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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1980 U.S.A. Hockey Olympic Gold & beating the Russians.
    50-yardline seats for 2002 Buckeye National Championship game.
  • NFL TEAM: Lions
  • NHL TEAM: Chicago Blackhawks & CBJ
  • MLB TEAM: Boston Redsox & Chicago Cubs

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Comment 22 Mar 2020


He was also the homecoming parade grand marshal one of the years I was there and I think it was my freshman year ..fall of 1986.

Comment 22 Feb 2020

TThe phone video sounds damning.....

According to the initial charges, Riep and the victim were hanging out at the apartment before the two began to have consensual sex. The victim then stopped the act and moved away, stating she did not want to continue any longer. Shortly after, Wint entered the room and Riep asked the victim if he could join. Riep then grabbed the victim by the neck and forced her onto her hands and knees before vaginally penetrating her. Riep then held her in place by the hips and with his body while Wint forced oral penetration on the woman.

After several minutes, both players stopped and Riep told the victim she needed to give her name and say the acts were consensual while he filmed her. Riep recorded the victim asking if he wanted her face in the video since she was crying and he told her "No, just say it was consensual" while laughing at her. After telling the victim she needed to shower, Riep drove her back to her home.

Comment 27 Dec 2019

November 2017 ?

Any chance OSU grad rate has improved over the last 2 years?

I thought it was better under Coach Tressel?

Comment 09 Dec 2019

A special yet-to-be-named (and decided) prize awaits the first individual to find my estranged father amongst the game-goers. He'll be the midlife-crisisy fellow with the beard that he's absolutely lost things in.

If he looks like Santa Claus, then I found him !!!

Sect 453 (South endzone (with the big window).  He is in the 3rd row directly above the "3rd" from the mini scoreboard's "QTR 3rd", he's wearing a backwards white ballcap and sitting next a guy wearing Archie Griffin's "45" jersey who is either chugging a beer or swallowing a box of popcorn whole.


Comment 06 Sep 2019

I like where your heart's at.....but my head won't let me get there.

I, too, was a frequenter of the North Heidelberg.....South Heidelberg was great, too. One of my college roomates used to play acoustic guitar at South Berg every so often.  It was a perfect prelude to Park Alley, then Mother's late night.   Oh, those were the days..

Now, put those Eleven Warriors Dry Goods up for grabs and lets get onto the real PROGNOSTICATING the Buckeye/Bearcat game, please EW!!!!!!!