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Graduate of The Ohio State University 1986.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1985 Ohio State Vs. Iowa in the Shoe - NCG v. Miami, Rose Bowl v Oregon, Sugar Bowl v. Bama, NCG v. Oregon and 2017 OSU Vs. PSU
  • NFL TEAM: New York Giants
  • NHL TEAM: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • NBA TEAM: Hate them all
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Tampa Bay Rowdies

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Comment 26 Aug 2020


From an 11Warrior in the present to you time traveler - Thank you for the insight!!!


Comment 19 Aug 2020

The decision was made hastily; without transparency and no for thought as to future plans and protections of the student athletes- that in itself is enough to be angry about without bringing politics into it. I could give a rats butt as to votes for who or what political side of the aisle anyone is on. 

The fact remains the decision was, in my and your opinion; WRONG!


Comment 25 May 2020

To all 11Wer servicemen/women and their families who sacrificed their lives or lost loved ones so that people such as us can live free - Thoughts and prayers to you all.

To my Uncle Charles O’Reiily (USAF) - a man I never got to know and know I could have learned great things from. To my great friend Sam Closkey (Army) - I will miss sitting; sitting and sipping Irish Whiskey and not saying a word- you will never be forgotten!!!!

Comment 06 May 2020

SteelCurtain59 - I’ve been a Buckeye since the days every station played Buckeye football on the radio. The city and surrounding areas would simply shut down for 3 1/2-4 hours. Nothing would move.

Sitting in the garage or on the front porch with my Dad (love you dad and RIP) and sharing in the hatred of that Ttun - it never leaves you.

I want a Natty as much as the next fan - but a loss to them would put a blemish on it,

MUCH RESPECT for your insight and thoughts!


Comment 05 May 2020

STL - I don’t know if you watched Buckeye football in the 90’s - but our Buckeyes on numerous occasions had the greater talent and lost excruciatingly to those guys.

I am with Ramzy - it will be a cold day in hell that I ever, ever, ever want those sh_theads from up north to win.

They would be total asshats if they won and then we won Natty. I never want to give them any reason to give us crap!!!!


Comment 18 Apr 2020

WOW - I am sitting here in Clearwater and the range of emotions that video just produced - Joy & Pride at being a Buckeye - followed by a few tears of remembering Keith Jackson calling games (No ones voice resonated like his then and now) - Holy Buckeye by Musberger - Walking the Oval - Natty in 2002 against Miami - on and on to the most recent Greats to play - Thomas; Barrett, Bosa Brothers, Zeneca and on and on...

To all Buckeyes wherever you are in the world - Take Care, Be Well & Stay Safe!!!!!

GO BUCKEYES.... See you soon!!!

Comment 03 Apr 2020

Eli Apple appears to be a cautionary tale about a lot of money being given to a young man whose support group may not be looking out for his best interests. He has had an attitude problem on both the professional and personal levels. 

i won’t pretend to know what transpired between he and his father; but in numerous interviews prior to going pro - he stated his father was his best friend. Then poof - that relationship turned south.

Talent does not translate to entitlement - a lesson he and/or his support group have not learned!


Comment 22 Feb 2020

BuckeyeMark -

My wife and I have been on all of the cruises.

I would put it at a PG-rated cruise as there is plenty of adult beverages being served - some scantily clad individuals- nothing to wild - but overall kids have plenty of room in the pools (one of the pools did get shut down due to a kid taking an unscheduled potty break - think Caddy Shack) - plenty of kid type food, there was a putt-putt course, video arcade and basketball courts. Players are great with the kids. They also have a sitting service provided by the cruise line.

First and foremost the money raised for Cancer research is great.

Hope that provides some insight.


Comment 01 Jan 2020

Idotter81 - thought the same thing and loved the fact he got his khakis (panties) in a wad!!!


Comment 29 Dec 2019

I agree with your OP MiamiBuckeye - I believe there is also a possibility of losing Yurcich as QB coach as well - Coach Day will definitely have to do his homework and hit some home run hires!!

In Day I Trust!!!!


Comment 29 Dec 2019

I could sit here and bitch about calls that did not go our way; but I have seen to much football in my life to complain about those types of things anymore. Kicking FG’s on one or two of those trips in the red zone instead of getting TD’s was the main difference in the game.

Thank you Buckeyes for leaving it all out on the field tonight!!!!!  Win, lose or draw.....