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Comment 23 Jul 2012

Hoke made the right call with Stonum but that was before he established a winning culture. Now there is a lot more on the line this season, and Fitz has never been in trouble as far as I know.

I would think he is going to park it for at least a game, or he should.

Furthermore, lets not compare this to Stoney/Mewhort who were peeing in a public area. Drunk driving is serious and can severely injure or kill someone, I don't think the same can be said about Stoney's stream of bodily fluids

Comment 21 Jul 2012

The helmet is not for real, it is just a prototype Nike dabbles with. There is a better chance of Woody and Tress joining Urban's staff than the buckeyes ever donning that helmet IMO


scUM v Bama? I can't wait for it because they will get embarrassed. Like you stated Jeff, they aren't a good football team, they are overrated and they are cocky. Never liked the $EC more in my entire life.

Comment 20 Jul 2012

What?!?! Elika you could have stopped all this madness from ever starting! =) I kid...

Comment 20 Jul 2012

Semantics really but Gene Smith was hired March of 05' and the Woody Banner was introduced to the public Sept. 2, 2010 for the Marshall game as well as the expanded LED banners that wrapped around the stadium, stadium looked great that (night!) game at full glow.

However, given the ineptitude that Gene has displayed in the last year or so, it wouldn't surprise me that one of his first orders of business took more than 5 years to implement.

Comment 20 Jul 2012

Not sure he was trying to be extremely humorous. Woody was Woody, brash, abrasive, in your face, I could go on but again, Woody was Woody and we all know that. 

As for a statute of Woody...although not on campus, there is a pretty bad ass statue of him otuside of Conrads on Lane Avenue

Comment 20 Jul 2012

Nothing against Nate Williams but he's going to be squeezed out of the rotation for the new guys, ones that Bro Vrabel has established a relationship with on the recruiting trail.  Nothing against him, but the injury was obviously a major setback that has held him out of contact and may creep into some of fall camp.

If you can't go 100% in practice, you aren't going to see the field on our d-line with Urban at the helm

Comment 20 Jul 2012

hahaha thanks for the clarification, it definitely have my friday on tilt for a few!

Comment 20 Jul 2012

Wait, Zwick thinks he has a fan? Wait, Zwick thinks he has a fan who is going to stalk and hunt him? Wait....why am I talking about Justin Zwick?

Comment 14 Jul 2012

For the 2014 games Pam, they said it is too late to change the outfits for the 500 athletes for these games. At least as of early this morning

Comment 14 Jul 2012


1. You're right, we got FTM, my bad

2. I didn't attribute you saying they should levy the Clery Act, I am saying that if you think a death penalty for football would hurt the economy, try pulling funding from 25-30k students.

3. I certainly understand economics, at least tOSU and App State think so, according to my degrees.  Yes, business would feel the impact but local food vendors? They play 8 games a year but those vendors  are open 365 days a year, sure they make a killing but they'll survive. Apparel vendors? The University is under contract with Nike who makes a killing, I'm pretty sure they'll be fine. The B1G did just fine without Penn State circa 1995, that argument to me does not hold weight. I'm not trying to say there won't be an economic impact but that is a byproduct of lying, cheating, deceiving, harboring a child molester with university power.


I understand your points and I don't agree with them, but I do understand them. As much as I am calling for a death penalty, I don't think the NCAA is even going to investigate it, because of the social issues at hand.

What I am saying though, is if you are going to hand out sanctions to SC, tOSU, SMU, Bama,..all of these schools over the years, PSU should be no different.


What i think it comes down to fundamentally at least, the difference between our two viewpoints is I believe this is 100% a football issue that was created to protect the image of the football program and allow them to continue to win football games and operate as if one of their own wasn't molesting children in their facilities.

That equates to a competitive advantage to me. If they outed him in 1998. Paterno's reign is over shortly after, Penn State's entire image and brand takes a massive hit and EVERYTHING changes. They would not have been the same program, they would not have been afforded the opportunities to continue to grow their brand, to earn money, secure funding, to try and make penn state football what it is today. 

I think that is where we differ, so lets agree to disagree. I see your points, just don't agree with them

Comment 14 Jul 2012

I am pretty sure that State College won't turn into a blackhole if they suspend football for a year. Maybe you've never been there but there is actually a pretty successful institution of higher learning there.  Shocking as it may be, the majority of residents and students in State College do nothing associated with the football program.

I respect your concern for the entire State College economy and how it would somehow collapse because 8 days of football would not be played in State College, but I am here to assure you that State College would remain just fine without a season of football.

Enact the Clery Act and take away funding to 25k students that use THAT will cripple Penn State's economy.


Comment 14 Jul 2012

@Cincy, how soon you forget that just a little over a year ago our program was crucified for our coach lying and our coach covering up trading memorabilia for tattoos.  In the end, what our program ended up being hammered for was Tressel lying to investigators to cover up actions by those associated with the football program.

We didn't get the LOIC because of Pryor and Tatgate, we got it for Tressel lying, we received the bowl ban for Tressel lying.

Penn State is no different, except the crimes they were covering up should NEVER be covered up. A reasonable person can look at what Tressel did, what other coaches have done previously, deceive to win.

