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Comment 28 Dec 2019

Queso in the crockpot, pizza to order later, whiskey for the nerves. Go bucks!!!

Comment 24 Dec 2019

Couldn’t get the FB link to work but caught it on IG. Hype City!! Nice work! Just what we needed this fine Christmas Eve. 

Comment 12 Dec 2019

As a wife and runner, I massively hinted at getting some of those sweet cordless headphones for running. There is a newer brand called Aftershokz that are being promoted pretty heavily in our local running store for trails and in-town running, as they allow you to hear your playlist as well as sounds around you. Good luck!

Comment 22 Nov 2019

We have the best bagel house on the planet in Bozeman, MT. Not a joke.

So, a to-go order of a couple works bagels with chive cream cheese, and probably a few nervously made greyhounds for kick off 

Comment 26 Oct 2019

I have listened to the "Taylor is better than Dobbins" conversations all week, between national media and random "football knowers" that want to tell me what our defense will have to deal with. I didn't need Dobbins to make a statement, but I'm so glad he did. Imagine Dobbins' numbers if we relied on him to be our entire offense! His numbers would be even more insane! Folks just don't get it.