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Comment 09 Jun 2020

The exception for Troy was his performance post-Heisman. He did not play well at all. I have yet to see Fields play poorly. His biggest challenge is to make faster reads and avoid taking sacks, but he improved on that tremendously during the course of last year.

How many perfectly thrown passes by Fields were dropped? In light of that, the stats should be closer in terms of passing between Haskins and Fields.

For me, Fields is by a significant margin the most complete QB Ohio State has ever had. With another year under Ryan Day, the potential is much higher. I see no regression, and no lack of progression such as that shown by Trevor Lawrence. Fields will be the best QB in America, win the Heisman and the National Championship.

Comment 02 Jun 2020

OSU just put out the very well done video about the #BLM protests. It compares very favorably to lesser efforts and statements from some other universities. Do you think it will have a positive effect on recruits?

Not trying to start any kind of political discussion about it, just wondering if it is being talked about among recruits. I obviously don't support a false message just to win the recruiting battle, nor do I think OSU has given any false messages.

Ryan Day has exceeded all expectations and I hope he has a very long and successful career at Ohio State. His momentum is just getting started.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

No problem with promoting Dennis as the position coach - he's respected by the other coaches and the players and has earned it.

With Day calling the plays, I was amazed at how well he was out-coaching Clemson. For every X, he had the right Y answer and they were flustered. Faking the sideline play check to catch Clemson changing personnel was brilliant. Recognizing the blitzes was great. He wasn't responsible for the several dropped passes, or the false starts, or the dumb penalties.

If he gives some of those responsibilities to Wilson, I would hope that Wilson can be as creative and aggressive and quick to change things as needed. I would also hope that Fields also learns to recognize the same things and be able to audible directly without needing the coaches' input. I suspect that Fields will do all that and more.

Man, I am excited for next year. The Kraken will be unleashed. #NoMercy #NoApologies #NoWhining

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I wish JK nothing but well-earned success. What a great OSU career! Always a Buckeye!

On a side note, I read that Lorenzo Lingard (a 5-star RB) is entering the transfer portal. Seeing as how OSU did not sign an elite RB in this class, do you think a plan is afoot to bring him here?

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Yet Day and his staff outcoached Swinney's team by a significant margin. Dropped passes, false starts, and one outrageously bad replay booth call were not issues in planning or coaching. The team this year was more disciplined than the past few years in regards to false starts, but when they do, it's usually at inopportune times. Against a talented Clemson team, those mistakes allowed them to leave with a victory against the better team.

I am really impressed with Day's attention to detail in all facets of the game. Any weak spots are identified and shored up. He will learn from every mistake and exceed all expectations. Next year cannot get here fast enough.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

100% of the time, that is a catch if the throw is to the sidelines and the receiver gets just his toe down. There is no mandate for multiple steps. The ball was secure and did not move throughout several steps, until Okudah dislodged it. That's a fumble and a live ball that was recovered by Fuller and returned for a TD. The call on the field (the ref had an excellent view of it) was correct. It was the replay booth that overturned it. The argument of a fix is illogical. Most of the betting was for Clemson to win, so Vegas loses $$$ in payouts if they do. OSU would bring higher ratings, so it couldn't have been about that, could it? Asking for more than a few friends...

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Gene's next order of business is to give Ryan Day a significant raise and a lengthy contract extension. His game plan had this team ready to play and they were dominating up until the questionable targeting call. Dropped passes, false starts, roughing the kicker, and an undeniably bad replay booth call overturning a sure TD were not the fault of Day. The only thing I can really question is not going for the 2 point conversion to put up by 3. I thought we could have used Justin Fields' running a little more aggressively, but at the same time, I'm sure they were planning on needing him as healthy as possible for the championship game, so I can also understand (in retrospect) being a bit conservative.

All in all, a fantastic season from my Buckeyes. I'm already looking forward to next year and beyond!

Much thanks to Eleven Warriors for their (always) great coverage!

Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Dec 2019

A class ranked 3rd in the country despite some elite recruits going elsewhere due to unknown intangibles for how Ryan Day will run his program. I think he is very clearly demonstrating that he is running OSU at an even higher level than Urban Meyer did. Assuming we take care of Clemson and then either LSU or Oklahoma and win the National Championship, I would expect this to be THE destination for the best players in the country, THE Ohio State University!

Go Bucks!

Comment 22 Sep 2019

I'm beginning to realize that Ryan Day's attention to detail exceeds that of his predecessor, and he seems to be handling the pressure in an outstanding way. Hell, he's having a ball doing it.

I'll wait for the results to catch up to the standards he's setting before proclaiming him as the best coach in college football, but the Buckeyes have a very special head coach now, and I am going to enjoy every second of the ride!

Comment 31 May 2019


While Hartline deserves much of the credit for improving the WR corps, it's equally important to develop the QBs to actually deliver the ball and for the coaches to call the offensive plays.

I think Day will be the perfect head coach and dare I say surpass the success that Meyer had!


Comment 18 Dec 2018

In the recruiting story, it's cute how the Florida fellows appear to be doing the Baby Shark (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo), the Penn State gang appear to be flossing (with helmets!) and the Missouri team are about to perform their best M.C. Hammer routine. Some programs will do anything to land a recruit.

Meanwhile in the land of Harbaugh, they're singing, "The wheels on the bus go round and... WTF! What happened to the wheels?!!!"