forth on how I feel about this one. Theres a good chance that a majority of Buckeye practices are spent prepping for this game. That explains the performances against Purdue, Minn, and Maryland. Or...we're just not that great this year.
Comment 21 Oct 2018
We've looked bad mid season for several years now. I cant tell if they're holding back , oversimplifying, getting scared...maybe its injuries, but since 2015 we've had this late fall slump
Comment 29 Aug 2018
I feel for him as a father. If my kids went to school and got messed with I'd be heartbroken. I mean, the potential domestic abuse is bad, but reporting the sex toys and stuff is super careless and bad reporting on the part of McMurphy. That was never going to affect the case against smith or Meyer. That was just one last chance to air a couple's dirty laundry to the benefit of only one of them