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Comment 12 Mar 2020

It’s not about the touching, it’s the fact he didn’t take this serious and was being careless. @WojESPN reported that his teammates privately said he has been wreckless, touching them, making jokes, etc. 

Now he has it, and he’s spread it to Donovan Mitchell. If he’s responsible for spreading it to someone else and they die, that’s a big deal.

It’s only spread a little so far, but the fact all pro sports teams are willing to lose billions of dollars to stay safe shows you it’s a big deal  

At this time, we will should be extra cautious and curiosity. We shouldn’t let ignorance get the better of us.  

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I think he is a great spokesperson for college football. I understand why OSU players might not like him. He does point out Ohio State's flaws and he doesn't always believe in them 100%. I think that is ok. He has grown into his job and he has taken the approach to try to be completely unbiased. I think that is fair. 

Desmond Howard took the opposite approach. He is bias to Michigan and he doesn't really deny it. Michigan fans still love him, but Desmond Howard's career has a ceiling. A ceiling that I don't think Kirk has.

I think at times Kirk has gone out of his way to prove that he is unbiased because he played at one of the Top 3 schools in the entire nation, and it is so easy for other fan bases to call him a biased Ohio State apologist. He has worked very hard to prove he is unbiased.

That said, he still loves Ohio State and I believe that. I believe it when he says he cheers for Ohio State and wants them to succeed. That's why we have the best alumni fan base in the nation. Everyone loves OSU.

As Ohio State fans, it is our duty to try to be unbiased fans. We can love our school and we can acknowledge that we are not the greatest team every single season. Some years we are better than others. That's what makes the great seasons so special. We also need to try to understand Kirk's viewpoint and cut him some slack when he criticized Ohio State. Sometimes he may have a point. Other times he may not, but that's him doing his job and playing devil's advocate.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I actually believe the opposite. I think ESPN has done a lot for sports. They were one of the first (if not the first?) to have a 24 hour on air sports channel. I grew up watching SportsCenter in the 2000's and it was actually great television. They had great broadcasters then, the segments and shows were funny, well designed, and informative. ESPN was great then.

As technology evolved and ESPN grew, that's when it began to change. People began watching less TV and that hurt ESPN. In order to survive, ESPN needed to follow the money. They let go some of their great employees, they forced others to change, and they took an approach to try to generate controversy, increase revenue, and survive the technology changes. 

I will remember and appreciate the ESPN of the 2000's, but now I don't pay attention much to them at all. I consume a majority of my sports knowledge through social media, and I follow specific writers and people I respect as opposed to an entire company. If you are sick of ESPN, stop watching. Don't watch their college football preview shows. Don't watch their "sports talk shows" where it's two people arguing at one another. Realize this is designed to generate controversy and increase viewership.

Instead, evolve like ESPN did. Follow the people you respect and who you agree with. If you want a new perspective, follow some well-respected southern writers. Not Paul Finebaum, but maybe Joel Klatt or I personally still respect Kirk Herbstreit. A lot of Ohio State fans don't like him for some reason, but I think he tries to be fair and gives his honest opinion. I don't always agree, but I think he has good perspective. 

At the end of the day, you can believe whatever you want. But hearing from Gene Smith, ESPN's stake in the CFP has nothing to do with the ratings, and they may try to create an SEC bias in the media, but ultimately the CFP committee will vote based on field performance, and OSU has had chances every year to put themselves in contention and failed. Want the 1 seed? Don't come out flat vs Wisconsin. Want to beat Clemson? Scored TDs in the red zone. We had our chances, we did a lot of things right, we made a few mistakes, and we also were super unlucky. We could've blown out Penn State, and some unlucky turnovers kept the game closer. We should've beat Clemson, but we didn't catch a break all game. 

Sometimes winning a National Championship means you are the best team in the nation. Other times it means you're really good and really lucky. 

Ohio State might have been the best team in the nation, but they were not the luckiest, and that played a role too.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I rewatched the Ohio State - Miami game the day before Ohio State - Clemson. It was on the B1G network. 

