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Comment 01 Sep 2018
This is a great day! Great job, Kevin, on you very first game day skully. Here's hoping Haskins throws for 700 yards and 5 tds. JK and Mike can run for another 400 and as many tds and they want. Go bucks!
Comment 20 Jan 2018
I've noticed a pattern that contrasts sharply with last year's team. Last year, somewhere around the 12-10 minute mark the basket bucks would disappear. Scoring droughts were predictable. This year, these guys take the initial shot from the opposing team, often going down by 6-8 points before turning it on to bring the game back in hand. Then, in the last 1-2 minutes they really turn it on and go for mini runs to end the half. The start the second half solidly and slowly put the game out of reach by the time the other team puts together their final burst. It's refreshing. Also, I agree with everything the other commenters are saying.
Comment 05 Dec 2016

I think that as long as Marc Loving is the "leader" of this team we will only be mediocre.  I hope I am wrong.  I was able to attend a game this year (Jackson St.) and noticed how laxidasical he is in warm-ups and playing defense.  He was burnt a few times on defense at the beginning that allowed Jackson St. to go ahead by a few points.  He ended up being the high scorer that game.  If he is the top player on the team we will struggle all year. 

Comment 22 Oct 2016

The O-Line was beat all night long.  We ran the same play to start every drive.  It's tough to take a loss like this after looking so good against OU.  But, this is supposed to be a rebuilding year.  As a spoiled Buckeye fan I am extremely disappointed.  As an objetive viewer, this was bound to happen sooner or later and we should be better after this.  

Bonus: the band wagon wont be as crowded.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

"Despite a convincing, if not explosive, 28-3 win over Illinois"

A 25 point win is impressive but that came was hardly explosive.  I love the Buckeyes but I miss the explosiveness of a season ago.  Our defense is really impressive and if they can eliminate the occasional miscue in the secondary, then we should roll through the next few weeks.  

On another note: Way to go, B1G!  So much for being the worst P5 conference as the preseason articles suggested.  OSU's schedule is not that weak after all. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Three things:

1. Zeke Elliott-On the third TD a flag was thrown in the holding area.  Zeke seemed to know this and was not very excited after scoring.  Or, was he winded after his third long TD run?  He is a beast and every game I assume our conditioning will be better than the opponents and we can at least grind out a victory.

2. Penalties - What the heck?  I know you cannot blame the refs but Miller's crack block was at the waist, not below it.  There was a pass interference where our guy was pushed, not the other way around.  Ugly game with poor calls make for a long day.

3. Turnovers - Marshall may have been the hero last year but he dropped the ball twice in the game.  Meyer said after that game that those who fumble will not play.  I hope he totes a ball everywhere he goes for the next week.  

Other than that, the Buckeye's are coming along.  A few less dropped balls and missed calls and we had them dead to rights.  


Comment 26 Sep 2015

It felt like the Buckeye's we all hoped to see showed up today.  Still have a lot of work to do today though.  I wish Miller and company would just run the ball.  All the dancing reminds me of Ted Ginn Jr.  I was never a fan of his dancing either.  Just run over somebody.