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Comment 17 Dec 2019

When Mattison was hired, I did an eyeroll. But then I did what any self respecting grit eating Southerner(not from the south) would do, I did my research. I looked at his time up north. I looked at what he did before Harbaugh and how their defense before Mattison and while he was there. He deserves alot of credit. 

I was always a fan of Coombs but I think when Ash got to OSU, the DB's went to another level. I'd rather Day hire someone other than Coombs.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

It's getting bad now. I used to find all types of videos like the One Hour Football page. One of my favorites was the 2014 season video. It was a little over an hour and now it's gone as well. 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Gus is my favorite commentator. 2014 Big 10 championship is when I went all in on him. Last year against the team up north was his best performance.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Honestly I don’t think the situation is serious enough to warrant a bad guy. If I’m a team and I’m thinking of drafting a QB, first I will determine if he fits what I want in my system. If Murray does then I will bring him in and I will have him measured appropriately. If he declines in private then that tells me more about him. 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

You’re spot on about Kylers height. In the off-season, Stan Jackson told the story of his combine measuring. First it was Peyton Manning, then Ryan Leaf, then him. Manning stood up, the measurer said 6’5, Leaf comes up, measurer, 6’5. But when it was Jackson’s turn, the measurer got more strict “back straight, feet flat, heels together”. I find it hard to understand that the school measured him at 5’9 but the combine measured 5’10.