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Comment 16 May 2019

Ya, I don't understand why no one ever talks about eliminating non-conference games to counter balance playoff expansion. It seems the general public have been complaining about the relative throw-away games at the beginning of the season and the need for more games at the end, so it just makes sense. Instead of forcing these money grab neutral site non-conference games, let everyone battle out in their respective conferences and your non-conference schedule flips to the playoff. Should theoretically level the playing field between conferences as well.

Comment 19 Oct 2018

Lived in Austin for a little over 3 years and have also worn one of my OSU jerseys to ACL! Definitely a different feel in TX than when I was living in TN for how people view the Buckeyes. Helps that I lived in Austin when Texas was miserably bad... Would have been nice if the alumni bar wasn't the worst bar in the city.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

Yes, it was, because you were. 

The larger problem is that you presented such an ambiguous argument that getting to a conclusive end was impossible. What "mechanics" are breaking down? (Is it his throwing motion? Positioning in the pocket? Setting his feet before throwing?) And what result did these breakdowns have that make him unfit for being a top prospect for the NFL? (too many sack? too many INTs? too many errant throws?). I don't think you can back any one of those things up with any substance, as even his results in the PSU game line up almost exactly with some of Sam Darnold's last year. So I disagree with you. 

Comment 18 Oct 2018

But that's the point, it's cause and effect. Pressure causes all QB's mechanics to break down. If those breakdowns result in turnovers and an abundance of missed opportunities, it's a problem -- otherwise it's just what happens. I think you would be hard pressed to provide evidence that he is overly prone to turnovers or bad decisions when under pressure, which when you have a giant arm, is the difference between being ready or not.

Comment 18 Oct 2018

Putting aside the condescension of this post, the argument that his mechanics are not flawless when he has 300-pound guys in his face is rather common, no? You can point out many instances where he has adjusted his "mechanics" to deliver throws in these situations, which requires arm strength. So, it might be that people are not "blinded" by his strong arm, but have seen it be a complete counter-point to yours. And, yes, QB's are drafted on potential. All players are drafted on potential? 

Comment 12 Jun 2015

The women aren't attractive, their food looks like plastic, their beer options are bud light and miller light and they are a bar chain in Texas that can't make a margarita.... I have a hard time understanding how they are still in business.

Comment 12 Jun 2015
  • I have now had an 11W account for a year and this is my first post
  • I grew up in Pittsburgh and gave zero shits about the state of Ohio before going to Ohio State.
  • I transferred from the University of Memphis and picked my school based on who had the best football team, and I almost chose Penn State.
  • It took me an entire year on campus before watching any past national championship games.
  • Braxton Miller is the only player in any sport I have been truly irrational about mostly because he was the quarterback my Senior year of college.
  • I moved to Austin, TX three years ago and have yet to watch a game with our Alumni chapter because they picked the worst bar in the state. (bakinis)
  • I have purchased University of Texas gear to go to tailgates.
  • I haven't been back to Columbus since I moved away. (I did go to the Sugarbowl though)