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Capt. Kline 12th Warrior

Retired in East Tennessee (via Fremont, Ohio)

MEMBER SINCE   February 03, 2015

Ohio born, still loyal to Browns, Buckeyes and Indians. Long, long time lurker. Played H.S. ball with and against guys that played for Woody and Bo. Only site I look to for Buckeye info. Have always enjoyed the "dry wit", intelligence, sarcasm and humor from all. Had to live in **ichigan for work, through the Cooper years. Then Tress came along, last ten years up there were glorious.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Met both Woody and Bo at a banquet honoring two All-Americans from hometown, (Brudzinski, Lytle). While living in state up north, attended a dinner that Tress got recognition from Duffy Daugherty Foundation. Dantonio was also present. Have both their signatures on the Dispatch's front page day after '02 championship. Dino even added "Go Bucks". Worst moment - in the upper deck, right field, on the 15 yard line for "Red Right 88".
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Anyone that has worn Scarlet and Gray
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 07 Aug 2020

What OSU-ttun game game did Barrett go down and relieved by Haskins? I remember the clip on the sidelines with Desirae giving a big "thumbs up" and "We got this now". Eat shit Desirae.

I grew up across the street from one of the factories that gave Fremont that title. Could feel the stamping machines thud around the clock.

Comment 14 Jul 2020

Saw my first game at the Shoe at 12 yrs old. Beat Oregon early in September. Attended a few of and on in later years. 

2002 NC was fantastic. 2014 was better just because we Bama along the way.

The most satisfying to me was the 2010 Rose Bowl. Terrelle's last game. "No way OSU can keep up with PAC 12 offense" was the repeated phrase. Surgical carving of the Ducks, game was our's all the way. James Patrick Tressel's last coaching win.

Comment 22 Jun 2020

That is the worse thing about golf. There are one or two shots a round which always brings you back to the course.

Comment 22 Jun 2020

Mine did not cost at all, being only 15. Same type of shot, 175 yds with 5 wood I think. We saw it bounce twice and it disappeared.

Searched for about 5 minutes, green had a hill right behind it and thought caught that. Somebody walked by the cup and noticed ball.

My mother-in-law has had five aces. She hits every shot straight. Had her last one at age of 73. 

My brother had one but on the wrong green. Shanked drive high and right on 14, ended up in 15 cup.

Comment 04 Jun 2020

Same here, just down US 20 in Fremont. Whole extended family were Buckeye, Browns and Indian fans. My Dad always had the Tribe broadcasts in the summer. First OSU game was in '68. Oregon, which we got from an alumni uncle.

I started at "HKU" two days after high school graduation. Took 37 years to graduate. Enjoying my "post-grad" years down here in East TN.

I followed the family's allegiance and have never regretted it.

2318 hrs and tTuN still sucks.  

Comment 28 May 2020

Actually, I think Paradise might freeze over before Hell. 

It's up on Whitefish Bay, on Lake Superior. Just south of where the "Fitz" when down. 

Comment 09 May 2020

What branch and where at? That has to a proud memory.

Thank you for your service.

Side note-As a "boot" in the USCG my company was selected to march in 200th anniversary of Lexington/Concord battle. Flew us up in C-130 Herc to Otis, marched over the bridge in Concord and due to weather, could not return the same day back to Cape May NJ.

They found quarters for at Fort Devons. That was a bad idea, our ninth week of boot camp without beer, women and the CC (Drill Instructor) was not around. We hit every EM club on base and all were AWOL reporting back that night, all shit-faced.

I was the "Recruit Commander" and got my ass chewed out by CC, also shit-faced, as he was holding on to the door jambs to avoid falling over. Weather was not much better the next day. C-130 is not the flight for a hangover.