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Comment 16 hours ago

present day basketball - it's a guard's game.  there's a difference in what they allow down low vs at the guard position with contact. 

DJ can create for himself and others - we should run it through him...  last few games, its looked like he's hit a slump / wall - wonder if it's true about the freshman wall...

Comment 20 Jan 2020

i think the big question is whether the titans d-coordinator retires (again).  if he does, is coombs next in line?  that would be a tough situation.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

i think he's talking more about him threatening all the LSU players smoking cigars whereas another cop in the same vicinity told the players it was okay as they were celebrating...

Comment 15 Jan 2020

my issue is that if you're flying at someone to talk them and as we're taught, to put your shoulder into them and wrap and they move and you can't adjust your head to a side, then you're guilty of targeting... 

as for the original post - i do think that some replays for targeting - the refs should be able to kick people out, but it should egregious...  like a cheap shot behind the refs or something to that extent.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I thought Nico was their best receiver the past few years.  I'm in a wait and see on the decision, but he's going to have a new QB and a new OL, but definitely more balls thrown his way.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

haha, the rumormill is going strong on this one already.  :)  his film looks very good - would definitely be a welcome addition to the team.  hopefully his visit goes well.