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Chad was born deep within SEC country, but thanks to his OSU alum Dad, was raised as a Buckeye from day one. He can often be found watching Beanie and Troy Smith highlight videos or rock climbing when not pouring over Buckeye statistics.


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Comment 05 Nov 2013

If I ever coach football then I would want to teach aggression/restraint kind of like this:

I understand that he plays with an edge and this is a good thing 95% of the time; there's a line you don't cross, however, and it's well before you start yanking guys heads around after plays are dead.

Comment 23 Aug 2013

I meant that there's plenty of depth to cover his loss now, but injuries could make his departure more costly in the future. 

Comment 20 Mar 2013

Their collapse this season is just remarkable. Can you imagine if Matta didn't make the tourney and then lost to Robert Morris in the NIT? We'd be going insane. 

Comment 19 Mar 2013

You're spot on with the chicken thing. It's equivalent to nuclear deterrence: Delaney has to (credibly) commit to ending Div. I football in order to secure his conference preferences. The fans are the target of Delany's counter-value weapons in this scenario

The problem is that Delany's threat isn't really credible. There's simply no way that B1G presidents and ADs would agree to a drop to Div. III. The UChicago case isn't really illustrative here, as that decision happened way before TV revenue was a factor in collegiate athletic decisions.