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Been a fan since I was a youngster. Born and raised in Ohio. Moved all around the state but never loved any area more than Central Ohio. Glad to be back ;-)


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship game...I've been waiting a long time to see it happen again. Trust in Urban it and he will come;-)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Too Many to say just one...
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit or Indians if they're contending...
  • SOCCER TEAM: Really???? Def. NA

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Comment 19 Jul 2017
I agree with everything Miller said, especially about JT's draft status (at least as of right now). Perhaps with a good year under Wilson's tutelage, JT will be drafted a bit higher than expected with a solid performance all year. Reminiscent of the 2014 year, after the VA Tech game to be exact ;) The offensive line will be a huge deciding factor on how well JT performs...
Comment 21 Jun 2017
Ahh...I hope you weren't too offended by that horrible pot smoke. Watch some JP Sears, "How to get offended." You'll feel all better from your traumatic pot smoking girls/train experience. /S
Comment 08 May 2017

Clemson - Anchored by a talented defensive line, this unit looked to get the ball back quickly for their powerful offense but was prone to giving up big gains

This was true, against everyone but OSU...the only big plays were on pass interference calls. Brett V. put 8 and 9 in the box and dared OSU to throw. It big plays that night.

Comment 05 May 2017

I didn't see this...oops. Disregard my question below ;)

Comment 05 May 2017

Will there be a push to sign another TE besides J. Rucket? If so, who do you think that will be?

Comment 05 May 2017

I 100% agree with this assertion. A friend of mine and I were discussing this after Schiano was hired, and we said if he stuck never know. I think it's going to happen because I don't see Urban becoming a Woody Hayes and coaching for decades. It's just not feasible for Urbs to stick around for that long. I could see it if all his kids were grown and out of college, but with his youngest in college it will be interesting to see what UFM does.

Comment 16 Apr 2017
JT will be fine. Let's see how things go the night OSU plays IU. Then we can press the panic button at that point. Till then, I agree with the original post from BuckeyeBen7.7. Love the name Ben, btw. ;)
Comment 12 Apr 2017

Ohio State is bigger than one player, even if that player is the "supposed" best player from Ohio. Let him go! If that's what he wants to do is watch the local team blow up, while Clemson loses for the next two years until they have another proven Qb again (then so be it). I highly doubt OSU will be affected that badly by this miss (as I've seen others indicate this would be UFM's biggest miss). Oh well to that comment! OSU is bigger than one recruit, PERIOD!

Not to mention, coming in a bit heavy, is an understatement. He better slim down before trying to be the next Orlando Pace, if he does plan on attending OSU. They will make him diet...may be that's what this so called "pressure" is stemming from (I could be wrong but..). They are very serious about keeping weight at OSU. My cousin was a recent walk-on and they make everyone follow a weight plan. That may, or may not be a factor. Based on the pic above, it very well could be....

Comment 29 Mar 2017

I don't take this personal one bit. I grew up during the 90s and can say there were reasons why Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson went there and not OSU. Bring on the DVs all you's true.

Besides the 95, 97, and 98 teams, the wins and losses really didn't matter. It was always a dreaded feeling come the end of November. Tim Biakabutuka ring a bell...

Comment 29 Mar 2017

I agree to each his own, but this is starting to get out of hand. I personally think grown-ass-men tweeting at recruits is deplorable, and makes our fan base look like idiots (IMHO).

He is all Buckeye! Many of these kids fall in love on visits, but come back to their senses months down the road. I am personally not worried about this at all.