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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 1, 2010 - Rose Bowl win over the Ducks
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Comment 18 Mar 2019

The one issue I have is that he compared this situation to 2011, but at the same time, I also don't think he actually expects it to be anything close to similar. He just tossed out a recent cautionary tale about how things can go from great to bad quite quickly

This also totally ignores the fact that we had the worst offensive coordinator in the world basically doing whatever he wanted that year (hey Jim Bollman). Now we've got 2 of the best offensive minds in the game on staff, so I don't think we're gonna see 2011-levels of shit here.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Yup, that juxtaposition says everything. The men who were told they were Victors from day 1, and the guy who came to grind. Guess who wins that one?

Comment 20 Jul 2018

What a wild ride these past few years have been! Just wanted to say thanks for all of the skullies which got my ass out of bed and got me through medical school. Best of luck and know that if I could you'd have my vote!

Comment 11 Sep 2017

Came for the yearly read, left with tears in my eyes.

Thanks Ramzy

Comment 08 Jul 2017

It depends on the opponent, UM losing to App State will forever bring me more joy than OSU beating Akron or Hawaii or some other shit team. But of course, nothing beats OSU handing UM a loss.

Comment 10 May 2017

Just checking, can you pick up an Uber from CMH? I'm moving back to Cbus from Chicago and I know Uber has only recently been able to pick up from the airports whereas previously it wasn't approved

Comment 05 Dec 2016

According to, 

$250.00 in 1969 had the same buying power as $1,665.67 in 2016

Annual inflation over this period was about 4.12%

So maybe you could get a better deal today?