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Comment 16 Sep 2020

Rapid testing was available in July.  tOSU was developing it in April.  This is not new news or some sudden technology advancement.  Also why is it taking almost 6 weeks to start the season.  Lastly where is the data saying the covid creates long term heart issues.....and if it does our species is in trouble.  Go Bucks

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Great buckeye but needed a season as the number one cb going against the other teams best wr.  Train all you want but film was needed.  I think all those opting out should leave enough time to option back in.  Wade is one that needed that film imho.  Wish him the best he was a great Buckeye.  The difference between top 5 pick and late first round is huge.  Go Bucks

Comment 12 Aug 2020

Meanwhile I am getting ready to head back to work teaching Science to an average of twenty five to thirty 8th graders in a classroom with mask on but somehow socially distanced.  Lol.  If schools and crowded classrooms are back why in the hell is college football cancelled?  Go Bucks

Comment 09 Jul 2020

AT in Va. The triple crown there is amazing.  Max Patch in N.C. also on the AT is great. 

Comment 31 Mar 2020

Olave was unique as he was injured and didn`t have time to camp or have a lot of film.  When people bring up Olave they miss all of the 3 and 4 stars that were highly ranked that did not pan out.  Hartline is unique as he has played the game at a high level and seems to have an ability to spot talent and develop it at a very high level.  Olave is the exception as these guys rarely show up and pan out.  Taking a whole class of 3 stars without a history of developing it is dangerous.  Boise and Wisky are a few schools that seem to do this year in and year out.  Bama, Clemson, Georgia and tOSU are doing it the right way and making sure they have great talent and develop it.  Michigan imho is somewhere between Wisky and tOSU but what I don`t see is the development of their roster.  Go Bucks

Comment 06 Mar 2020

You might want to go talk to the thousands of fruititarians that are buff, cut and healthy.....and consistently put on lean muscle mass.  Carbs are not the devil. Its calories in versus calories burned.  Eating whole foods imho is the way to go.  Eating whole nuts, veggies and fruits would again imho make one beautiful on the inside and out.  We as a species have not been eating meat and fat.  For the first 185,000 of our 200,000 years we have been eating  whole fruits, nuts and vegetables.  Maybe some fish if we could catch it easily.  

Comment 05 Mar 2020

Homo Sapiens is our species and it is 200,000 years old.  The human species has not been eating pork chops or eggs for those 200,000 years.  If you want to eat what we are suppose to eat it would be some fruits, nuts and vegetables. (Its hard to not eat meat).  From a species and science angle outside does not equal inside for the human body.  Eating pork chops and eggs would have not been a normal food for our species for most of that 200,000 years. 

Only recently have we started farming and domesticating animals for meat.   An 8 pack on the outside does not mean a beautiful body on the inside.  Many people cure disease and cancer from diets of nothing but water and lemons or juicing.  Fruits and vegetables are full of carbohydrates.  Imho and most health experts those whole foods of nuts, vegetables and fruits will allow your body to be beautiful on the inside also.  

Small amounts of meats, especially fish combined with whole nuts, fruits and vegetables is the best way to eat and to stay healthy for a long time.  

Comment 05 Mar 2020

The human species was never designed to eat meat or drink cows milk.  The human species would have started and lived on fruits, vegetables and nuts.  I suppose some meats if we could find them easily.  As a species if you want to eat what we have for most of the time on Earth it would be easily accessible food like fruits, nuts and vegetables where our species would have originated at....the jungle.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Put him in the Carlos Hyde role and let him eat.  He is a one cut or just hit the hole and go type of back.  It took year 3 for Dobbins to have an elite line and a coordinator find his mojo.  Dobbins also has really quick feet, good vision and quick hips.  Power and top end speed is the game for Master T.  I feel like Day will find his plays if he is going to be the featured back.  I also feel like the new backs will get their chance to shine.  Teague will need to take that next step.  Go Bucks

Comment 19 Jan 2020

Higher than 30 inches if I were to guess unless he has extremely long arms.  He looks explosive and athletic to me.  Go Bucks

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Our scheme was very aggressive for our linebackers because stats show a tackle for loss is a game changer.  We played almost nobody that had a running qb.  We had no idea they were gonna run Lawrence and they did it out of necessity.  They lost HIggins and Ross for extended periods.  Then we lost Wade.  Our contingency plan was to bring in another safety.  

