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Comment 18 Jan 2018

I found it interesting that they considered burning Martell's redshirt at Michigan when JT got hurt. That might indicate him being the starter next year as he adds a scrambling dimension as well as an improved throwing dimension. While Haskins can sling the ball very well, he is a pocket passer who is not going to burn you with his legs. Had Barrett not been injured earlier, they might have been less reluctant to burn the redshirt season. With the lack of Zone 6 development the past couple of seasons, having an elusive runner who can avoid pressure and keep plays alive gives him an edge. It's just my hunch, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Martell start over Haskins. His coaches and teammates seem impressed with his scout team work and first team reps thus far.

Comment 04 Apr 2017

For me, the OSU-Wisconsin game in which OSU won 59-0 is the single most dominant and complete game in OSU history.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that 2017 will be OSU's most dominant and complete season in OSU history? (or at least until 2018...)

Man, I'm stoked for this upcoming season!!!

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Excellent analysis, as always. A few comments and observations of my own:

  • several of JT's passes were off the mark. I remember seeing on replay that the defender's arms were raised and a few passes were batted down. Some of the misses looked like deliberate efforts to avoid the batt-downs.
  • several passes were good enough throws, but were dropped by the receivers
  • For much of the game, OSU had terrible field position, somewhat forcing us to be more conservative in our play calling.
  • _ichigan all but abandoned their passing game at the end. I wonder if Speight's shoulder was hurting his ability to throw.
  • Opponents of OSU's all year have thrown delayed screen passes and quick slants to combat an aggressive, blitzing defense. I have seen very few of these used by OSU's offense, but it seems like it would have worked against PSU, UM, etc. Any reason why we wouldn't be doing that instead of flares to the receivers who are still at least 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage?
Comment 20 Nov 2016

Can't bla_e Dantonio for trying to go for the win. I think OSU could have kicked a field goal with their short field at the end so, so it _ight not have _attered.

Comment 20 Nov 2016

I noticed _ore than a few QB-keeper options where JTB kept the ball and then tried to run up the _iddle, but Weber see_ed to have a lot _ore roo_ on the outside. I'll give a tip-of-the-hat to Sparty, who had nothing to lose and played that way. We _oved the ball regularly, until we _ade _istakes like penalties, _issed blocks, dropped passes, etc. that killed drives. I hope OSU plays with _ore aggression next Saturday. Go Bucks!

Comment 30 Oct 2016

There doesn't seem to be much aggression from this team these past few weeks. Not a lot of blitzes on defense. Very little jamming of their receivers, leading to wide open slants and crossing routes and consistent big plays. On offense, same thing. Vanilla play calling and no risk taking. We know teams are stacking the box against us and we can't counter with simple screens and jump passes? If X, then Y. We keep doing the same tired plays and hoping we will execute this time instead of doing Y. What is this team scared of?

Comment 16 Oct 2016

First of all, congrats on a tough-fought win in a difficult environment. This will help the team down the road.

Our play calling on both offense and defense suffered in the first half because they were too conservative and predictable. Where OSU took off was when things opened up and they got more aggressive. This team has talented playmakers that will make mistakes, but you have to show trust in them in order to get the most out of them.

When the team plays as though they are afraid to make mistakes, that's when they don't do as well.

Still a lot of things to fix, but the potential is still sky high and climbing due to the stacked recruits coming into the program.

Comment 10 Oct 2016

I would normally not call out an individual for less-than-expected effort or execution, but the announcers did highlight some particularly poor blocking by Baugh on at least one play where JT was stopped a yard short of the first down. As others have pointed out, it wasn't just him. Indiana did look better than they have in years. I would not call them a laughingstock team any more. This game is their Super Bowl every year and the past few years have been uncomfortably close.

We'll need a great effort from everyone this week - players and coaches combined. I'm sure that Wisconsin has had revenge on their mind ever since the epic beat down. It's always a great environment. I wish I had tickets! I love college football and especially OSU football!

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Pretty sure Brady Hoke was more enthusiastic about $2 steaks than Harbaugh.

It worries me a bit that in every game this year, our opponents have stacked the line to stop the run. We really haven't seen a lot of slants and screens to counter that. It's kind of late to learn now, but it Urban I trust.

Just get the W and root for Penn State.

Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Having JT in provided the spark because of his ability to make the correct zone read option. How many times did he fake out the PSU defense and even the cameramen?

JT's running style is much more fluid and quick than Cardale's and we already know he can pass the ball well also - he just wasn't called upon very much to do so.

One of the things that raised so many eyebrows and dropped so many jaws last season was Cardale's tough running - even to the point of trucking a nose guard and many linebackers. I have not seen the same willingness to run tough from Cardale this year, except in rare circumstances. He seems to need a Devon Smith-type player to run under his bombs, which the Buckeyes don't really have yet this year.

Keeping Cardale in as starting QB makes it easier for teams to defend against the run because he is not recognized as quite as much of a threat. So far, he has had frequent misses and for whatever reason, disconnects on where the receivers are supposed to be or where he is supposed to be throwing. They're just not in sync and it has resulted in a lot of killed drives all season. Sadly, he hasn't helped himself with the NFL scouts this season.

On Saturday night, PSU kept Zeke in check for quite a while, until the running threat of TJ gashed them a few times, and then some passing options came open. It was much harder for PSU to know what was coming next and is much closer to what Meyer always wants to do with his teams.

Perhaps the injuries and suspensions and everything else that happened to our receivers really did make a huge difference to how the offense was set up, but going forward, I think JT needs to be the starter.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Seemed to me we were trying to be too cutesy too often. Trying to run to the outside much of the time, or force the ball to the playmakers.

We are a power run offense first, but not many of Zeke's runs were up the middle. When they did, he seemed to be getting good chunks of yardage. Then we would call something to the outside again, a false start and an incomplete pass or INT - and the drive was dead.

Also, the clock management at the end of the game was terrible. We should have ran much more time off the clock between plays.

We need to start having fun again. We're trying too hard. Go back to your sure thing (feed Zeke) and then open things up.

We will be fine, especially with the way the defense is playing.