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Comment 25 Dec 2012

I Double Dog Dare Ya!!!!

Comment 18 Sep 2012
Braxton should go with " Darkwing Duck" (Let's Get Dangerous)
Comment 06 Aug 2012
You hit the nail on the head Pam... Holley is one of the nicest people I've ever met.
Comment 21 Jul 2012

Maybe He Did Mention Mitchell...

What recruits that were out there were you guys trying to recruit for the Bucks?

We were talking to everyone! There are some guys coming [to OSU], that's for sure, but they will announce on their own time and I will leave it at that.

Comment 22 Jun 2012

how come we never had a heads up on these two before??? (alex/Gene). Never seen a Bio, No highlight reels, not even a hint they were coming on board. Someone drop the ball on this one :)


Comment 21 Feb 2012
Both are great, the stories have a different flavor. Q&A makes it feel more personal.
Comment 25 Jan 2012

 Noah Spence, David Perkins, and Cam are the best recruiters... anytime you have the athletes talking to a prospect it's a plus