NOBODY should cover up child rape to make sure that they can continue to win football games.  So you want to enact the Clery Act, and make academic students of the university suffer because their football program covered up child rape?

BUT you don't want the football program to suffer because they somehow, weren't responsible for this? Like the NCAA has shown in the past and many posters have already keyed on, you don't punish the individuals who committed the crimes, you punish the program.

Comment 14 Jul 2012

You are right, IF Paterno had turned him in, there WOULD BE no NCAA issues.  


And that is a DIRECT VIOLATION of NCAA Bylaw 10.1 that governs ETHICAL CONDUCT.

Face it CINCY, they committed NCAA violations, to cover up for their FOOTBALL program.

They deserve the death penalty more than any other program ever

Comment 14 Jul 2012

a FOOTBALL coach sexually assaulted childen in the FOOTBALL facilities, the most powerful man at Penn State, the HEAD FOOTBALL COACH, covered up for his assistant to protect the best interest of the FOOTBALL program AND University.  The FOOTBALL coach continued to use his status and fame from his association with the FOOTBALL program to lure victims for more assaults.

This IS 100% a FOOTBALL issue.  It is way more than a football issue, but ANYONE who says this isn't a football issue is lying to themselves.

These acts were so horrendous and so horrible that ANY and EVERY governing body that has the AUTHORITY (which the NCAA has) to punish the university needs to. They all need to act SWIFTLY and SEVERELY to let Penn State and every other institution of higher learning know that FOOTBALL, a Coach, a Legacy, and even a University DO NOT come before the well being of children.

Anything less than that from the NCAA or any other governing authority to me, falls in line with the cowardice of inaction that we've seen from leadership at Penn State for the last 15 years.  

Ball is in your court NCAA, do something, or join Penn State leadership as immoral and unethical maggots who are more concerned with lining their pockets than doing the right thing



EDIT: The actions of Paterno, Sandusky, Schultz, Curley, and Spanier clearly violate NCAA Bylaw 10.1 for ethical conduct

Comment 13 Jul 2012

Welcome back Elika! Not a moment too soon.


Now, if you can make football season get here faster everything will be right

Comment 09 Jul 2012

Soooo....thank you staff, for keeping the flame lit on the Anzalone situation.  I was starting to feel like this site didn't talk enough about the kid

Comment 12 Jun 2012

I'm all for praise, but what statistics or what is Dienhart basing his rankings off of? I wasn't all that impressed with our DBs last year, although I certainly am a fan of Roby and Bryant, they were young guys who for their shining moments, had some gaffes as well.


K.C. Joyner, of ESPN seems to reinforce that this notion:

"The Buckeyes' ball-hawking numbers mask some significant coverage weaknesses. Ohio State gave up double-digit YPA totals in both the vertical (11.2 YPA) and stretch vertical (11.6 YPA) categories, both of which are unacceptable marks. The Buckeyes also had a terrible 1.7 percent BDR, meaning that they forced quarterbacks to make an error on less than one out of 50 plays.

The problems get even worse when looking at the coverage personnel. Cornerbacks Travis Howard and Bradley Roby, both of whom are currently listed as first-team starters for the Buckeyes, allowed a double-digit figure in stretch vertical YPA last year (10.0 YPA for Howard, 10.3 YPA for Roby), and Howard nearly combined that with a double-digit YPA total on vertical passes (9.8 YPA)."

Again, I'll take the praise and I think 4 returning starters, off-season conditioning, and a monster d-line is going to make them a very strong unit. However, we did struggle last year and coaching cannot be blamed. Johnson and Haynes were great. We'll see though!

Comment 11 Jun 2012

RHCP...I now prefer NICKELBACK over you suck.

Best of luck to Bobek, felt this was coming.


For the record, this weekend, I was at one of our rental properties in North Carolina cleaning it out for the next renters. The current ones are still somewhat in it, so for 3 days, I pissed outside a total of 17 times. Backyard, sideyard, FRONT yard, neighbors yard. Even waved to a county sheriff about 10 seconds after a final drop one instance.



Comment 03 Jun 2012

The police chief was in a cruiser supporting the chase. How did he "break his pinkie"?

Did he jam it on the steering wheel in the crown vic?

Slam it in the car door?

Comment 03 Jun 2012

This is absurd, period.

I 100% blame the PC of the Shawnee Hills PD for being a complete and utter hard on and being butt hurt because his donut weight brought him to the ground while chasing college kids for being college kids.

Probably the only reason half of his department has jobs is because of the revenue that is brought in from the Memorial Tournament each year.

Honestly, its DELAWARE COUNTY and SHAWNEE HILLS. Besides the Memorial; they probably chase cows and wrangle up loose livestock for residents.

The fact that this police chief would openly talk about an ongoing matter just goes to even further show that the dumbfuckery clearly falls on the shoulders of this ginormous doucher.

Who, if he wasn't already, sealed his fate as one of the biggest jerk offs in Central Ohio

Comment 03 Jun 2012

The Shawnee Hills Police Chief admitted the primary reason for pressing charges.....


His fat a$$ fell while attempting to pursue the players and he broke his "pinkie"

NO JOKE. Look at NBC4i.  What an absolute FARCE