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Comment 10 Apr 2019

I'm old enough and still bitter from being at tOSU in the late '80's, and I read it multiple times and then googled his name.  Wow.

Amazing story, definitely a keeper.

Comment 04 Nov 2016

Hey THE - Ohio guy here, 25 years in Columbus & a degree fro tOSU.  What is wrong with you???  You overcame great adversity and pushed game 7 to extra innings.  A few months ago the Cavs came back from 3-1 to beat the team with the best record in NBA history.  But all you can do is whine about ancient history.  Stand tall man, you are embarrassing yourself and your city.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Alabama should send tOSU a nice fruit basket or something because our winning it all last season is something they can point to in 2015 as an example of what one bad loss really means.  There is no question that they are one of the best teams out there, and it doesn't really matter how bad an early season loss at home looks.  Is that fair?  Probably not, but it is the Bucks who laid the foundation.  Pretty cool, really.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

You are over thinking this.  Of course there are countless other sad and terrible things that happen in any given day, but when given the opportunity to bring two communities together it is only a positive to take advantage of that opportunity.

Rather than question the validity of this gesture you should be encouraged that there are those who would proactively make an effort to encourage those who needlessly suffer.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Fantastic, thank you for this story.  As strange as it seems (or not with JT as the head coach), I am sure that the Bucks don't make the NCG in 2002 without Andy.  He was a rock and one of my favorite (of many) players on that team.

Everyone always talks about Chris Gamble in the Penn State game, but I am 100% certain that we don't win that game without Andy Groom.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

So. Much. Talent.

Did not want that to end, great work!