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I was not really an Ohio State fan in childhood even though several members of my family were. I guess I'm guilty of being a "bandwagon" Buckeye, since I signed on during the "68 season. I was there at the Horseshoe when "Woody went for two", but I was oblivious enough to be completely ignorant of the significance of the game I was watching. "Is the game with Michigan that big of a deal?" Fortunately for me, the game program i pored over once we got home filled in some of the gaps in my knowledge.
My partner of 17 years (whose favorite college football teams are WVU and anyone who beats Penn State) and I live in southwest PA on Chestnut Ridge with our 3 Golden Retrievers, who are also Buckeye fans. My handing out treats when the Bucks score a touchdown may have something to do with that.
Buckeye football has been an important part of my life since that first taste in'68, and attending games in the Horseshoe with my dad was one of the highlights of what was often a difficult childhood/adolescence.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: I became hooked on OSU football way back in '68, after SI had said in their college football preview-in which Purdue and Leroy Keys were their pick for #1-that the Big Ten title might well be decided in October when the Boilermakers came to Columbus. There, Woody Hayes was about to unveil the best crop of young players he had had in years. I listened to that game on the radio as OSU crushed Purdue 13-0, and was so exhilarated I could hardly stand it. The score doesn't really give a clue as to how dominating the Buckeyes were that afternoon.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: The estimable Mr. Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Browns-and I live in Steeler country.
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins if I had to pick; Mario Lemieux is a god
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Indians (are my Cleveland roots showing?)

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Comment 15 Jan 2020

I have been busy being the Executor of CRB's estate (as meager as it is...) and thought I'd take a break and check out 11W.  I hadn't reviewed many of the comments after making the original post until now.  I don't have many memories of David mentioning the staff on 11W--hell, I'm almost 66 and barely can remember my name!) but I did recognize yours when I saw it.  David thought a lot of your writing and often read aloud some of your writings--I was impressed as well.  Just thought you'd like to know that.  Once the dealings with the Estate die down (yeah--poor choice of words...), I'll try to be less of a stranger here.  Be well--and again, thanks for making David's life a bit more pleasant in the long run.  Peace.

Comment 01 Oct 2018

It's hard for me to watch games live, because the commercial breaks are so long that they double the amount of time it takes to sit through an entire game. So I record them on DVR, and maybe turn it on about an hour or so in. That is what led me to check out the live threads to try to keep up with how things are going. I have been stunned at times at the contrast between the "Oh my God! The world is ending!! Fire everybody and bench the whole team!!"-atmosphere with what I find when I actually see the game in progress. People are passionate, and I get that. So am I to the point that I get too keyed up to watch sometimes. But I can't echo the sentiments of the OP loudly enough. I know there's nothing I can really do about it, so I have generally learned to avoid the threads to keep my blood pressure in check. I just have to sigh and wish for a better world...But I will also add my two cents worth of disapproval for bashing individual players by name. F-bombs and obscenities don't really phase me, but dumping abuse on players pisses me off. 

Comment 20 Jul 2018

 At last, the day I have long been dreading has arrived, for I have long known that you were destined for greater things.  Your worldview, and lovely, dark, velvety, twisted sense of humor have been a sublime pleasure for me during your time at 11 W.  My heartfelt best wishes for success in the political realm. I will make sure to watch that race from a distance.  

Is there any way to access  some of your previous work on this site? Your body of work includes a number of pieces that that merit re-publishing in some form of collection.

PS: what does WMD stand for? I never did figure it out.

Comment 08 Feb 2018

It starts with the Rooney family, but from there it diffuses throughout their organization. And it has for more than a generation. As a life-long Cleveland Browns fan, it pains me to say this, but I've seen too many examples of it through the years to deny it. If only my beloved/tragic Browns had one-tenth of the Steeler's organization's loyalty and integrity...Prayers for Shazier's continued recovery. 

Comment 29 Nov 2017

"At worst, a better-than-decent post-season destination and a pair of gold pants" If you can appreciate that and celebrate that, than you haven't missed the point. If it's playoffs or nothing, then maybe you should read it again.

Comment 29 Nov 2017

It's about recognizing the rarity of times/football seasons like this, and being able to savor them while they are happening. O Fortuna!

Comment 25 Aug 2017

I think I'm going to make myself a headband and print EARLE on it. God bless him and especially his family and loved ones. This literally couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. 

Comment 25 Aug 2017

I thought progress was being made on this front. It's not something I followed faithfully, but I thought they were making solid progress in forestalling the progression of the disease, and that some real breakthroughs were supposed to be in the offing. Damn!

Comment 02 Aug 2017

For my money, Ramzy is one of the best writers going in any medium. So glad he's on our side. 

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I too was young during Woody's tenure, and his sideline tantrums used to make me think that the proper OSU game attire would be a paper bag to fit over my head with a 'Block O' painted on the front. I only remember one instance of his being reprimanded by Big 10 commissioner Wayne Duke. Among OSU's fan base, he basically got away with it, and to this day is revered and the behavioral issues just excused or winked at. What do you think Harbaugh's punishment would have been if he had torn up a down marker and hurled it onto the playing field? Or slugged a camera man? My view is that Woody should have been ejected from the game for those antics-and of course, they seemed always to happen during The Game. OSU fans have ever since lived in a glass palace and have no real case to throw any stones at others. 

I say this in full awareness of the great qualities that Woody had, and his players' devotion to him. He was a complex guy with a major temper problem, and probably wouldn't be able to coach in the modern era. Very similar to Bobby Knight. 

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Sometimes it's nice to have a long memory. I remember the "dark years" during the '90s when TTUN fans were downplaying the importance of The Game, and saying OSU was not their biggest rival in order to rub salt in the wounds that were ever-fresh from the most recent loss. Watching this hyper freak-out now is so satisfying.

And ALT Blue works fine for me. 

Comment 24 Nov 2016

I enjoyed that when it was published originally, and it is nice to see it again. Don't know about any beef Ramzy has with Spencer, not really interested. It's still a nice piece and I agree w the OP that it captured a certain feel for The Ga_e.

Comment 22 Nov 2016

I gotta give some credit to Mike D'Antoni here. I think he gets his teams ready to up their game when it comes time to play OSU. Not to mention what secret knowledge he retains as former Buckeye defensive coordinator. It didn't seem to hurt our guys the next week in Ann Arbor last year. 

Sorry for the double post.