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Comment 15 Jul 2019

He does not strike me as a ball-aggressive receiver.  I thought with his height and size that he would be a perfect 50/50 ball guy that a QB could trust when making a tight throw.  From what I have seen, Victor is more of a basket catcher rather than going up with strength and snatching the ball.   His did go up and get that great  PSU reception, but that is the exception to his norm.

Comment 30 Jun 2019

One thing possibly driving some of the decision making for these kids is the trouble headed LSU's way in the near future.  The basketball  program is not the only LSU sport that has some payment issues being looked into.  The football team has some issues that may soon grow larger regarding the booster John Paul Funes.

Comment 30 Jun 2019

Irving is a cancer.  It won't take him long to establish another malignancy for the nets.  He'll have spoiled things before KD ever heals from his achilles injury.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

 Although Martell's role was short-lived, the coaching staff's willingness to play an inexperienced, redshirt sophomore because of his athleticism further proves that dual-threat quarterbacks are more effective than strict pocket passers in the red zone. 

I don't remember Martell having much, if any, success when he was used in red zone situations.  He seemed to come up empty in most every instance I can remember. 

Comment 15 Jun 2019

That's my take as well.  If OSU fields a defense that is in keeping with past precedent, they win comfortably.  I fully expect that they will be better this year given the depth and experience across the entire defense.  The main question is how well Fields can run the offense. There is talent to burn on offense as well, so it's a matter of him being able to effectively distribute.   

If we don't see the "Bear Front" as a surprise again, I like our chances.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Like Businesses and politics, it's a transparent move for FSU to be opaque in their sports operations.  Put plainly, they want to cheat and not be held accountable.  This move would facilitate a quick descent to the bottom for NCAA football.  The NCAA would be foolish to allow FSU to continue to participate with other NCAA teams if FSU goes this route.

Comment 05 May 2019

I am happy to hear that things are on a positive track for Greg.  I really see him as being very valuable as a coach.  He has some really unique experiences to bring to the staff.  He's played for the school and has a good personal story to he can use to relate to recruits and he is young enough to still get out on the floor and do some in persona, on the floor coaching with big guys.

I think having a seven foot tall coach that can go out with a player and really make him work on his fundamentals and moves is a real plus.

Comment 05 May 2019

I think we do have great DB's and LB's, we just need the coaching staff to coach them and use them to their best effect.  The talent is deep across the board for this team.  It's all scheme and execution at this point.

Comment 05 May 2019

The first thing that comes to mind is goal line situations.  TE's can be really effective on delayed routes in the end zones, especially with a running threat QB, which I think we can pretty safely assume with Justin Fields.   I'm sure that Steven A. Smith has fields pegged as a "slow-footed pocket passer", but everyone else will be hedging against his run option at the goal line.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Does the portal ever close?  It does not feel like there is a transaction window of any kind that would restrict players to a notification period that would allow coaches to compensate adequately.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

All seven of them?   

I post the above comment, read down one more line and see someone has beat me to it.