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Comment 12 Aug 2020

Nobody is playing football this year. The southern states will get their day for a temper tantrum just like we did.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

I agree CincyBuck..people just want their football entertainment (and I get it) I would respect them more if they just said that. Kind of like how a good amount of people directly and indirectly told 80 percent of the Ohio State roster to shut up and play football when they voiced their opinions a few months ago.

Comment 11 Aug 2020

I don't think this was a unilateral decision. If the B1G hires an independent team of medical experts who counsel against playing Fall Sports. What was Kevin Warren to do? Go against the medical advice & wishes of university presidents? We all want to see football. My one thing this I wish they would have waited longer to make such a decision. 

Comment 10 Aug 2020

The leadership from the B1G has been dreadful. No one is communicating with the coaches, there is no unity. Heck, the Presidents should be having meetings with their staff (including Coaches and ADs) and get on the same page. The fact that we have this much discord is a disgrace

Strong language from a position of not really knowing much. We don't know what is being communicated to university leadership. How about we sit back and let things unfold

Comment 09 Aug 2020

That thin veneer of amateurism may comeback to bite us in a big way. I wonder how many Buckeye fans would sign up for the players getting paid with amateur status being done away with if it meant Justin Fields & 2020 Buckeyes playing Alabama, Clemson in a top 12 super conference. 

Comment 09 Aug 2020

Way too many assumptions to come up with that type of conclusion. 

- That the B1G is the only P5 conference to not play (I don't see a scenario where the PAC12 plays & the B1G doesn't)

- That the season goes on for playing conferences and concludes without any major issues (Really really doubt this - B1G leadership could be seen in the opposite way as being smart to not play..who knows)

Comment 03 Aug 2020

With MSU's current recruiting struggles..another East squad seems to be putting together a solid collection with Mike Locksley & the Maryland Terrapins. Currently ranked 5th in the B1G & 19th nationally. After Ohio State, Maryland has one of the better defensive line classes in the country for 2021, featuring three 4 stars & three more solid lineman..all from the DMV area as well..pretty impressive. Coach knows he's going to need big time talent in the trenches to compete in the East..and there's so much of it in his area. This is talent that otherwise would have been going to ACC or SEC schools (like Rakim Jarrett of 2020) this is a definite benefit of having Maryland in conference. 

Maryland 2021 Recruiting Class

Comment 01 Aug 2020

#Cleveland Glenville stand up..who would have thought of Troy Smith becoming one of, if not the crown jewel of the legendary 2002 Ohio State recruiting class?

I watched a podcast video of Kirk Barton interviewing David Patterson and D-Pat reminded us how crazy it was that Troy almost wasn't apart of that class as a late sign. He also mentioned that one of the reasons Troy and other Tarblooders got more serious looks from Ohio State is because Tressel & company primarily wanted the do it all athlete Darius "Superman" Hiley. Darius' career never materialized at Ohio State, but it's one of those weird butterfly effect situations when you think about how history is potentially altered without him. 

Looking back it's kind of funny to see Troy Smith returning kickoffs in his redshirt freshmen season. That's the type of player he was..willing to do anything to contribute. There's just something about an emotional in-state leader in S&G..he really was the heart & soul of the team in his upperclassmen years. He learned from previous captains like Doss & Krenzel and proceeded to make his own Buckeye legend.

Still hurts to think about the Florida debacle..but Troy was the ultimate gamer and has got to be at or near the top of OSU leaders of the 2000s (maybe ever). When he was under center it seemed like the Bucks were ready to run through a brick wall for him...moreso than any other QB in the last two decades (it's hard to describe but like JT Barrett, Troy had a special 'IT' factor where you could sense the team really really enjoyed playing with him -- of course we've had some more talented QBs since).

My Top 5 Favorite Troy Smith Games

1. Ohio State vs Michigan 2004 - Troy's breakout game is what I would show to future Buckeye fans to exemplify all that he was as a player/leader. #10 showcased his dual threat capabilities by devastating scUM through the air & on the ground. What a statement game for OSU..we knew we had something special after that glorious November day.

2. Ohio State vs Michigan 2006 - Another masterclass by Smith. Last victory cementing his Heisman season. You knew he wasn't going to let tOSU lose this game

3. Ohio State at Michigan 2005 - 4th quarter alone makes this an all-timer. His three game series with Michigan was instrumental in setting the foundation of dominance this century.

4. Ohio State at Iowa 2006 - Fun game similar to other dominating road night wins like OSU @ PSU 2007 & OSU @ Michigan State 2014  . A lot of hype surrounding this contest under the lights at Kinnick. In business like fashion, Troy and the Bucks silenced the crowd & destroyed the Hawkeyes

5. Ohio State at Texas 2006 - This game edges out Notre Dame as it was exciting to get road revenge in Austin, Texas. Aside from Oklahoma (2016)..this may be Ohio State's best non-conference road victory this century. 

Comment 24 Jul 2020

At least Maryland is very solid in basketball & they beat Texas a few times in non-conf football. I like the B1G footprint extending to the DMV area.