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Been a fan since I was a youngster. Born and raised in Ohio. Moved all around the state but never loved any area more than Central Ohio. Glad to be back ;-)


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 National Championship game...I've been waiting a long time to see it happen again. Trust in Urban it and he will come;-)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Too Many to say just one...
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit or Indians if they're contending...
  • SOCCER TEAM: Really???? Def. NA

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Comment 11 hours ago

Schedule:  As mentioned before the non-conference is a miss year for us not having a big marquee opponent due to the TCU series being nixed. 

After the last three years with Bama and Clemson's schedule, I have ZERO concern with OSU's strength of schedule. As far as I'm concerned, just win and OSU is in this year. The distractions kept OSU out of the big four. That and losing to Purdue and Iowa the way OSU did, two years in a row. Just win baby...just win!

Comment 06 Jan 2019
This is why Baldwin will still be around after Martell transfers in the Spring. Baldwin's smart and tough enough to realize he's a play away from starting. While Martell will most likely be the one who transfers closer to home after losing the #1 spot.(UCLA) ;) I loved Baldwin's choice of words about shying away from competition and waiting until his turn as a senior. He's a perfect fit for OSU and this current situation. I'm not so sure Tate is with being a 4 year starter in HS. It's a totally different story for both Qbs and their way's of handling it as well.
Comment 03 Jan 2019
The lines were unreal. I was kind of shocked by the configurations for the stadium in general. It was a pain in the ass for general admissions. Where if you had tickets from a player on the team or if they prepaid, then it wasn't too bad to get in. I literally felt bad for the others waiting in such long lines to get in to a football game (even if they got there early...). I actually like The Shoe far as getting in to the stadium. Lines are going to happen, especially when beer's involved (and frequently urinating lol).
Comment 03 Jan 2019
I agree with the proximity replies above. It was a 4 hour flight for my parents and I, with a lay over in Phoenix and Vegas to and fro. Meanwhile, Washington fans had a 2 hour (or so) flight from their state. They were more juiced, bc of lack of a long flight. All that matters to me is who won... It was pretty loud at games end for the Buckeye fans who remained.
Comment 23 Dec 2018
I agree with VB. Haskins is great when the pocket is functional. When there's a rush and the pocket breaks down, Haskins had a 60% or less completion percentage. This factual piece of data is why I (selfishly) think Haskins should stay. However this opinion above by Mort and McShay's and....Kiper's and, well pretty much everyone else thinks he's a top ten pick. And he probably is 99.9% gone after the Rose Bowl bc of those opinions. I'll wish him well after he throws for 400+ yards and several tds. What a great send off for himself and Urban!