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Comment 25 Oct 2019

Since Buckeyes are going to win out, ND wins and knocks out any 2nd SEC team from the playoffs.

Comment 05 May 2018

I use a whirley popper, hand crank popcorn popper. Coffee roasters cost $200 on up, but I like my way. I don't like my coffee too black, just a dark brown.

Comment 05 May 2018

As for myself, I was on the Kent State campus that day, on the hillside with thousands of others watching it unfold. Actually I was a part time Akron U. student and went to Kent that day to study at their library (at least that is the story I told my mom). I remember hearing one pop, a 5 second pause, then a long string of pops. We thought they were firecrackers at the time. We learned the truth a short time later. The guard came around behind us and we scrambled into a close building. 

That evening listening to the radio list the dead and injured, I heard a close friend from high school was shot and was paralyzed for life. Many years later as a manager at a trucking firm, a driver came into my office with a news article about himself. He was a guard that day, and one of the guard on trial and acquitted for shooting a student; the student he shot was killed. I now understood how much he suffered from hate by family members and others.

What are the odds of my being on campus that day, and knowing a student who was shot, and hired a guardsman who killed a student? That thought haunts me even today.

A couple of years ago, I walked my wife around that area and tried to remember where I was. So much has changed in 45 years.

Comment 04 May 2018

I home roast my own coffee, much better and fresher then what you get at the store, no way do I touch Starbucks. I kayak on the local waters near me, took up flyfishing but haven't done it in a while. I've been a runner since 1980, still get out there and jog by my body tires out quickly. I love working in my garden. When I'm not doing any of the above, I love to read; currently on Theodore Rex, part of a trilogy on Teddy of which I've read the other two. Genealogy has been a strong hobby for 20+ years, working on my family tree of 5000+ people, and belong to Sons of the American Revolution.

Comment 01 Jan 2018

Notre Dame is looking at revamping their schedule. They would make a good replacement in the B1G for TTUN, especially after today.

Comment 11 Dec 2016

Tore my ACL in volleyball. Was chasing the ball out of bounds on wet grass. But that was only my second worst injury of the day. As I went down I landed on my right shoulder, HARD. Busted it up, and that was even more painful then my ACL. Have not played any sports involving twisting action.

I also suffered a pulled groin last summer while running, and aggravated it stepping out of a kayak later (the kayak moved away with one foot still inside).

Fractured a rib about 10 years ago, and no idea how it happened, but very painful.

Comment 06 May 2015

I for one am always in denial with health problems. In 2005 I had various symptoms for two weeks, finally had "hick-ups" for three days, and I FINALLY went to urgent care and was sent to the ER where a surgeon was called in quickly on Saturday night. I spent 5 days in the hospital. So, yea, my denial almost cost me my life, and not for the last time.
Last October 1 I had sever chest pains and since I am very health conscious, it couldn't be a heart attack. I was finally taken to the ER after two hours. It turned into a "100% blocked windowmaker".

That is twice I should have died. My sympathy for Urban and glad he did not hesitate. 

Comment 30 Mar 2015

I was 7 of 8 in the Elite 8 (UCLA let me down!) and am 4 of 4 in the Final 4. I have Wisconsin over Duke for the Title. Over all, I am at 99.8% ranked 18,897 (what's the total number playing?) with 1060 points. I am also #6 in the 11WBracket.