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Comment 01 Apr 2020
Chaos has to be pushed south. The more teams eliminated, the more powerful they grow. With the alliance of OU, A&M, and BAMA not needing to fight any Chaos members and getting fortified down south, need to defend what we have and give the south some trouble by releasing Chaos into their territory.
Comment 26 Oct 2019
Last 2 years been going to the same friends house where we would eat breakfast or wings (depending on kickoff time) and then play Beerio Kart on the N64 with Miller Lite until kickoff. It's worked, as the one game we missed was last year for Purdue. Actually eating breakfast now! Sausage, biscuits, and gravy!
Comment 10 Jul 2019

We're forgetting that this staff, and Urban's since he came to OSU, no longer go after JUST the most talented kids. THis staff actively recruits great character along with talent. There is a reason we might not be in on some of these recruiting battles, even if the kid might be interested.

Leroux = high character kid that will work his tail off to play for his home state school, better himself and the team in the classroom and on the field, and could be a potential starter with a high motor later in his career.

Why not take a flyer on a kid like that? Especially when you have two top tier linemen in the fold and need to restock OL depth?

Comment 10 Jul 2019


I loved Barrett, dude was tough as nails, grinder, leader. When the going got tough, he always seemed to come out on the other side with a huge play for OSU.

Not that I'm complaining about switching it up with Haskins. Dude was a baller.

But now I'm really looking forward to Fields, I think he can be the best of both.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

Its been stated before by recruiting services and coaches alike, that the offensive line are the hardest positions to hand out star ratings too.

On the OL stars are handed out more on projections than actual seen talent, more so than other positions. OL has a hard time showing out in camp sessions than that of QB's, RB's, WR's and others. OL stars and final college results are all over the board.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

Ricks said it best earlier today "Its easier to recruit a player than keep a player."

It would be awesome to see the class 95% completed by the end of the month, and I'm confident in Day et. al. to get these guys in the fold, but the hard part will be keeping them in the class till signing day and not be looking ahead to the class of 2021.

I feel like we get 9 or 10 of the 11 on the board, with a late cycle flip.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

Hafley and Mattison have already stated that they are going to use more mixed coverages, and are starting to look for a more well-rounded corner.

With the added benefit of the Bullet position, you'll start to see more 5 DB sets, which means the days of playing 99.9% man coverage is gone. You need a guy that is fast, but can tackle guys in space. Guys that read-and-react in zone with instinct, but guys that don't do it all with just speed. 

Previously we recruited  guys who could RUN which lends a lot to a DB's ranking. 

What I'm trying to say is we're looking for a slightly different DB. Like LJ is looking for interchangable parts on the DL, Halfey is looking for the same in the secondary.

Comment 02 Jul 2019

I don't know if we'll manage to snag both KBJ and Cowan.

I think UNC and Georgia are front runners at the moment.

I would add Ricks...just know...good vibes, right?

Comment 23 Jan 2019
Depends on the sport. Basketball = hard Football = easy I used to ref for both on the high school level. Basketball you're much closer to the vitrol and the calls come at you quicker. You can't stop the action unless you're gonna call something. Football was easier as you had a little less to watch, and I throw a flag, get to prepare myself, and make a call. If I realized I had made a mistake, I picked up the flag (can't do that too often) and you didn't have to stop the action to make the call, and fans and coaches wernt so close and in your face as basketball.
Comment 21 Jan 2019
This might just be me, but there seems to be more technique to playing DB. It takes a little longer for that position to "click" versus WR position.
Comment 19 Jan 2019
I also follow Letterman Row and Birm in recruiting. I'd like to see some more recruiting profiles or news on here, but I'm with most, it doesn't have to be every day. Something in the 3 day range would be nice.
Comment 13 Jan 2019
Been on campus a few times, and from experience, WVU is one of the top party schools in the nation. Every time I go there it's a blast. Tailgate and after parties.