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Comment 15 minutes ago

No unless the absolutely have to burn it. Meaning I don't think they but it for some garbage time reps, they only burn it due to someone else getting injured.

Comment 1 hour ago

Maybe there was something to the rumors LOL.

Comment 2 hours ago
I am not defending the NFL and their antics. I don't even watch the NFL. My point was that link sucked and could have been more informative, and you know it too, which is why you posted what you did. I did see your quote. I though it was a lazy excuse for lazy information, which is why I called you out on it. The link still is garbage. I have to be honest. I just don't care about the NFL players and their antics and crime rates. I really don't care if they abide by the law. I don't give a shit if they stand for the anthem or not. I don't care if the Indians or Buckeyes do or not. I care if OSU players get arrested, because they play for a university and it looks bad. Professional players arrests and protests don't bother me. I do not give a shit if pro athletes commit crimes at a higher rate than others in their income bracket either. That is not going to make me stop watching sports or buying tickets to watch sports, or reading about sports. My point is I watch sports to be entertained and I don't really care about the extracurricular stuff, I ignore most of it. I love the athleticism and entertainment factor, most of the other shit is white noise. I have never in my life ever turned on a sports event or debated on buying a ticket and thought "I wonder what these guys criminal backgrounds or political stances are?" because I am watching people I don't know, and will never meet, play a sport and it isn't that important to other words I don't give a shit personally. Some people give do and I can respect that. To each his own.
Comment 24 hours ago

These numbers mean absolutely nothing. What are the national averages? How many players total in 17 years?

These numbers don't even seem that high truth be told. I am assuming (no other choice due to lack of information) there are thousands of players in this sample size.

Comment 22 Aug 2017
Herman also has a top 3-5 recruiting class being built at Texas for 2018 before he has coached a game yet. That helps build some buzz.
Comment 22 Aug 2017
Jenkins protested all last year. This is nothing new. He has been pretty outspoken on issues. Not sure why he doesn't get the attention Kap gets. Jenkins' place in the NFL seems to be secure.
Comment 18 Aug 2017
Meyer isn't going to hold drops from 2015 over a players head LOL. Campbell starts over Hill
Comment 17 Aug 2017

You make a great point, I have tried to find a link but I remember hearing or reading that people in the Attorney's Office beleieved a lot of her story also.

I posted a link below from the Dallas newspaper from her interview. I found it interesting.

The thing is, no one to my knowledge has read the NFL's report, so we do not know how they came to the conclusion they did. From what I heard from some ESPN radio show (Florio, Schefter, cant remember) they said Zeke had no reasonable explanation for where the bruises came from. Now that doesn't mean she caused them, but if he was with her for 5 days straight, if he saw the bruises on her, it's seem like he would at the very least ask her where they came from, especially as many as she had, including one on the neck. Somebody caused the bruises. I heard they didn't like his explanation for where her bruises came from. We don't know what that was, because we don't know what is in that 160 page report.

Now it is possible somebody else caused them, or she caused them herself to frame Zeke. I suppose that is where the experts the NFL used came in.

Also, and this doesn't make him guilty, but if a girl comes home with bruises all over her body AND called the cops on me for DV 5 months earlier, my Spider Sense would have alerted me to the possibility this girl is cra-cra.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

I think we all would like that. It sounds like in the NFL's eyes, the evidence that she was abused seems to be stronger than the evidence she wasn't. I did forget that she called the police in Florida also in February. The relationship definitely sounds toxic at the very least.

I also just read the transcript of her police interview. LIke I said, it sounds like she is saying she had the bruises before her fight with the female, and we know they spent a lot of time together before the 22nd. Zeke hasn't denied that. I also read where the NFL didn't like the fact Zeke did not give a legit reason where the bruises came from.

