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Comment 01 May 2019

Don’t disagree with much of what you said, but you are minimizing the health issues, which is fair, because none of us really knows how severe the cyst problem really is and how much worse it gets when urban goes full tilt as a head coach. I don’t think the clouds were that dark, for me anyway, last year but the media coverage sure made it seem that way.

That said, coach Day sure seems to be a drama free kind of guy 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Good topic. It’s something that’s been on my Radar since Urban arrived. I love how Tress put a fence around Ohio HS players and mended relationships with Ohio HS coaches after Coops pissed many of them off so much they funneled players up North. It felt like Urban going national more than Tress might have strained some of those relationships in the last few years.i guess it just depends how Day will walk that tightrope between the “farm   to table” boys of Ohio and the imports.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Pretty amazing that Mensa Tommy, or Teat Bar Tommy, or take your pick of whatever nickname, actually hired Beck after what transpired in Columbus. Hard headedness? Having a Chris Carter scapegoat in place ready to deploy when needed? Just plain familiarity? Knowing he'd be a loyal soldier? Who knows, but if you get nostalgic for the Beck/Warinner era, just watch Sammy Elinger running it to a tee. You can even guess the plays based on the formations.

Oh, and the bourbon selection for Beck would be Willet, as in how long will it last for Texas Tommy until his very own scandal erupts.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

At this point the powers that be can bring in the lovely ladies from The View to be on their committee for all I care.

The composition used for selection won’t change a damn thing until the playoff structure is improved unless they put Archie, Urban, Kern, Krenzel, Smith, Nicklaus, the last band member who dotted the i, and Cardale, (all at the same time) on that committee.

Comment 15 Jan 2019

Maybe Orange is the new Crimson, although Bama’s still going to be a force, but Saban’s revolving assistant coach door has its downside. Saban is bringing back Sark After Dark to be his Offensive Coordinater after a wholesale abandonment by all of this years offensive coordinators. Meanwhile Dabo recruits against that with staff continuity and it made a difference this year with the receiver from Alabama that caught the one handed catch and others in the title game.

Cracks in the Alabama armor?