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Comment 16 Apr 2017

My brother and wife just took their kids to their first Buckeye game in the Shoe!! My brother is an avid Irish fan but said he wanted his kids to experience the sights and sounds of a game day inside the Shoe.  I'll be sending some Buckeye gear up shortly to my niece and nephew to keep the Buckeye karma flowing.

Happy Easter to all of you!!!!

Go Buckeyes!!!!!!

Comment 03 Mar 2017

This was my 10th BC4C and once again came at the right time. Just before the new year rang in we lost my cousin Jennifer Rakov to cancer. Earlier in the year my wife and I lost a very close friend, Sam Closkey to pancreatic cancer.

The cruise was able to achieve it's goal to raise funds for a special piece of equipment which will help those at The James diagnose cancer cells better. Because of the research and treatments people receive now - There were 400 cancer survivors who were on the cruise!!!!!

To all of the Buckeyes who coordinated events year round and whose proceeds allowed us to raise $2.5 million - words from this one Buckeye cannot express the thanks I have for each and everyone of you. We are a huge family who have united to beat cancer. It makes me proud each and every day to say I am a Buckeye!!!

Buckeye Nation can stand as one and raise their heads high as we help defeat cancer one cell at a time, to achieve new medications and treatments which are at the forefront of helping those we love live longer and survive year after year.

Thank you all very much!!!!!!

In memory of:

Charles A. Baker, Sr. (Dad), Ann O'Reilley Baker (Mom), Mary Katherine Feeney (Cousin), Diane Boyd (Wife's Best Friend) Sam Closkey (Friend) and Jennifer Rakov (Cousin) I think of you all each day and miss you with all of my heart - You are the reason for my being on every BC4C for the past 10 years and I will continue to be a part of the fight for as long as it takes!!!!


Comment 13 Feb 2017

Thoughts, prayers and condolebces to the Adolph family. 


Comment 19 Jan 2017

SM_CHI - Thank you for posting your remarks re: comment made by UNIOTOTANK55 - Sometimes we need to look at the greater picture and realize the unselfish nature Stephen Collier just exhibited to us all without worrying about the mundane.

Best of luck Mr. Collier on whatever the future holds. Your are Buckeye true through and through.


Comment 01 Jan 2017

REDS - I love the Buckeyes and have for 49 of 53 years of cognitive thought. But you nailed it on the head -"it's a game after all." There are more important things in life - like having to be part of a funeral on Tuesday for another cousin who passed away on Friday and will not see her 49th Birthday because of cancer. 

Sorry for the segue- but needed to keep the loss of a game in perspective.


Comment 01 Jan 2017

So JT says "Our units were messed up..." - I cannot disagree with that assessment. Someone, and by that someone I mean The entire team and staff, needs to take a hard look in the mirror to reassess the entire season - and changes need to be made now!!!

On to 2017 - GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!

Comment 31 Dec 2016

I won't DV you for your opinion - but I will disagree with you because he did not even touch the ball for the 1st 15 minutes of the game.

Did he screw up - yes. So did the entire O line (constantly) - Samuels and Brown missing easy passes, kicker (or non-kicker) and coaching...etc.

Happy New Year to you and your family!! 


Comment 31 Dec 2016

Thank you Ramzy for posting what everyone who loves the BUCKEYES have known for the past two years - changes need to be made to bring an Offense back to 2014 and maintain our Defense at the high standard set early on.

Happy New Year to you all and September 2017 cannot get here soon enough.


Comment 25 Dec 2016

...and God Bless our BUCKEYES everyone of them!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS. to all of the 11W staff and to all the 11W readers and your families!!!! I hope the day and upcoming days to follow are filled with love, joy and peace!!!



Comment 09 Dec 2016

If "Ifs and buts were candy and nuts- the world would be dandy. If would ofs, could ofs and should ofs were wine - we would all be drunk and fine."

At this point and time there is no sense worrying about things WE do not control. "If" and "When" a coach is hired to another school I have faith enough in Urban that he has contingency plans in place.

Right now the only thing that concerns me is BEATING Clemson!!!!


Comment 09 Dec 2016

NNB - Fantastic find. It shows Archie had power & finesse and was not simply a one dimensional back.

Great way to start a Friday.


Comment 07 Dec 2016

YTOWN - Good call.  That is a good one and I remember my Aunt Mary Feeney introducing it to me when I visited a awhile back. Very smooth and went well with a Rocky Patel Sungrown cigar if I remember correctly.


Comment 07 Dec 2016

I love a good scotch - the problem is it does not love me back - seriously I could sip on a good scotch for an hour and that being the only drink and still wake up as if a truck ran over me.

I stick to the good Irish whiskeys - Middletons- Jameson Vintage - Red Breast, etc.


Comment 05 Dec 2016

IBLEED - I am with you and all of the others who, unfortunately, experienced the Cooper years.  Going back to 2001 and we have been spoiled beyond our imagination.  The majority of the programs in the nation cannot even sniff the success Ohio State Football has had over the past 17 years.


Comment 27 Nov 2016

Buckeye06 - Could not agree with you more!!!! 15 additional practices can do a lot for O-line confidence. Would also like to see KJ Hill get more reps. Believe he could be a major factor in any upcoming bowl game.