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Comment 19 Jan 2018

does the controller on the motherboard transmit signal to the hard drive?

have you checked your memory sticks to see if you have a bad one?

i've had issues on my laptop that it shows the dell splash, and even though the harddrive light is on, it won't load bios or OS - not sure what the root cause was but reseating the memory seemed to help.

edit to add:  that's the extent of my experience.  :\

Comment 19 Jan 2018

good luck 75 - if you're starting to look already and it's shutting down at the end of the year, i think your chances are good.  keep your head up.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

did you guys get married in the spring/summertime or fall?  and if so, did you do it right on a bye week?

Comment 30 Dec 2017

always happy for the win.

some thoughts/questions here:

1.  there was absolutely little to no running room for dobbins/weber - USC did a really good job having no holes exposed and tackled well - i'm not sure if they stacked 8 in the box or anything, but all dobbins/weber could do was duck their head and plow into the defender.

2.  downfield passing game - i'm surprised we didn't throw anything downfield - i'm not sure if BV got targeted once - we became really one-dimensional and predictable.

3.  defense was great - i think okudah will be a fine player and i liked seeing sheffield play pretty well.  LBs were disciplined.  DL as dominant.  safeties played well.

4.  playcalling - as previously mentioned by others - it was a tad predictable.  hopefully we can open it up.

5.  spots and reviews - i know i've my homer scarlet & gray glasses on - the JT spot was a little iffy - the catch on the sideline by USC where he bobbled it after his foot came up was a little iffy...  but that's me nitpicking.  i don't think harrison's push on darnold was THAT bad, but others seemed to have.  at least it negated a first down.  :)

Comment 20 Dec 2017

with all the misinformation out there and experts and everyone wanting the inside scoop, recruiting is like a guy's soap opera.  hope carman picks the best place for him and isn't swayed by everyone thinking they know him and wanting to prove them wrong.

Comment 16 Dec 2017

People who haven't been need to go watch a Men's volleyball match live.  The force at which they hit the ball is insane - it's not your mom and dad's backyard volleyball for sure.