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Comment 06 Jun 2019

If OSU has chilled somewhat on Henry Gray, I think that speaks volumes as to their chances with Phillips, Ranson and Ricks...   For those doubters, I think Jeff Hafley’s impact has been significant already.   And not doubting on Mattison—Face it, the guy was singing the virtues of Michigan, and why it is such a great place for a kid to play football, then he leaves for a much better place...   We all know it’s true, but tough to switch gears for the kids he has been building trust and credibility with over the past 2-3 years...   

Mattison’s impact will be felt first this Fall when OSU’s defense will be remarkably better.   Then watch out in 2021– He’s a home run hire!

Comment 31 May 2019

Not a fan...  Incredible talent- but has under-achieved...   Self-centered and quite immature (while at OSU)...  Definitely not the material that Leaders are made of...   There’s a reason he was banned from OSU - Lest us not forget...  

Comment 28 May 2019

Michigan football is irrelevant and has been for all but one year this century- and even that year they couldn’t beat the Buckeyes.   They can chirp all they want, but for my money this year’s Michigan squad is going to be much worse than the one that just lost its three top players on D, its starting running back (who was undrafted) and the core of its defensive staff.   And personally, Shea Patterson hasn’t led his team to a meaningful victory his entire career...   The only thing they have going for them is the schedule...  Time will tell— but the only thing coming out of Ann Arbor anymore is basketball and a lot of hot air.

Comment 25 May 2019

Note to Big 10...  Your out of conference schedule is beyond weak...  Absolutely no marquee games other than TSUN vs. ND...  Inter-conference play will be good (especially in the East), but really—all things considered, a 1-2 loss Big 10 team won’t get much consideration for the playoff.

Time for the Big 10 to “schedule up”. 

Comment 21 Apr 2019

Sherman is a five star LB, and he and his 5 star teammate WR Rakim Jarrett were once perceived as locks in this OSU recruiting class...  it appears that ship has sailed.   I hope that answers your question.   

My question is did our “all in” approach to recruiting Fleming, adversely affect Jarrett’s recruitment to OSU?    I have heard many say that he was a silent commitment to OSU- but I don’t here that any longer...

Comment 21 Apr 2019

The Sherman (and Jarrett’s) stories are VERY disappointing...  What were once almost “locks” for this class have faded away...   and these are two Big time recruits that hurt immensely...  this makes Fleming an absolute must now (replacing Jarrett), and I don’t see anyone replacing the talent of a Sherman at LB...

I have asked this before- has the all in on Fleming affected our efforts with Jarrett?  Sherman is a little more explainable with the new defensive staff...   Any thoughts anyone?

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Brand new defensive staff, and a stacked depth chart on defense— could be affecting the low number og commitments, but it is still early...  

On offense, I am worried we’re slowly seeing Jarrett (wr) drift away.   He seemingly was once a lock...

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Spot on with your Mattison comment...  with all of Coach Matty’s experience and knowledge—it had to be one hell of a kick in the balls to be demoted at SCUM.   Only Harbaugh would think that he could just make such a move- and it have no effect on such a highly respected coach.

To me, the “2019 Revenge Tour” will be one game, played in Ann Arbor this November, and don’t be surprised to hear Mattison say “Run it up Ryan”!  (Remember the Titans)...  Go Bucks, and Go get’em Coach Mattison!!!

Comment 19 Mar 2019

...and Urban decided to relinquish control—- don’t think it didn’t happen here.  To Urban’s credit, look what happened when he “let go of some of the control”...

I will believe it when I actually see it in Ann Arbor...  call me skeptical...

Comment 24 Feb 2019

And if it were Bama, I am sure the opinions on our boards would NOT be “they are just being kids”...  I think the picture is really stupid on the parts of the players....  Now if it were draft eligible kids, that would bean entirely different story...   Look for some disciplinary action- this picture is not good for Ryan Day, OSU football, or the University.    Just plain stupid...

Comment 15 Feb 2019

BuxLax-Your approach is spot on...  A “mulligan” tranfer should be in place permanently...  Just makes so much sense.   I think the transfer portal was the first step, and things are moving in that direction.   In Field’s case, the race card was played...  Though justified in this case, it did crack open the door to this excuse being used in the future.   No way the NCAA wants to touch that.   

In Martell’s case, his coach left... He no longer is a fit for the system.   Why penalize the kid in this situation?   Why does it take an attorney to make up an excuse why he should be allowed to transfer without penalty?   Everyone knows it is a sham...  (by the way, who is paying these attorneys?).   The “Mulligan Rule” would alleviate the problem and the sham process that is currently in place.

As I said earlier, I believe the transfer portal is a first step in the right direction (although it probably benefits college coaches and universities even more so— as a roster management tool...