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Comment 23 Dec 2019

These teams Clemson has played are all terrible.  That last clip with Simmons blitzing, QB hits wide open TE in the flat.  Not only does TE drop it, he trips over nothing, falls hilariously with no one around him. Ruckert catches that in stride, accelerates, trucks defender.  Not worried about the offense putting up a lot of points.   The matchup of potential concern is on the other side of the ball defending their trio of large NFL WRs.  

Comment 16 Dec 2019

Wrong.  55% ATS is very profitable.  S&P is a very worthy prediction model.  Does it means we’ll win?  Of course not.  But 8 points of value according to S&P is a very positive heuristic for the good guys.  Go Bucks. 

Comment 16 Dec 2019

I’m not trying to go full MGOBLOW “but they’re cheaters!” up in here but look at Travis Etienne’s photo on the Clemson roster.  Dude’s facial features look like Bonds in his prime juicing days.  Is what it is.  OSU still has a great chance to win this game but there is no way you can convince me that Clemson isn’t systematically doping.  Someone needs to get to Dabo’s ostarine guy.   Go Bucks.  

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Good thing Ryan Day’s offense is the opposite of quick RPOs.  OSU runs from spread or from heavy sets with a lot of split zone and outside zone.  Veneables is the truth, though.  They are very multiple on defense and rarely play just a base defense to stop the run like Ohio State does.  It’s a challenge but OSU has the right dude at the helm to solve the problem.  And he has figured out a way to thoroughly defeat 13 defenses in a row, many of them very good.  The plays will be there — just gotta execute in a big spot against a great team.  

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Coach Day was correct to lobby for the Number 1 seed after their B1G championship win.  Let’s face it, being a 13 point favorite over Oklahoma like LSU is a lot more favorable path than being in a dog fight with Clemson in round 1.  That said, there is no way Buckeye fans should be fearing this Clemson team.  Are they really good?  Yes, but Ohio State is also really good.   OSU fans should be damn excited to play Clemson.  Zero reason why Ohio State can’t go out to Arizona and put it on them.  All this “want to avoid Clemson” crap manufactured by ESPN is total crap.  What about wanting to avoid Ohio State?  Wisc is much better team than anything Clemson has seen all year and Ohio State beat them twice, both by double digits, and playing their worst half of the entire year, banged the hell up, on Saturday.  Does that mean we’ll beat Clemson?  Of course not.  But I am excited these players and these coaches take the field on the 28th.  They’ll bring it strong and have a good chance to win.  GO BUCKS!  F Dabo and his condescending shtick.  

Comment 07 Nov 2019

This isn't entirely true.  There have been some tough games at noon that Ohio State has made to look easy.  In any case, you cant argue that noon diminishes the home team advantage.  There is no data to back that up.  It's a common perception, one that i used to buy into, but it's a fallacy.  Good teams that visit tough road environments at night tend to thrive off that atmosphere, not shrivel because of it.  Oklahoma in 2017 in the shoe comes to mind and Ohio State in Norman in 2016 comes to mind.  Would it be cool to get more marquee night games against quality opponents becuase the shoe at night is awesome?  Of course!  But does it diminish our advantage if we don't?  It does not.  Go Bucks.  

Comment 07 Nov 2019

Firmly agree.  Ohio State hasnt lost at noon since 2013.  There is no data to suggest this time slot diminishes the home team's advantage.  If anything, noon games help the home team.  Ohio State has plenty of home night losses to speak of.  Time slot discussions have been completely overblown.  The best team usually wins at noon, 3:30, or *GASP* 8pm.   Stop whining.  Start drinking.  Go Bucks.  

Comment 24 Oct 2019

I generally believe inclement weather favors the lesser team but in this case, I'm not super concerned.  As Ryan Day said today, if its just raining and not super windy, they have practiced to execute the full arsenal.  I like our chances to pass the ball in sloppy weather a LOT more than I like Wisconsin's chances to pass the ball in sloppy weather with Jack Coan and their limited receiver corps (outside Cephus).  It's a good matchup for Ohio State.  Both teams have to play in the same conditions; this team is cold-blooded.  They'll be just fine.  Go Bucks.  

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I was at the game.  Spent the whole day on campus, in Lincoln bars, and tailgating with the locals and i can say that before the game, I was blown away at how warm-hearted and welcoming they were.  We had an amazing day!  AFTER the game on the other hand, it got rowdy outside the stadium and on the streets.  They were pissed, dejected, and the midwestern “aww shucks, welcome to town” mantra had absolutely vanished.  We were told to ”Go F*** ourselves” left and right by both men and women in their 60s and 70s.  Still, I give Lincoln an A+ for a Saturday football scene.  The bars were awesome.  The tailgates were awesome.  The people were awesome (I’ll give them a pass on the post-game hijinks).   How they block off the streets and have large big-screens built into the city infrastructure makes it feel more integrated and organized as a college football pre-game party and as a result, it’s completely user-friendly for the fans.  It’s like hineygate from 2000-ish but way, way better.  Kudos, Lincoln.  I’ll be back. Go Bucks, F TTUN 

Comment 16 Sep 2019

They’ll get up for OSU.  Everyone does.  I live in this area of the country.  Ticket market is out of control.  Do I think Nebraska is a good football team?  No.  Do I think they’ll play lights out in front of a night-home crowd?  Unfortunately, yes.  I’d love to be wrong.  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

People excited by this news baffle me.  There is zero doubt in my mind if it’s an 11AM kick in Lincoln, OSU would blow them out.  But a night game now becomes the biggest and best atmosphere for a game in Lincoln since Scott Frost was a freaking player.  This is gonna be dangerous.  I expect Nebraska to play like the bleeping Patriots then promptly lose their next 6 games.   Why do OSU’s most dangerous road opponents always get them at night?   Meanwhile Mich gets Wisc at 11am this weekend....brutal man.  Brutal.  Okay I’m done.  GO BUCKS BEAT EVERYONE 

Comment 12 Sep 2019

I’m as bearish on Ohio State football as anyone I know.  Thought they would lose to Purdue last year (obviously did not think they would get blown out); thought they would struggle with Iowa in 2017 (similarly did not think they would get blown out).  But, they’re going to demolish Indiana.   Noon start time.  Stadium will lack juice and what little there is will be buckeyes infesting the IU stadium.   Additionally, the disastrous defensive scheme of Greg Schiano (shout out to the Skully this morning for referencing his unfathomable ability to squander THAT much 5 star talent on defense) is no more.  The defensive scheme, at a minimum, will limit big plays that home teams NEED to beat Ohio State as an underdog in their own stadium.   At best, it’s a shut down defense.  Either way, OSU will cover the 15.5 spread with ease.   The game that will present problems is Nebraska in 2 weeks.   Will surely be at night.   Biggest Neb home game since Scott Frost was a player.   Go Bucks