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Comment 14 Jan 2020

"The biggest problem for Ohio State is that its offense has disappeared. Chris Holtmann's team has failed to break 60 points in four straight games now, which isn't going to cut it even with a top-10 defense. Losing efficient glue guy Kyle Young for a pair of those games certainly didn't help, but its three-point shooting—which had been so good for the first month of the season—has tanked and the Buckeyes have struggled inside the arc as well. After shooting over 60% on twos in its last two wins over Power 5 teams (Penn State and Kentucky), Ohio State has made a dismal 37.6% of them in its four consecutive defeats." - from with suspensions expect this team to bond together tighter to keep out the "white noise" and play a even tougher game tonight, early....I expect this team to play to the interior even more while Justin finds his shot. The Wesson Brothers will be the focus even more tonight, and the rest of the season.

Comment 13 Jan 2020
Meanwhile the rest of the Big Ten is also struggling for wins on the road. The season is not over and as I said before, the Big Ten is fun to watch with all the parity in the conference. The Basketbucks will get better and get their swag. But when games get ugly to a young player, they don't have the patience, and that is where coaching comes into play. I said it before a great performance starts in the dressing room(practice)and WORKS its way to the stage. These losses they will learn from and you will see a more tempered team. This is about cohesiveness and KYP.,.which comes in time
Comment 08 Jan 2020

ITS NOT EVEN THE FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON AND THE OCCASSIONAL  FAN IS AT IT AGAIN....jumping off the band wagon when the going is tough. Chris warned about this team and the "spurts" and flashes that it will show. remember this is still a fairly YOUNG team and the area( the glue) that is inconsistent this year is the lack of that "utility" player that keeps things going when only one and done shot attempts or lackluster performances happen. They don't have that player on the floor yet, and no one is picking up the slack there. BUT it is still early and the players that are freshmen are still learning their jump ship now is not a true fan and BUCKEYE NATION DOESN"T NEED FANS AS FAIR AS COLUMBUS WEATHER... But for those who know this weather YOU know that if you wait around a little it will change. GIVE THESE GUYS SOME TIME there still in MESH-MODE, but the pieces are there and as long as they have a go to guy(K-Dub) they will eventually be fine...

Comment 07 Jan 2020

Its about the guard play and the flow of offense through K dub and the front line not getting into foul trouble....the game will get stagnant. both teams struggle with the outside shot in the early part of the game. and with film the question is Who will pick up the slack when K dub is out of the game. and if anyone seen last year's game the front line of Maryland dominated when K dub sits... I still believe its time for Chris Holtmann to let the boyz play and see what churns up C J and D J can be solid in this game, they don't need to be the next anything, just be what the team needs defensively. The bench is where we're suspect especially if they continue to let Zo sit the bench. the front line needs bodies and Zo can make a difference on the front line otherwise, its small-ball U.

Comment 21 Dec 2019
My thought is on the interior and the playing out of position that leads to foul trouble.nwhen the buckeyes play a opponent with attacking 3 ,4 &5 position players that match up against the interior of the buckeyes. If Kaleb and E J can stay out of foul trouble, it will be because the guards are doing their job in spacing the floor to allow the lanes to open and open up 3 pointers for the shooters. If Duane is limited I expect to see more of Justin Ahrens at the 2 spot finding his shot and keeping the defense honest. I watched the Utes game, and their reason for getting leads was because the 3 was falling , and the guards kept ball movement a priority because of Hagan's on ball defense which is one of the best in the country (think of a athletic Aaron Craft) at the top of the key. Quickly and Maxey don't get enough credit being a match up nightmare for defenses For the Buckeyes to win they must control the interior and not get caught in iso plays in the 3 and 4 spots , resulting in and one mis-matches. If they do that, and control game tempo, this could be a huge win
Comment 10 Dec 2019

The B1G is going to be fun this year, and FOX,espn, BTN and FS1 is getting all the fire& smoke with this (Football & Basketball) this season.....It will be fun to watch. I'm looking forward to this season seeing how the Cornerstone sophs develop along with the incoming freshman.... the next two years(barring a mass exodus to the NBA) is going to be fun to watch...........

