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Comment 20 Apr 2019
This is the fan entitlement many on this thread are entitled too. Baldwin transferring doesn't really affect your daily life but judging by your comment you seem upset.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
No. And it wasn't "our dime". The OSU AD is 100% privately funded. I suppose some boosters and season ticket holders may be a bit annoyed, but I am sure they will get over it.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
These kids aren't making a military commitment LOL... just deciding where to attend school. I don't like the loan analogy at all. Not a good one. Nobody cares if a regular student goes to 3 schools in four years, not sure why anyone should care all that much if a student athlete does it.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
You nailed it. Couldn't have said it better myself. When I left TFA my biggest issue was that it seemed like ANH 2.0 and I didn't think it was necessary to bring back Luke, Leia, and Han but they did. I didn't hate the movie though, and I was open minded for Episode 8. Then Episode 8 happened.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
I agree 110%. Return of the Jedi was DEFINITELY my least favorite of the first 6. Never liked the Ewoks and so on. The Last Jedi was horrible IMO. I am not going to waste a lot of characters ...I saw every SW movie from TPM through TLJ opening night...a few had holes and a few I appreciated even more the second viewing. I hated The Last Jedi, hated it when I saw it opening night and hated it again a week later when I gave it a second chance. I have not seen Solo because I think the story is pointless and TLJ sucked so bad I needed a break LOL.
Comment 06 Apr 2019
LOL come can't be serious SMFH. Oden was decent but he couldn't carry Shaq's, Wilt's, Kareem's or Embiid's jocks.
Comment 01 Apr 2019
Reading this series of interviews with younger players (which is excellent BTW), especially this one and the recent one with Ruckert what really is hitting home for me is how important that first year with Marotti and the strength staff is. Ruckert and Gant both gained 20 lbs. Mitchell had that Mike Weber look about him, I am sure shedding some body fat and gaining muscle will do him wonders as a redshirt freshman, and beyond. Weber seemed to get faster each season. We often have these debates about recruiting and 4 stars and 5 stars and development vs talent, etc etc and often times they are black and white. I look at recruiting in shades of gray. Getting very excited about recruiting classes and recognizing the journey that goes from signing a LOI to earning a starring spot at OSU are not mutually exclusive.
Comment 24 Mar 2019
Football coaches most certainly did recruit him. You must be joking LOL
Comment 23 Mar 2019
Nobody forgets Title X..I have never seen a comment section regarding the subject when it is not brought up. Let the players make money off their own likenesses. Problem solved