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Comment 23 Jan 2019
Depends on the sport. Basketball = hard Football = easy I used to ref for both on the high school level. Basketball you're much closer to the vitrol and the calls come at you quicker. You can't stop the action unless you're gonna call something. Football was easier as you had a little less to watch, and I throw a flag, get to prepare myself, and make a call. If I realized I had made a mistake, I picked up the flag (can't do that too often) and you didn't have to stop the action to make the call, and fans and coaches wernt so close and in your face as basketball.
Comment 21 Jan 2019
This might just be me, but there seems to be more technique to playing DB. It takes a little longer for that position to "click" versus WR position.
Comment 19 Jan 2019
I also follow Letterman Row and Birm in recruiting. I'd like to see some more recruiting profiles or news on here, but I'm with most, it doesn't have to be every day. Something in the 3 day range would be nice.
Comment 13 Jan 2019
Been on campus a few times, and from experience, WVU is one of the top party schools in the nation. Every time I go there it's a blast. Tailgate and after parties.
Comment 09 Jan 2019
Just for the record...I enjoyed this post.
Comment 07 Jan 2019
Your doom and gloom approach to this hire on the forms here seems like it would be a better fit at MgoBLOW
Comment 07 Jan 2019
Linebackers coach to DL coach is a promotion? They do weird stuff at Michigan...
Comment 07 Jan 2019
So him getting Fields, hiring Yurichich (sp), and closing out recruiting with Zach Harrison* haven't impressed you at all? You must be a blast at parties.