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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1985 Ohio State Vs. Iowa in the Shoe - NCG v. Miami, Rose Bowl v Oregon, Sugar Bowl v. Bama, NCG v. Oregon and 2017 OSU Vs. PSU
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Comment 20 Jul 2018

To the Kings Hand - Kevin Harrish - looking forward to the continued great start to our day that DJhas provided. Based on your past musings - “The kids (us) will be alright.”

Success and good fortune as you too begin your new trek in life!!!!!!


Comment 20 Jul 2018

DJ - Thank you for the time & dedication you put into providing all of us with a great start to the day!!! Good luck in your next endeavor- I am sure you and Starcat will rule with the same care that you took in providing us 11Wers with a safe haven from the daily dregs of reality.

Take care and March forever onward.


Comment 06 May 2018

Kevin - kudos to you young man!!! From this Buckeye alum and proud reader of many of your articles- Nothing but the best to you and whatever path life takes you as you chase new dreams!!!

How firm they friendship.... GO BUCKEYES!!!

Comment 02 May 2018

Ramzy - Thank you for bringing perspective to these individuals who are amongst those who as you stated may not be all that comfortable in their own skin. I too cringe and sometimes swear at them as they grab TV time. However, at the end of the day I am just happy being my own version of a SUPERFAN of Buckeye football like the hundreds of thousand others out there.

To those who dress up into the personas you choose to be - Keep being you and I will keep being me.


Comment 16 Mar 2018

Skate fast; crash the nets and bury ND (Disclaimer: Due to the impending holiday and being of Irish heritage - I simply can not say beat the ☘️) - however I will be cheering on the hockey BUCKS to BIG victory while enjoying pint after pint of mother’s milk (Guinness) - Slainte’


Comment 26 Feb 2018

Desymond - Great question - It is a celebration of life for those who are survivors. It’s is also a time of remembrance of those we have lost.

All of the events on the ship raise money for the cause. There are raffles, auctions, corn hole contests, athletes and coaches giving talks, musicians who gather their tips and give them to the cause.

it is also serious as there are doctors from The James who give presentations about the advances being made.

Overall it is BUCKEYE NATION doing their part to try and bring an end to cancer. 

Hope that answers your question.


Comment 26 Feb 2018

On the cruise for the 11th year straight - means more & more each year!!! Over 300 survivors made the trip!! Met a young guy who has survived esophageal cancer! I was so happy for him and the fact medical advances have come so far. I know my father who passed from esophageal cancer in 1984 was smiling.

Dad - I’m glad you were there with me!!!



Comment 02 Feb 2018

It is a conspiracy - can’t you see that. Vrabel the venerable Buckeye who played for Belichick suddenly nabs Coombs without warning. Now Schiano is “interviewing” with the Patriots - hmmmm.... I see the underbelly of the BIG has finally risen up to dismantle our Buckeye D... back room deals and handshakes over snifters of good hooch and cigars hatched in the off season!!!

However; Urban has seen through it all that and he brings the GRINCH to the BIG to wreak havoc on the BIG and there is the Master of Disaster Larry Johnson coaching up the next wave of marauding D linemen to eviscerate our enemies!!!! Oh what fools those who are not Buckeyes!!!!!

WHOA - finally woke up from up and saw The Godfather on TV. Oh what a long strange trip it has been!!!!!


Comment 27 Jan 2018

 BUCKEYE3M - Bert is one of those things you can never unsee and he will be the consummate nightmare as you try to sleep at night.

Just the constant sound from next door as his teeth are gnashing on the Party Size bag of Funions makes me shudder.

Sleep well!!!!


Comment 17 Jan 2018

Rill - keep fighting the good fight - thoughts and prayers to you.

Thoughts and prayers to the Hilinski family, his friends and Wazzou nation.

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Agree with you HOV - chill out - what is passed has passed - take a break and come back later - I can see the subjects next year if Haskins lights it up:

He should have started over JT -ongoing from this year and into the future

Urban does it know what he is doing - ongoing and into the future

in other words blah, blah, blah and more of the same blah, blah, blah

Come up with something new that does not rehash the same verbal diarrhea over and over!!!!!