I am sure the NFL has more evidence or gives more reasoning why they came to the conclusion he caused the bruising in te 160 page report.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

I just read the transcript of Thompson's interview with CPD. She said she picked up Zeke from the airport July 16, and gives full details of what the alleged happened that week. If Zeke wasn't in town that week, the whole ordeal wouldn't be where it is, he would just have to provide proof he wasn't in Columbus and her case is shot. Elliott's friend Alvarez Jackson also confirmed Elliott was in town for 5 days, he was with them quite a bit.

After reading her account, it lends more credence to my view that the pictures of her bruises were taken before July 22nd, and the NFL used that meta-data to come to their conclusion. I think there is a common misconception on these boards that the bruises came from the fight.

Also, I couldn't help but think and hope the Johnny she refers to, the guy she was seeing who Zeke also had the phone number too wasn't Johnnie Dixon LOL.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

A lot of it doesn't make sense. She also called the cops in Florida and accused Zeke of DV in February, and they were still hanging out in July, so both of them make stupid decisions. Why would Zeke hang out with a girl who called the cops on him prior?

Maybe he didn't kick the crap out of her but put his hands on her, the bruises weren't the worst I ever saw.

I though Zeke verified he was with her July 16 through July 21, but don't quote me on that LOL. I will try to find a link.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

I agree with a few of the last few comments. There is a lot of gray area, and I don't know Thompson or Elliott, so like someone stated above, it's hard for me to understand having a strong opinion or come to some type of conclusion either way. To each his own, I just personally don't know what to think of the whole situation. I do feel both sounds like they have some serious growing up to do, and relationships between people in their early 20's can be very toxic and emotional. Both Elliott and Thompson come across as very immature from multiple accounts.

I asked this on Skull Session, does anyone know from the report concerning what the NFL found from the meta-data in regards to the pictures on her phone? A lot of us assumed that the bruises came from the fight Thompson had with the female, but do we know that for sure. I did hear that the NFL wasn't satisfied with Zeke's answer about how she got the bruises.

Basically I am asking if it is possible that her bruises came before the fight, does she have proof that she had bruises from the July 16-21 time period? Because the more I think about it, it sounds like that could be the case, and that is what the NFL is going on, although that could be circumstantial evidence.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

That isn't that weird, depending on who you associate with or what you do for a living, or what you do for hobbies. You are assuming a lot.

Also may the common friend's age is in between the two, like 29 or 30. I don't believe everything I read on a message board, but I don't discount it either, especially if the poster has a good track record.

Comment 17 Aug 2017

I should correct my response, the affidavit does say the filing of the police report did occur after seeing another woman driving Zeke, so it's possible, maybe even likely that was impetus for filing the police report, although her friend didn't say that directly.

It does not state that the bruises are a result of a bar fight earlier that evening, the affidavit only says that her hair got pulled and she got slapped.

I do know that they said that Thompson had pictures of her bruises. Maybe it's possible that the meta-data of the photos of bruises she had on her phone were from before the fight with the other girl at 2AM on the 22nd, maybe she has pictures of bruises from July 16-July 21, and that's what the NFL saw.

For example, if Thompson's pictures of bruises are from July 19, then she didn't get them from that fight outside The Social Room. I haven't read the 160 page report, and I don't believe it is available. Doesn't mean Zeke caused the bruises.

Who really knows? I am keeping a open mind, hopefully it comes across that way. Maybe he abused her, maybe he didn't. Someone is lying. Neither of them sound like they are mature or make good decisions at this point in their lives.

Comment 17 Aug 2017


                  DJ is just giving a common sense answer. Of course he makes it sound clear. I may be reading your post wrong, but the questions you seem to be asking of him about the evidence HE has, you should be asking of the NFL.

Also, nowhere in the signed affidavit I have read does it state Thompson filed a report after seeing Elliott with another woman, at least not on the July 28, 2016 affidavit from Aryin Mason that I read.

My opinion is the only two people who know what occurred are Thompson and Zeke, and the rest of us are just guessing.