Comment 06 Dec 2019

As well as the Buckeyes played Wednesday night, there are three areas( two that your article mentioned, slow start and turnovers), and the third is that UNC's second scorer was injured. The defense is playing great, and I don't see a drop off with the talent coming off the bench as well, the balance makes this Holtmann's most complete team since his tourney team when he was at Butler. Against the B1G conference though, teams play and have film on each other, so expect the conference to take notice. this is the first true road test for the Buckeyes, in a hostile enviroment. in their next three( against a up and coming Minnesota team Kentucky- neutral site and West Virginia- another neutral site) we will be seeing a better match-up in competition( I know, you're saying" but what was UNC"? ) and the UNC roster was in 'reload' mode, outside of a true freshman that has not seen a line-up like the Buckeye's up to that point. but the Minnesota game I will pay particular attention to, as well as Kentucky. If they survive those two, I'll be more at ease to know where we are. So far their Defense is stellar, but the offense, and I'm sure its due to the defense of the opponent, is still stagnant in stretches, and that concerns me when the Buckeyes play a opponent that is known for their balance and offensive efficiency( like MSU, and Purdue) even the upcoming game Saturday I have concerns if the offense doesn't punch Penn State in the mouth early. They have shown resiliency in games and just doen't go away easily. the interior for the Buckeyes must avoid foul trouble the the likes of Kyle Young and E J Liddell( notice I didn't mention Keleb Wesson) to overcome Penn State's Lamar Stevens and the furious five...

Comment 26 Sep 2019

The Nebraska vs Colorado on Boulder, is a game to watch to compare what the bucks will be seeing  saturday, and from what I'm seeing Moore is good but Martinez is the straw that stirs The Husker's offense... their defense is suspect in the secondary and if the bucks play their offense into the second level of their D, they will move the ball well. the one on one coverage in the secondary is what the bucks  should be worried about, in comparison to whom they have played already. Big test for the secondary this weekend.

Comment 22 Sep 2019
If he becomes the next J. Tate, I'll be good with that. Or even a utility player, eventually. He is a developmental for the 3/4 spot. And if his jump shot improves, that will help get him some playing time. He can become a solid edition in helping with the rebounding on the weak side. Undersized, but hopefully his heart is not.and hoping he can contribute there right away.
Comment 22 Sep 2019
If he becomes the next J. Tate, I'll be good with that. Or even a utility player, eventually. He is a developmental for the 3/4 spot. And of his jump shot improves will help with the rebounds on the floor. Undersized, but hopefully that is not his heart and will be able to help there right away.
Comment 19 Aug 2019
A quote from so in 2006 that may pertain to Justin Fields this year"His performance in the Fiesta Bowl last season—racking up 408 yards of total offense and outplaying Notre Dame's Quinn in a 34–20 Buckeyes victory—put him in the Heisman picture. If Smith stays there, it will be because of his ability to turn broken plays into big ones, a la Vince Young."
Comment 06 Aug 2019

so sorry to see a Buckeye Great leave the program, but, for the future of him and his family( which includes his son's recruitment) it is probably for the best....with the NBA exposure, it will open many more doors for him and his son.For that I'm happy, that he came over with coach O'Brien from Boston College, and made a life for him and his family in C-bus.This next chapter will only make things more interesting ... I will and hope many fans stay tuned......

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Tre' looks more of a North/ South Runner....can be the Thunder for the team( a three down back) but they still need the lightning for the run game. That may be covered this season, but by the time (and that is if he does commit) he reaches the Bucks will need to go to the Transfer portal or find another back that may want to commit from another class...(a Donovan Edwards 'w. Bloomfield MI or Audirc Estime' Montvale N J Jaylen Anderson 'Perry OH or Evan Pryor Cornelius NC all in the 2021 class),