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Comment 9 hours ago

They’ll get up for OSU.  Everyone does.  I live in this area of the country.  Ticket market is out of control.  Do I think Nebraska is a good football team?  No.  Do I think they’ll play lights out in front of a night-home crowd?  Unfortunately, yes.  I’d love to be wrong.  

Comment 9 hours ago

People excited by this news baffle me.  There is zero doubt in my mind if it’s an 11AM kick in Lincoln, OSU would blow them out.  But a night game now becomes the biggest and best atmosphere for a game in Lincoln since Scott Frost was a freaking player.  This is gonna be dangerous.  I expect Nebraska to play like the bleeping Patriots then promptly lose their next 6 games.   Why do OSU’s most dangerous road opponents always get them at night?   Meanwhile Mich gets Wisc at 11am this weekend....brutal man.  Brutal.  Okay I’m done.  GO BUCKS BEAT EVERYONE 

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I’m as bearish on Ohio State football as anyone I know.  Thought they would lose to Purdue last year (obviously did not think they would get blown out); thought they would struggle with Iowa in 2017 (similarly did not think they would get blown out).  But, they’re going to demolish Indiana.   Noon start time.  Stadium will lack juice and what little there is will be buckeyes infesting the IU stadium.   Additionally, the disastrous defensive scheme of Greg Schiano (shout out to the Skully this morning for referencing his unfathomable ability to squander THAT much 5 star talent on defense) is no more.  The defensive scheme, at a minimum, will limit big plays that home teams NEED to beat Ohio State as an underdog in their own stadium.   At best, it’s a shut down defense.  Either way, OSU will cover the 15.5 spread with ease.   The game that will present problems is Nebraska in 2 weeks.   Will surely be at night.   Biggest Neb home game since Scott Frost was a player.   Go Bucks 

Comment 14 Jan 2019

Trust your keys and trust your gaps.  Sign me the F up -- I'm not sure the 2018 silver bullets recognized their keys or their gaps at any point in the season....no hyperbole.   Back to basics with Browning, Mitchell, and Harrison -- future is bright.  Love the defensive hires and Go Bucks!

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Can't really blame him.  He's right -- he's put two years into the program giving his all....two years of practice, training, learning, investing....but when you bring a guy like Fields in, its obvious its NOT to sit the bench.  I wish this young man nothing but the best and I hope he crushes it wherever he goes. 

Comment 07 Jan 2019

Perhaps I'm wrong on this....too early to tell and maybe I'll come around on this hire....but Mattison for Schiano is not an upgrade. 

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Not disagreeing with anything you said, but Tate is still correct that Ryan Day's offense is essentially an NFL playbook that is very complicated from a passing concept and protection standpoint.  Expecting someone to come in and be able to run with the 1s immediately is a lot to ask even for a guy like Justin Fields (who we just saw could NOT beat out Jake Fromm at UGA).  I am excited about Justin Fields on the roster.   I have been incredibly high on him for more than 2 years and this, no doubt, improves the Ohio State football team overall product they're going to put on the field this fall.  

Comment 12 Oct 2018

Game of the Year lines are up at Caesar's and Ohio State is currently an 8 point favorite over Michigan for The Game.  That will obviously get refined a bit between now and the game since its pretty far away, specifically with what happens the week before the game (for example, if Ohio State loses to Maryland....the point spread will see a bump since they'll be on the rebound...think OSU-Mich in 2015 in Ann Arbor).  You can expect if both teams win out between now and then for the point spread to be in the 7-8 range.  Go Bucks.    

Comment 05 Sep 2018

Not hyperbole:  This team is built to win the title THIS year.  Linebacker play under Bill Davis will preclude that possibility.  It's just that simple. 

Comment 22 Aug 2018

I'm in the crisis communication business.  I run emergency media press engagements for a living.   If they were going to levy an additional suspension other than time served, I do not believe Urban would speak to the press today.  Of course, this is just an opinion from someone who works in this business. I could be wrong. My feeling all along from "his" tweet when this fiasco started breaking loose (due to very reckless and irresponsible reporting) was that the school was angling to keep him.  Again, working in this business, I am 99% sure that school wrote that tweet for Urban.  I think the school has been playing chess while DickPickMcMurphy has been playing checkers.  I think Urban and Gene had additional information in the hole regarding Courtney Smith that painted her in the worst light, but out of decency to her and to avoid victim shaming, they did not ever disclose that information until this investigation.   All of that to say...I think his presence still means immediate reinstatement or immediate firing.  And based on my own hypotheses (strictly from studying the communication patterns on behalf of the school), I think they ran a clinic on how to handle something like this and it looks like Urban will be reinstated today.  Go Bucks.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

I'm not comfortable with him losing his job.  I guess I'm saying that my gut is the school will unfairly fire him/ask him to resign because it's clean.  If he is vehement that he did not know and there is no proof he did know, will Ohio State stand up to the heat and back him?  This is the part where I think the school will hose him.  Tress went down for less.  And trust me, Beavis, I'd be HAPPY to be wrong. 

Comment 02 Aug 2018

People need to brace for impact.  There is a high likelihood Urban Meyer will lose his job over this, right or wrong, fair or unfair.  A lot of the commentary on here is blindly loyal to Urban Meyer (I for one think that the media coverage to this point has contained numerous inaccuracies and inconsistencies that if the school really wanted to dispute, they indeed could); however, I think the school will fire him because it's the most risk-averse course of action.   I just hope they conduct a full and fair investigation, and if in so doing they discover hard proof that he knew about Zach Smith being a violent offender and Zach Smith beating his wife and yet he did not even so much as tell his superiors, then of course he should be fired.  If the investigation yields no such result, then the university needs to back him.  However, we have seen Ohio State NOT back coaches before in gray areas.   I think he'll be fired.  And that is depressing. 

Comment 18 May 2018

While this is extremely true...it's still not a good thing for Ohio State.  Ohio State has 4 losable games.  Alabama has 0.  One thing we know is that a sure fire win is better than a "good loss" in the playoff era.  I would rather have Louisville on the schedule than a tough out of conference game 10 out of 10 times in the playoff era.