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Comment 08 Jul 2015

We also can't forget and VT shouldn't either, that the Buckeyes had to prepare for a dangerous team in their first game with an offense that nobody uses except a select few and the preparation for said offense doesn't help one bit with any upcoming opponents.  So VT literally had the entire summer to game plan for that one game.  Equal footing this year.  Next team up!

Comment 23 Jun 2015

Every time Pete is asked to do something by MLB he does it.  MLB then says you now have to do this other thing.  Pretty hard to finish a race when the finish line is moved every time you get close to it.  This is a fight Pete will never win.  Everyone believes he should be in the Hall except the people who can put him in the hall.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

The problem with Brady is that his deep ball arm is gone.  His accuracy inside of  20 yards was evident in the super bowl, but that isn't why you draft Devin.  I know wanting to go play on the same team as Tom Brady is every kids dream, but Brady isn't that guy anymore.  All of his receivers catch short and run and that is not it Devin's wheelhouse.  Wherever he goes I'll be rooting for him.   

Comment 30 Mar 2015

The Hodge will be presented at halftime of one of the home football games.  I watched the Finals also and remember thinking that it had to be tough being Port and not being able to do a thing to Logan.  This championship was as unexpected as the Football title.  So many schools thought more highly of than us.  Nice to prove the experts wrong again.  

Comment 30 Mar 2015

I'm going to Alabama at the end of the week and I WANT THAT SHIRT!!!!  and a bullet proof vest to wear under it.  

I hate tattoos in general and the only thing redeeming about that one is the block O

I wondered where all my money went to and now I know.  My cat took it.  (Jaspurr kitty looks just like him)

THAT run never ever gets old.  Not ever.  If I could put that gif on a Tshirt it would be awesome.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Am I the only one that thinks its pretty shameful that not a single soul from the men's basketball team is on the All-Academic teams?  By the way, Logan Wrestled fewer matches because he always won which advanced him into the finals of every tournament he wrestled in fewer matches.  Lastly, they must have used stopwatches with really long seconds to get a 4.2 40 out of that.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Dear Athlete, now do you see the power you have?  Stop saying you aren't a role model and realize that like it or not you are.  Zeke, keep doing us proud.  I have a feeling these Buckeyes we're watching now are going to be a group for the ages now and in the future.  The NFL doesn't have any transcendent talents right now.  I'm sure EZE will do it up for this kid.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

I think that Zeke Elliott might be the best Running back I've ever seen Pro or College.  He's so close to Walter Payton in style that it gives me chills.  Maybe faster and niftier footed, but very close.  Every time I see that run against Bama, it gives me chills.  I couldn't have been the only Buckeye to yell "Run ZEKE Run" at the television......

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Why do we even care about BEAST MODE.  The Buckeyes have something better.  We have ZEKE MODE.  Its like beast mode, but wayyyyyy faster!

Comment 07 Feb 2015

No way Braxton plays QB next year.  Brees is the ONLY guy to ever have that surgery as a QB and come back from it to play.  Braxton will be better served (and I hope he knows it) taking hand offs from JT or Cardale next year to showcase what he can really do in the league.  Besides, he won't be cleared to throw until August.

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I couldn't help but think about Bettis, so I looked him up to see his stats.  He had 8 1000+ yard seasons in 13 years.  Six of them in a row right in the middle of his career.  His lifetime ypc average is 3.9!  I get that he's a good guy and everyone loves Jerome, but really?  His last 4 years were 3.4 ypc.  So now the HOF is a lifetime achievement award.  Pace should have gotten in because he'd the best left tackle in the modern era.  No discussion.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

The ONLY reason they had so much yardage in the first half was very simple.  We gave them the ball on turnovers.  Oregon fans can shout about the several guys they were missing all they want, but 4 turnovers more than makes up for any guys they didn't have.  The offense put the defense's backs up against the wall and they responded beyond expectation.  Defensively, we didn't stop anyone in goal to go situations all year and we did it to the Ducks at least 2 times!  THE most high powered offense in the land!  If that game had been a 0 turnover game, we win by 40 and the game is done by the half.  Four turnovers and 2 of them around our 20 yard line going in.  We took it to them.  Now they know how we felt in 06.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Here's my hope, we've been in the Buckeye's corner all year long no matter what.  I HOPE that we don't turn on these kids that have brought us so much enjoyment over this year and years past for the loss of 1 game.  Blake Sims doesn't deserve that venom spewed at him by someone who sounds like he couldn't spell college let alone having ever attended one.  They were all on Board the BAMA and Sim's train until Midnight last night and then started deserting like the ship was sinking.  The BUCKEYES are my team and I will rise and fall WITH them.  


Comment 27 Dec 2014

If the 49ers fire Harbaugh he gets 15 million from them without even having to work for it.  So this contract from UM would only be worth 34 million to him.  I truly am not seeing him make this jump.  Frisco will fire him there is no doubt, but to Michigan he goes?  If he was going to do this it would be done already.  This might be part of his revenge against UM.  

Comment 22 Jul 2014

I don't normally say anything about these matters because it brings out the superstitious Dummy in me, but this is FSU's normal reaction to any football player in trouble.  "They're just boys"  Winston is a 20 year old "boy"  and I think that if he were going to mature and grow up he'd have already done it.  Look at Chris Carter.  He practically had to lose everything before he got it figured out.  Now he's one of my favorite people.