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Comment 09 May 2020

I want to see common scheduling in whatever form that may take

I would also like to see the rules be enforced the same across the board. (On field/court and off)

As part of the above I think replays need to be centralized at least for Conference Championships and Playoffs.

Know what you are supposed to regulate and keep your nose out of everything else. 

Comment 22 Apr 2020

From what I saw from ESPN earlier it appears that the Red Sox players and organization complied with the MLB just enough to not obstruct the investigation. 

Comment 29 Mar 2020

If I can get the wife on board I would like to buy a new mower. Current one is functional but each year brings new things that need replaced and it is getting expensive to maintain. 

Comment 25 Mar 2020

I'm already unhappy most days because of people abusing the system so I'm kinda used to it. The last time I called off (in 2018), the person on the other end of the phone made me feel guilty about it so I don't call off anymore. 

I think part of my issue is that I have a different mindset than a lot of the people I work with. I view sick time as a last resort only to be used if you are ill to the point of being unable to perform your job or if you are a danger to others. I seem to work with a lot of people who use it for every minor convenience that comes up. 

At the end of the day I know that people need their sick time and the genuine people should not be punished for the abusers. I just get frustrated when I have to do 3+ people's jobs because they called off. 

Comment 25 Mar 2020

UPDATE: We appear to be moving to WFH by Friday. They have assigned phones to everyone. The people who are already home still need to come get theirs and most others are just taking their desk phone. So hopefully by the time I work on Saturday night I will be working from home. 

Comment 25 Mar 2020

As long as I get a pay out at the end of the year for not using it I can live with this. If all I get to do is pick up everyone else's slack while they take their extra weeks of "vacation" then I will not be happy.

Comment 22 Mar 2020

My company can't decide what they want to do. One day they put tons of effort into getting everyone who is able to work from home to work from home. The next they say that too many people already are and we can't send anymore home or we won't be efficient enough. They keep promising they will distribute phones (which would solve the efficiency issue) but then don't. Now they are making people take sick days instead of letting them work from home if they are ill. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

I understand where you are coming from but would the Cavs 2016 championship mean any less if OKC beats GS in the West finals and the Cavs beat them instead? If you avoid a better team by no "fault" of your own I do not feel it invalidates your championship. 

In the case of 2012 Alabama, they lost a game and we did not. If we had avoided them on the way to a title it would have been due to their loss which is out of our control.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

I just can't get behind the Urban take. I understand that what occurred between ZS and CS is really bad and that he (ZS) probably should not have been employed. But I think holding Urban responsible for what occurred between ZS and CS outside of work is a dangerous road to start down. Just my $.02

Comment 26 Feb 2020

This is also why I hate the Championship or the whole season is a failure mindset. It is perfectly ok to be disappointed in not winning a championship but the success of a season is more than just winning a championship even at a school of OSU's caliber. 

Comment 24 Feb 2020

My last summer of college I worked for the school replacing the wireless access points. Working in a women's dorm one day. I yell down the hall to make anyone in the hall aware I am there then walk down the hall to check on something. As i am walking back to grab my stuff a young woman walks out of the bathroom in just a towel. 

Comment 13 Feb 2020

It is actually becoming a very real thing to get "enthusiastic consent" on video. In some cases multiple times at each step of the way (IE one for permission to kiss her, one for permission to touch her, one for permission to have sex). 

Comment 12 Feb 2020

you need to look in the mirror and think about how you’d feel if you had a daughter and she came to you and told you that exact story. 

I am going to answer this in two parts.

If my daughter came to me with this story I would be her biggest advocate. I would stand beside her the whole way but I would also understand that our justice system is setup where people don't get put to death off of allegations. There is a process you have to go through and as much as I would want to turn these two inside out, they are innocent until a jury and judge say otherwise.

I want to pose the questions back to you a different way. How would you feel if everyone decided you were guilty of something without giving a rats ass what the courts or evidence said? 

Do not misconstrue what I have said. I am proud of her for having the courage to come forward and I want her to get all the help she needs. I want justice to be served, whatever that is. But I have been falsely accused of assault. It took 2 women to accuse me and a whole lot of other witnesses to exonerate me. 

There is no reason to believe this woman is lying or that these accusations are false based on what we know at this point. But as long as there is a possibility that she is lying, we should hold off on the pitchforks and torches. 

Comment 11 Feb 2020

I think we all find the details very disturbing and want justice to be served. But as someone who was falsely accused of assault by a woman I think it is fair to "trust but verify". I want justice to be had and that requires a jury to hear this case and make an informed decision.

Comment 29 Dec 2019
Get in better shape, read a lot, watch my brother play baseball, if I get in good enough shape hit up a running event or two.
Comment 10 Dec 2019

Are you willing to travel on 12/24? If so I found 3 flights from Dayton to Phoenix with 1 stop and round trip under $500. I used Google Flights.