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Comment 07 Sep 2019

The NCAA is not going to choke their “golden gooses” (Duke, UK, KU, NIKE, ADIDAS)...   They had them dead to rights in the academic cheating scandals, and the shoe company/AAU recruiting scandals, but did nothing...   Look no further than the POS Calipari at UK.   His track record should have resulted in a Hall of Shame lifetime ban— but he continues on...

College basketball is not what it was 20-25 years ago— and Thad Matta was above the fray... Hall of Famer for sure!

Comment 28 Jul 2019

I think it becomes much more critical in 2021...   Miller has been a leader in this class—and was slowed by injury at the Elite 11.   Now a lot of noise about taking another QB?   The only way I would consider this would be if Miller’s injury is serious, something the coaches know about...   Otherwise, Jack Miller is it...  Looking forward to seeing him in a Buckeye uniform!

Comment 27 Jul 2019

Sorry, as a Buckeye fan I hate to say this, but Zeke’s bullshit is getting old...  he’s a circus...  a high wire act that has been saved by the net way too many times...   Time to take down the safety net, and just play football...   He’s so talented, but incredibly immature...   C’mon Zeke, make us proud—85 yards through the heart of the south.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

I wouldn’t trade Justin Fields for any of those mentioned...  Shea Patterson has to be the most overrated QB in the league...   I just don’t see him as ever being an impact QB in the league...

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Robinson, Knighton, Ransom, Williams, And Ricks (late)...

If they add one more, I get the feeling that Broughton is the guy they really want- and we seem to hear some chatter on that front.

...and I could see them becoming passive on Leroux (OL)...  that seemed like a reach early on, but if a big time DL should surface, and there really is a hard cap of 25, look for something like this (not that I agree with such a tactic)...   and for reasons stated everywhere— I don’t see, nor want Rakim Jarrett—he had his opportunity early on and chose otherwise.   Character, chemistry and credibility are big in this class... He’s out.

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Not to mention both Washington and Mattison were not in a position to recruit kids to OSU after building long term relationships trying to convince kids that Michigan was their best option, then switching gears mid stream to OSU...   Next year that stigma will be behind them, and they will have a much bigger impact for OSU, because they won’t be towing the Michigan baggage with them...

Not to mention, Mattison has long been the one Michigan coach I admired and wished for...  he was shit on by the Harbaugh, “Don Brown is the greatest DC...” bullshit...   Well the Buckeyes lit Donnie Boy up for 63 points, and Mattison had seen enough!   Can’t wait to see the impact his coaching has on the defense this Fall...

The Silver Bullets will be back, and watching the defense make plays will make for a much better season this Fall.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

Worst loss of my lifetime...  plenty of painful ones since, but this one...   24-12...   Rex and the boys should have won three straight national titles...  the “Super Sophs” were probably the best collection of players ever recruited in one season...  If I am not mistaken, I think 3 of the DBs (Tatum, Sensibaugh, and Anderson) were 1st round picks...  

That loss still makes me want to throw up...   

Comment 06 Jun 2019

If OSU has chilled somewhat on Henry Gray, I think that speaks volumes as to their chances with Phillips, Ranson and Ricks...   For those doubters, I think Jeff Hafley’s impact has been significant already.   And not doubting on Mattison—Face it, the guy was singing the virtues of Michigan, and why it is such a great place for a kid to play football, then he leaves for a much better place...   We all know it’s true, but tough to switch gears for the kids he has been building trust and credibility with over the past 2-3 years...   

Mattison’s impact will be felt first this Fall when OSU’s defense will be remarkably better.   Then watch out in 2021– He’s a home run hire!