Fickell ran a read and react....stay in your gap and don`t give up big explosive plays.  Our new staff has not taught that scheme.  They played a scheme that accepted our linebackers to make a huge play and allow Fuller to erase any missed tackles by our linebackers. 

When you get beat at your own game then it is on our defensive staff.  We were always subjective to the qb run.  Clemson was the first team to take advantage of it.  Not sure why our staff didnt think Lawrence was gonna run.  I did.  

WIsh Wisconsin, psu or ttun had done it more then maybe our staff would have prepared for it more.  Give Clemson credit we shut them down and they adjusted.  We stayed aggressive and they burnt us.  Wish we would have went 4 linebackers(Hillard) and continued to run a single high safety.  Go Bucks

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I can`t see how this will end well for Penn St.  Wow the president and A.D. have some decisions to make quickly.  People don`t file federal lawsuits against a university for nothing.  If Franklin did not report this to the higher ups he will be a N.Y. minute.  Initially this does not look good.  Not sure why people would be taking lie detector test right now.   I am sure if this stuff was going on there has to be one or two honest athletes who saw it and can confirm it was happening and at what level it was happening.  Go Bucks

Comment 13 Jan 2020

That was all post Shaun Wade.  I don`t think we were prepared to lose Wade and switch to a 2 high safety look.  Also that new safety and Baron Browning not playing assignment football(field slippage) popped those 2 big runs by Lawrence.  We were never the same when Wade got ejected and we switched out of our base defense.  Game would have been different if we had scored touchdowns.....not had a horrendous overturn and or had Olave run his route.  Go Bucks

Comment 01 Jan 2020

You are missing the point.  Teague would have never saw those holes and accelerated through them so quickly.  He is blazing fast but needs a big open hole to allow him to get up to speed.  His vision can improve.  Not sure his hips and twitch can be improved.  Go Bucks

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Every athletes play with forward lean and explosion.  Its all about intent and launching, imho. The rule needs fixed badly.  The hit was normal and goes on in the NFL in every game.  NO EJECTION.  15 yards if you have too but it was a normal wrap up forward lean hit and the qb lowered his head to make it helmet to helmet. I say teach the kids to destroy knees  until they fix the damn rule.  Wade should have just did the next best hit go low and destroy his legs and knees.  I am a fan of players wrapping up who play in the athletic forward leaning position just like they are taught their whole life to play and tackle from.  Go Bucks

Comment 01 Jan 2020

We need linebackers who can really break down and tackle and keep their gap integrity.  All those big plays were linebackers leaving their gap responsibility.  Tuff does a great job at filling his gap. Browning is the guy with the speed and talent but he isnt disciplined and relies on his speed to leave he gap responsibilty.  All linebacks and defensive players do this but when done at the wrong get 50 plus yard qb runs and huge gains.  I am sure Al Washington will address this.  Those other linebackers need to start playing more if they can execute their gap responsibility.  I would think next year would be more open for those guys like Pope, Grant and Mitchell.  Go Bucks

Comment 01 Jan 2020

I personally like some consistency but learning from all those guys is not as bad as it sounds.  We all teach different and if Wade took in what they were all teaching he should have a great arsenal of information.  Hafley and Combs are elite.  Combs, most think, is coming back.  Wade could very well pull an Arnette and go REALLY get paid next year and play on the outside to increase his draft stock as a top 2 or 3 cb taken and an overall top 15 guy.  His decision should not be an easy one.  He missed a year with an injury and could use that senior year to get experience and to lead a young back 4.  I hope he stays and becomes an all american and gets a Buckeye tree planted.  As for Okudah......he should go get paid as the 1st cb taken.  Stay another year Shaun and get paid like Okudah next year.  Go Bucks

P.S if he is having a ceremony.....he gone.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

That jersey is sick.  Love it.  I would love to see more variety.  I realize we are all older but the younger kids love the alternative uniforms.  I love the Whites, Black and would love to see this gray once a year.  Go Bucks