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Comment 14 Oct 2017

The diving td at the end - did he try to play that off like he meant to flip?  He clearly intended to dive, got way too much air, was clipped, flipped over involuntarily, and luckily got his legs somewhat underneath him.  Very entertaining, but not intentional :)

Comment 01 Dec 2016

idk, seems like it showed correlation and they're claiming causation.  There are a lot of factors in why a school that generates a lot of money and wins often would have calls go their way more often. It also used formulas that haven't been accepted or peer reviewed to conclude this.  The 'Game outcome uncertainty' variable is one that seems particularly subjective.

Comment 25 Nov 2016

The last time the teams met with so much on the line, Michigan went into a tailspin in the following years while Ohio State got stronger and stronger.

We were already strong at that point (last time we weren't what you know the Bucks to be was Tressel's first year), but we did hit adversity the next game.  The SEC boogeyman replaced ttun from then until a couple years ago.  ttun only really lost their way after Carr left.  Tressel came in, Carr was losing to him, ttun was itching to win again and made a few bad coaching choices to dig the hole deeper.  Everyone knew Rogriguez was a bad fit.  Hoke was someone trying too hard to be what they thought they should be.  Their current situation is about what it should be, imo.  Rivalry is back on, which means good and bad times.  We went through a drought with Cooper, they went through a drought, and now we're ready.  buckle up :)

Comment 13 Nov 2016

But it's an opinion, subjective.  To make it easy for everyone, make the games count.  Louisville had their shot at Clemson and they lost.  Did Clemson have an advantage because they were at home? Sure.  Next year Louisville will get that advantage.  It doesn't matter.  The games mean something - wins mean something.

Comment 08 Nov 2016
The whole idea that a committee is the best solution to determining who should partake in the playoffs is absurd on its face. We can come up with an algorithm to rank teams, it is possible. We make it transparent, the schools add input, a version is agreed to, we revisit it every n years to tweak it. Everyone knows what they should be trying to accomplish, there is little room for accusations of bias, emotion and media coverage is taken out of the equation. I imagine someday we'll look back and think wtf - why would we think a group of kind of random people, with all the biases that are unavoidable in our culture, meeting in secret to determine playoff contenders was smart?
Comment 22 Oct 2016

The good news is that we still have ttun, nebraska, and probably wiscy again.  So if we improve, we can get in.  This is a young team - big lessons here.  The frustrating part is that it was sloppiness that did it - on players and coaches.  The call from the sideline at the last second to take advantage of the man coverage on the 2nd to last drive screwed the team.  All we needed to do was put the fg kicker in a good spot and we had a solid 7 point lead and probably good field position - but we wasted 3rd down on all or nothing in a stadium where its hard to hear and with a receiving corps who aren't making plays - bad choice.  Guess hindsight is 20/20 though.