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Retired in East Tennessee (via Fremont, Ohio)

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Ohio born, still loyal to Browns, Buckeyes and Indians. Long, long time lurker. Played H.S. ball with and against guys that played for Woody and Bo. Only site I look to for Buckeye info. Have always enjoyed the "dry wit", intelligence, sarcasm and humor from all. Had to live in **ichigan for work, through the Cooper years. Then Tress came along, last ten years up there were glorious.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Met both Woody and Bo at a banquet honoring two All-Americans from hometown, (Brudzinski, Lytle). While living in state up north, attended a dinner that Tress got recognition from Duffy Daugherty Foundation. Dantonio was also present. Have both their signatures on the Dispatch's front page day after '02 championship. Dino even added "Go Bucks". Worst moment - in the upper deck, right field, on the 15 yard line for "Red Right 88".
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Anyone that has worn Scarlet and Gray
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 14 Aug 2019

I know what you mean about being in the dark. We just went back to Ohio last week. Stayed with a co-worker that lost his wife a couple of years ago. Now dating someone that we casually knew. Her 18 yr old daughter came home from first quarter at college, took her father's pistol and went out behind some pines on their place and ended her life. They were both home at the time. They were absolutely devastated and had no idea that she was suffering that much.

Suicide is still looked upon as a stigma/stain/fault of the victim. No one will willingly talk about it. Except someone else that had, usually, a family member that completed it. 

We had three people that came to talk to us after the loss of our son from the neighborhood. They all had it happen to loved ones in their lives but, never could discuss it with other survivors.

Hope your daughter has gotten the help to combat depression and is living to the fullest.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Depression is a insidious disease. Our son was diagnosed as clinical. Flunked out of college because he would sleep in his room for a week straight .

We lost him to suicide 20 years ago. Discovered he quit taking his meds, (two full prescriptions), because he "felt good and didn't need them". Common occurrence in the severely depressed.

Hole in the heart gets smaller and the edges smoother over the years, but there is still not a day that goes by that something/someone reminds me of him and generates good memories. 

Comment 16 Jul 2019

High school in the Buckeye conference? Played both May and Johnson in football. Johnson had beaten us almost single-handed all through junior high. I was a 165 lb guard in high school. You couldn't knock Stan down. Our running backs could hit the hole in a hurry so you basically had to get in Stan's way for a few seconds.

He wasn't the brightest bulb. Senior year we played at Strobel field in a snowstorm. At the end of the third quarter he started shaking our hands while saying "good game". His teammates had to grab him, pull him over to their huddle and forcefully explain that the game was not over. Final score 28 -7 for the visitors.   

Comment 14 Jul 2019

Hove, that is a nightmare we do not wish on any OSU faithful.

I had part of that. Job took me up there for Coop's last five years.

After the "Senator" and Urban emerged it became glorious.

Has been and always will be.....

Comment 12 Jul 2019

We are on the ridge that faces dam/canal from the east. We can see the marina and Calhouns from here. It's a half hour to either Maryville or Knoxville. I go to "Murlvill" 99% of the time.

The area between Lenoir City and Farragut is rapidly growing, lot of construction, homes and commercial.

Madisonville and Sweetwater are a long way from everything. Maryville is growing like crazy but traffic is horrendous. Especially with all the damn "turists" down here now.

Comment 09 Jun 2019

That was a great place for pregame in the 90's. Could not believe the game I attended, think it was the 10 - 10 tie and wondering WTF happened to Hineygate.

Best party forever.