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Comment 18 Nov 2019


1. I promise I won't tackle you unless you come to me

2. If I tackle you, I promise I would tackle falling backward

3. Definitely I will be at the scene of collision, just late

4. To me number of tackles means a number of assisted tackles multiplied by 2

Any of other 3 mLBs instead of Borland will go a long long way, probably an undefeated season in the end

Comment 27 Aug 2018

Feel way more comfortable this year with Haskins in there than last year with shot putter.

Don't forget that Haskins cleaned up JT's mess in Michigan game and led to victory.  

And Urban's loyalty to JT proved to be critical mistake in final 2 games as well.

I wonder how worse can it be if Haskins were our QB all the way to final game of the season.

Comment 27 Jun 2017

I don't know what it is. He lacks whatever that aura to take it to the top in the crucial game like in CJ did. Never had that. And the mechanics are average at best.  'Leadership' ability is highly overestimated term especially after witnessing 31-0 ass kicking when it matters most. Frankly I am looking forward to 2018.