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Comment 23 Jun 2019
Nothing about the information released has much to do with paying recruits. This is a money laundering scheme, most of the money was given back to the embezzler. This really doesn't seem to be a recruiting scandal. like people are hoping for. It sounds like the player was already a student.
Comment 22 Jun 2019
Response was over the top. I understand the general premise, but it was harsh and missed the boat a little IMO.
Comment 10 Jun 2019
Guys who have track experience like Sheffield, D. Smith, Ward, Campbell etc are not going to lower their 40 times as much with draft prep, because they tend to already have good running mechanics. The guys who have less track experience tend to have larger gaps from their OSU times to their combine times.
Comment 06 Jun 2019
Link to NCAA drug policy. (1 year suspension for first time PED suspension) Link to story on Bama's Deonte Brown and his suspension for NCAA violations (4 games) Link to story about Clemson players and their failed PED suspension appeal. They are suspended for 1 YEAR. Facts and links. Not hard to find. And no recreational drugs are not PEDs. Again...still never seen a link from you ...ever .showing Bama players were suspended for PEDs or an explanation why Brown is only facing 4 games for PEDs.
Comment 06 Jun 2019
No they didn't. Also you were wrong again. Recreational drugstore not considered PEDs by the NCAA. Noah Spence was a special case in which the B1G considered Ecstasy a PED, and it is they lowered Spence's suspension to 3-4 games. PEDs are MANDATORY 1 year suspensions by the NCAA. The Bama players faced 4 game suspensions for whatever NCAA violations they committed. The only logical common sense conclusion is that the Bama players violations that were found in late December 2018 were not related to performance enhancing drugs. The Clemson players went through the NCAA appeals process and were denied...and got 1 year suspensions. The Bama players were handed 4 game suspensions prior to the appeals process. I don't know how else to explain in to you, you seem a bit stubborn...but bro LMAO...Bama situation had NOTHING to do with PEDs.
Comment 31 May 2019
Still waiting on that link about Bama players getting caught by the NCAA for PED use LOL. Feel free to post it whenever. Maybe you can explain to the 11W readers why the Bama players got 4 game suspensions for their NCAA violations when PED suspension mandatory 1 year suspensions. For some reason the Clemson players, Noah Spence, Will Grier, etc all got year suspensions. Basically, your unsubstantiated claims you keeps posting regarding the 3 Bama players just doesnt add up. Sorry. Just admit you have no clue what NCAA violations the Bama players committed, and you are just assuming. My educated guess is that it was recreational drugs..hence the reason none of the Bama players are facing 1 year suspensions (like the Clemson players;)
Comment 15 May 2019
Baseball is the exception to that rule IMO, and more importantly, the conference isn't highly regarded....almost no highly ranked national prospect is going to pick a B1G school. Last B1G team to win an NCAA title was 1966 Ohio State.
Comment 30 Apr 2019
Murray doesn't need the Air Raid to succeed either, similar to Mahomes. Murray is 5'10. I am sorry, facts are facts. I am not tin foil conspiracy guy. There is no chance dude is 5'8 yet no one can confirm it. I am also not into camera angles and pictures. All.I need is a combine height, an MLB scouting report height and that is it. Teams are going to do their own measurement anyways. Also where he was drafted isn't really relevant to the discussion of whether or not he will succeed. Nobody knows what his NFL career will be like, we are all just guessing. I like what I saw from Murray in college. JMO. Mahomes and Mayfield also played in the Big 12 so there stats were padded also, just like Murray. Similar offensive schemes for all 3. Facts are facts.
Comment 29 Apr 2019
Arm strength isn't a problem for Murray. Also the "gimmick" offense Murray played in was coordinated by the same person who ran Baker Baker Mayfield's offense in college. His coach's gimmick offense produced Pat Mahomes FWIW. At the end of the day Murray will fail or succeed based on if he can make NFL throws accurately and on time...basically the same as any other quarterback who has ever lived. Offensive scheme isnt as relevant at the NFL level IMO.
Comment 26 Apr 2019
So much this. People have short memories. Tressel survived Tatgate. He didn't survive Bobby D. and the players whole driving up to Cleveland to work on Spring break fiasco which at first glance sounds a bit shady. If someone tried to tell me Bama playerd were driving from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham to work for boosters and getting paid good money on breaks from school I would be like GTFO. But who knows?
Comment 26 Apr 2019
I would estimate 15% of CFB players use PEDs anyways. 85 scholarship players per team, 15% of that is around 13 players. I would assume that across the board that you could find 13 players on most CFB rosters that use PEDs. I also think most HC are hands off "hear no evil see no evil" in regards to PED use on their roster. Agree to disagree.
Comment 24 Apr 2019
Do you really think the HC pumps the players full of steroids? This makes sense to you? Where is the logic LOL? Do you think CFB players at other major programs use PEDs, or is it a specific Clemson issue?
Comment 20 Apr 2019
This is the fan entitlement many on this thread are entitled too. Baldwin transferring doesn't really affect your daily life but judging by your comment you seem upset.