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Graduate of The Ohio State University 1986.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1985 Ohio State Vs. Iowa in the Shoe - NCG v. Miami, Rose Bowl v Oregon, Sugar Bowl v. Bama, NCG v. Oregon and 2017 OSU Vs. PSU
  • NFL TEAM: New York Giants
  • NHL TEAM: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • NBA TEAM: Hate them all
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: Tampa Bay Rowdies

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Comment 11 May 2019

I graduated from OSU in 86 - moved to Florida in 94 - as much as I watched Buckeye football; I also could not help but watch SEC football during that time. I warned my friends up in C-bus at the time - our skill positions were fine - our O-Line was two steps behind the speed of the Gators D-Line.

Bottom Line - The O-Line would have had to play a perfect game. They did not and the speed of their D-Line ate them up. 

Glad we progressed in our recruiting - 


Comment 29 Apr 2019

NorthBerg - Well spoken!!!! There is almost an entire generation who does not know the everlasting taste of losing to that team!!!!!! Every loss during the 70’s & 80’s was crushing!!! But those losses in the 90’s just broke your soul!!! Anyone who remembers those years can recite, without thinking, those ominous numbers 2-10-1. Makes me sick to my stomach even today!!!!

Those who have not experienced “that bile inducing” “can’t sleep for a week” feelings; I can only say I hope you never have to go through it. 


Comment 23 Apr 2019

My only comment is... “I don’t give a rats ass!!!” What someone else writes about any of our former Buckeyes!!!!!!

Unless someone has definitive proof of what someone may or may not have said - “Then Feckl the all.

I was going to provide a wise comment for someone of my years.... therefore I reached back and came up with this Diddy for all the rumor mongers - “Feck em all me lads: Feck em all!!!!

i think that sums it up perfectly!!!!


Comment 17 Apr 2019

The puppet master has already begun to pull a fan base strings - cut the strings and don’t worry about things we cannot control.

We could be ranked 15th and all I would say is -


Don’t let the media schmucks play you!!!!!

Have a great summer - GO BUCKEYES!!!!!

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Whether you like the kid or don’t- whether you agree with his decision or not - no need to pile on the kid - because that is what he is a kid. When I look back when I was his age there are a number of questionable decisions that I made. I was lucky enough to come out of them unscathed.

Let us worry about our team and stand behind the young men who will be playing this fall. No need to tear down anyone else who no longer plays for the Buckeyes!!!!


Comment 24 Mar 2019

Cooper - A coach who had so much talent. Yet when it came down to crunch time - he would have made a ton of money as the spokesman for Depends.... seems he always looked like he had a load in his pants when the chips were on the table.

God how I despise (yet loved nontheless) those years.


Comment 14 Mar 2019

Buckeyefoerver - Thanks for asking. After 10 days of antibiotics- back to normal. Best thing is - no surgery. Would have been very selfish (stupid) for me to have attempted the cruise. The infection could have led to some very serious health issues had it worsened.

Again thanks for asking. It was great to hear the cruise raised $3.2 million - No other school beats Buckeye Nation when it comes to caring.


Comment 10 Mar 2019

I have been on 11 of the 12 cruises- had to miss this year due to Diverticulitis occurring just before boarding -

I can say it is a a great time and all who go know the reason they are there - just consider it a 6 day tailgate    for a great cause - Whole ship is Buckeyes - former players (football, basketball (men and women’s) l, alumni cheerleaders, alumni band, Brutus.

My wife and I have made so friends over the years!! Can’t say enough about that. Just an extension of our family. 

You do not need to have deep pockets - the opportunities to give range from $20 Duck pond draws, raffle tickets, silent auctions to the deep deep pockets. Just remember every little bit helps!!!!

THE BEST thing is hearing from and seeing all the survivors who are on the cruise and the great job The James is doing in the fight against cancer!!!!


Comment 16 Feb 2019

Besrkr29 - Thanks for the write up - much appreciated - started getting into LAX when I had to take 28 trips to the Jersey shore after Super Storm Sandy -

Ran into a Fighting Turtle fan who said Maryland would own The Buckeyes. Since then have tried to follow them - good to see the good guys holding their own against the Muckety Mucks of the LAX world.


Comment 15 Feb 2019

Oh - the utter outrage of where our Buckeyes are ranked in a pre-season poll!! Every year these ass hats come up with a poll anointing teams as being in the top 10 and every year they are wrong at the end of the year. Take these polls for what they are worth - NOTHING!!!!!!!


Comment 13 Feb 2019

Dstacify - no DV from me... but why call two players “bums” - if you or I don’t perform well at work are we “bums” - I think not.

Bad day; bad coaching; not good eneough - combination of a hundred scenarios for poor performance on field - Who knows.

But I do know none of these young men deserve to be disparaged because they did not meet our lofty expectations. It’s very easy for us to be critical when we are sitting on our collective asses and  not the ones playing the game.


Comment 22 Jan 2019

Crumb - Thank you for your write ups throughout the year. Truly appreciate them. Those who have “dogged” you should take note that you were the one who took the time to write your thoughts down showing a different style and pinnacle than the normal contributors.

In other words - no need to change my man!

Thanks again and can’t wait for your write ups in 2019!!!!!


Comment 13 Jan 2019

I am 54 y/o and have come to realize (by way of Tragic and unfortunate events in life) that if someone out there other than yourselves has done and/or said something that does not directly:

Affect your family and loved ones;

Affect your ability to provide for your family;

Affect your work....

Then move on. What is done is done.... Not a damn thing any of us can do about it to put the Genie back in the bottle.


Comment 05 Jan 2019

One thing to perhaps joke about Harbaugh’s mental state - and I do mean joke - entirely off base to bring anyone’s kids into the conversation - not hitting you with a DV - just some people are off limits when making comments 


Comment 05 Jan 2019

Great call on the song choice Nevada - rolled me down memory lane and onto High Street on the weekend - roped off sidewalks, lines to get into Papa Joes, The Underground, Mean Mr. Mustards - Paddy wagons sitting on 11th & High. $5 2-gallon buckets of beer;  great up and coming bands and music at The Agora (now the Newport) - hitting The Dube for a chicken parm sandwich ... and the beat goes on.


Comment 01 Jan 2019

 Tyler Trent and to your family -  I want nothing more for you than to have peace in knowing that you lived your life to the fullest -

Cheers young man