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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Seeing the ref throw the pass interference flag in Tempe against Miami, in person.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Keith Byars. Personable guy, too

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Comment 18 Aug 2017

I call it the jumbo package:

Rushmen package on defensive line

Conduct a round robin circle drill tournament amongst rest of DL's, winners play linebacker positions

Move linebackers to defensive back positions because we know they're fast enough

Drop the hammer

Comment 10 Aug 2017


You'll need to look no further than 2015, when Ohio State was ousted from the CFP after a loss to Michigan State.

This means they didn't even make it to the playoff because of the loss, right? This makes it sound like they lost in the playoff to MSU and the whole premise of the four straight falls apart unless we're counting from 2016 and onward...

Comment 26 Jul 2017

I fully understand it's monetarily motivated (insert discussion about money and amateur sports here) but if you know other institutions have worthy claims to the same mark, why make enemies? It just seems like a PR faux pas and provides more fodder for those that loathe TOSU when they unilaterally file a claim like this

Comment 26 Jul 2017

I'm not impressed with Binjimen Victor. When he's played, he seems lackadaisical, almost reluctant

Comment 24 Jul 2017

Did this a few years ago with the kids. We have some great pictures of them on the field, which you would normally have a hard time getting unless you know someone

Comment 21 Jul 2017
"absurd is that the NFL is investing Zeke for an incident " The stock's a little depressed right now but let's separate the psychology from the performance and I think we see there's a lot to like about the upside potential...
Comment 24 Apr 2017

Not a Buckeye legend but my Mom was friends with a woman named Barb, who married Willie Lanier. When we visited Richmond once, she went to dinner with them while I stayed home with my aunt and uncle. After dinner she brought Willie and his wife back and he told my Mom that I should never play football because it can cause all kinds of leg injuries. My football career was over before it even got started. Thanks, Willie..

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Was in an elevator with Johnson in Siebert Hall. Rumor was he was dating someone in our dorm. Later saw him driving an old Eagle sedan. Looked hilarious with the seat cranked to the back. I think I recall him being kind of nerdy.

Comment 10 Apr 2017

You can go down the rabbit hole on LinkedIn. Lots of Buckeyes turned medical salespeople and many at Stryker, especially.