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Comment 03 Dec 2017

So you don't want a chance to be in the playoffs even if the committee thinks we've earned it??? Clemson has an embarrassing loss to a basketball school, OU already got beat by a team that lost to Iowa, and Georgia may or may not be legit. And we had a bad game against a 7-5 conference opponent at night on the road while missing key pieces like our most explosive playmaker on offense and our defensive leader for a large portion of the game. And because you're mad that our all time winningest qb wasn't benched in favor of a rookie that has shown SOME flashes of passing skill and SOME ineptitude at executing the offense that our team is built around, you don't want us to even TRY to win a playoff game??? Think about what you're saying. You don't want us to even TRY because even though our qb is getting the job done you think an unproven player could also get it done, but better. That's a gross way to live. I've never bought in to the idea that everyone who expresses concern about JT is a "hater" and I've never felt that questioning Urban makes one less of a true fan or any of that nonsense. But hoping we don't get into the playoff because you're afraid of what might happen is downright embarrassing. Not wanting to TRY because you might not succeed is the definition of cowardice. If you're not willing to back your team to put their best foot forward and at least attempt to win, it says more about you than it does about any player or coach on this team. Fortune favors the bold, and if you're not willing to take your best shot whenever the opportunity presents itself, and be willing to live with the results as long as you give it your best, then what's the point? Also, for future reference, when you resort to saying "snowflake", you've already lost the argument.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

Hmm. I'll admit I may have missed something more dastardly about his statement that you're referencing but I took it more as a statement about the difficulties of being a head coach. Especially being a head coach of a program where a vocal portion of the fans are as fragile, entitled and reactionary as the fans of UT and, apparently, tOSU. Still, seems a bit of a stretch to imply that his statement had some bearing on this loss.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Yeah and the crazy thing is Pryor is the only player, in the history of ever, to be self-centered and gain benefits for his talent. Benefits that are arbitrarily deemed illicit by an oversight association who were flailing wildly for relevance and looking to snare a big fish to validate their existence. Surely there aren't other players who benefited from their abilities who we now celebrate as upstanding citizens and teammates just because they never got caught. Don't be ridiculous.

Comment 17 Jul 2016

Going out of your way, out of nowhere, to snarkily insult the interests of others, then when put in your place saying they're taking it too seriously.... ahhh that takes me back. Third grade was fun.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

And Green probably plays in game 5 if he didn't rack up flagrants like poker chips and learned to stay away from other guys junk. None of which matters. however, since he had two games to prove his team was better and failed. It's astounding that anyone can claim to understand the game and blame the series loss on that suspension. Kids these days.... 

Comment 22 Jun 2016

I think it's a bit too soon for LBJ but after he retires I think its a great idea. Definitely don't agree with the sentiment that it should be reserved for only those that have attended or been employed (or whatever form the parameters being suggested may take). I'm proud of OSU and proud of all the greats that come from my state. I see nothing wrong with anyone who is a legend in their field and a lover of OSU being honored. It's not like the school or the program would be anywhere near what it is without the support of millions who never attended.

Comment 24 May 2016

Moved to OH at 6 yrs old. Was a fully dedicated fan by middle school (late 80's). My formative years were not kind to Buckeye football but I didn't care. These days I work all over but stay in Sarasota FL. Loved being around some miami fans when we stole their lunch money, but it sucked suffering through UF's three year "decade of dominance" in this state. But to be honest, I know far more Buckeye fans here than any in state school. Sarasota is one of the many Ohio colonies I've found throughout the country. My friend and neighbor is a lifelong Sarasotan and he hates that we run into more OSU fans at local places than those of any FL team. When we go on trips, every time I wear Buckeyes gear, he knows we'll meet some Ohioans. Never fails, from Belize and Scotland, to the back reaches of the Mojave desert, always meet some Buckeyes.

Comment 17 May 2016
I know by reading your posts that you are an experienced sports fan. You can't possibly be so new to this that you are surprised by a backlash against gloating frontrunners. Earlier in this very thread someone suggested a warriors sweep before the game was even over. In all genuine sincerity, did your experience in fandom not make you aware that people would react to that? I mean you even proclaim beef with "lebron apologist" in your profile. That's some serious personal investment. Yeah, a lot of folks with sympathies to Ohio don't like the warriors, for obvious reasons. When warriors fans say things indicating the series is over, and proceed to get outplayed at home, you can't possibly be surprised that they get called out. Nothing said was out of order. It was a good game that okc deservedly won. Period.
Comment 18 Mar 2016

I'm an old bastard who works 36 hour shifts in a rural forest with absolutely zero internet. So I usually get two skullys at once and, more often than not, much later than most, as evidenced by my lateness to this discussion. But I absolutely love the info DJ provides and, more importantly, the style he employs. Sure some references go right over my head but how boring would it be to want everything to conform to references and styles I already know. That's some serious get-off-my-lawnery right there. Don't be a dinosaur. Adapt. DJ does an immense service to those of us who otherwise would be completely out of the loop.

Comment 16 Mar 2016

Remember this last season when we weren't blowing teams out by 50 and everyone was complaining because we should be better than that? We give these kids so much shit for not meeting our expectations in season, then with the possibility of them having to, oh my god, travel to a vacation destination, everyone is mortified because members of a legendary program who most kids would kill to play for might have to practice over spring break, instead of idly playing video games, or worse. We chastise possible recruits who don't seem like ambitious go-getters, but now we're all up in arms defending their right to waste time playing video games? Jeezus. Who wouldn't sacrifice even 4 full years of spring breaks for a free college education and a chance to be a part of something as special as Buckeyes football? God, people talking about entitlement?!?! Protecting their precious video game hours over spring break is the definition of entitlement. Practice a little bit. Work hard for what you want. This program has a winning history. If you're just here for the experience and don't want to be bothered, go somewhere else. And with that said, I totally don't believe it will happen. Seems like classic Urban mind games.

Comment 20 Feb 2016

Couldn't agree more. And credit to you for having the brass to say so. Not a lot of love for hip hop 'round these parts. I remember when people lost their minds when DJ had the nerve to say he didn't love the Rolling Stonasaurs. Well did, sir.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

The only thing run like the military is, you know, the military. And thank god for that. I, like most Americans, will always value someone speaking their mind over someone blindly following orders. Real life isn't something that can be simplified along rank and protocol. How boring and simple would life be if it was?

Comment 21 Nov 2015

If this was a joke it would be a poor misfire. As a realistic statement, it's even worse. Funny how one can blame Zeke, who has the eyes of the nation upon him, for speaking too emotionally right after a loss, then turn around and be a keyboard warrior and make such rash statements on a board. And framing it as a leadership issue is just a blatant cop-out. This great country isn't run like a military, and that's why it's beautiful. We live and die for the ability to question authority when it is just and accurate to do so. Most of us believe in speaking our minds and any outfit that isn't strong enough to cope with dissent is not going to last long anyway.