Maurice Clarrett was a generational talent like LeBron James. He was a freak athlete. He was one of the biggest, fastest, strongest, smartest players on that field and he was a true freshman. People forget the reason he left Ohio State was because he was ready for the NFL and wanted to get there as soon as possible. He lost the lawsuit, got involved with the wrong people, and made some bad choices.

That said, I am not at all surprised at his level of success now. He is a generational talent. I firmly believe whatever he commits himself to doing, he will be the best at it. I am SO HAPPY to see that he has committed himself to being a mentor and role model for kids and young adults. He's turned into a great person and a great leader. I hope he continues down this path and continues to make a big impact.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Don't bother clicking or reading on that LGHL article. Patrick Mayhorn will literally write any article that is controversial for clicks. This article be blames Chris Holtmann and the Ohio State Athletic Department for suspending Kaleb Wesson. He's also the same guy who wrote Ohio State should have fired Urban Meyer after the Purdue game this year. This guy would have thrown Chris Holtmann under the bus if something comes out later that Kaleb Wesson should have been suspended and wasn't.

This wasn't Ohio State's year for basketball this year. It's a rebuilding year, preparing the program for the future. It was AMAZING to see how inspired and hard Ohio State played yesterday, but also was clear that they are young. Jallow and Ahrens had fouls in OT that were young, dumb fouls that were not needed. Not having many elite shooters was clear yesterday when they needed a three late. It was great to see them play hard, but this wasn't supposed to be our year.

I trust in Holtmann and the program. I hope whatever Wesson did, he will be able to get it resolved before the Indiana game, but a player is not normally suspended without a solid reason so I trust Holtmann and the Athletic Department. 

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Dixon popped to me on this. Some of those go routes where Haskins hit him look so pretty. Hoping Dixon gets a shot in the NFL and can do some big things.

The Parris Campbell 78 yard TD vs Michigan stands out the most though. Parris torches Michigan with his speed. That was incredibly impressive.

Comment 11 Dec 2018

Am I the only one who is a bit surprised he keeps winning these? Nothing against Jordan and congrats to him! I just never heard him being considered for Rimington Trophy so I assumed he wasn't at the top. His play was a little inconsistent and I agree I thought Munford was the best OL, but it's always nice to be able to say we've have All-American Centers three years in a row. That probably helped get Harry Miller. 

That said, I am still pleasantly surprised! Congrats Jordan, Coach Stud, and the rest of the OL.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

Anyone else surprised Dobbins only has 2 TDs in the last 6 games? I know once you put each game in context it’s easier to understand, but just looking at that stat it’s kind of surprising.

Here’s to Dobbins and Weber scoring 8 combined TDs against Rutgers 

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Dante Booker

Parris Campbell

Johnnie Dixon

Terry McLaurin

Demetrius Knox

Sean Nuernberger

However, Sean is the only member left that played significant minutes on that same team. All of the rest were on the team, but didn't contribute to the actual ring.

Comment 04 Jan 2018

I said the same and added the fact the toughest game may be the one not yet on the schedule - Big Ten Championship. I could see us being 12-0 and going to the championship only to get upset and be left out of the playoff (see 2013, minus the playoff, but you get the idea). 

Comment 04 Jan 2018

November looks as tough as I've ever seen. We will be favored in all of those games but that is a grueling month. Nebraska will be improved. The MSU game this year was a fluke compared to the last 10 match ups, and I'm sure Dantonio will be ready for a game in East Lansing. Maryland looked like it could be a great team before losing 2 QBs, and has the 19th overall class nationally this year (aka trending up). @ Maryland won't be easy. After that, you have Michigan the next week which is always a dog fight. If we manage to win all of those, next week we gear up for the Big Ten Championship. IMO, that's going to be as tough of a 5 game stretch as Ohio State has faced in a while.

That said, if we make it to November undefeated, 13-0 is obtainable. There isn't a game Ohio State won't be favored in unless they drop games early. #Playoff2018-2019

Comment 04 Jan 2018

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