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MEMBER SINCE   January 03, 2015

My First College Football experience was January 3, 2003 when I was 16 years old, witnessing the Double Overtime National Championship win over the Miami Hurricanes. My Father and I instantly became Ohio State Buckeye fans with the overwhelming environment in the PreGame parties and throughout game. Coming from small farm town backgrounds in Alberta, Canada, nothing can or has compared to the excitement and passion we witnessed that day. We have remained Loyal and avid Fans since the date and have no reason to turn elsewhere. I am the Buckeye Fan from Canuckland!! GO BUCKS!!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 National Championship Game vs. Miami Hurricanes, Tempe Arizona
    January 1, 2015 CFB SUGAR BOWL vs. Alabama Crimson Tide
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: James Laurinaitis
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jon Diebler (Threebler)
  • NFL TEAM: New England Patriots
  • NHL TEAM: Calgary Flames
  • SOCCER TEAM: FC Barcelona

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Comment 02 Dec 2017
With all due respect not ignoring the impending challenge against Wiscy, following CFP guideline and curriculum and "little separation" conversation from last week my inquiry is mostly pointed toward: how does Auburns loss help Alabama move up from 5 while being idle and our Boys having an opportunity to prove themselves tonight.
Comment 02 Dec 2017
What does Georgia pummeling Auburn do to the CFP with an OSU win tonight? Is that help we need? Georgia likely in now. Alabama loss to a to be 3 loss non conference champion which Auburn holds a head to head against Bama. Thoughts? Insight? Curious, but mostly focused on winning tonight no matter what it takes
Comment 28 Oct 2017
Not only did JTFBIV confirm that the games and wins post OKLA were not a fluke or lucky or whatever they appeared to be, he has this team in Playoff Position once again, and likely secured himself a number being called in the 2018 Draft....late round or not.... COULD NOT BE PROUDER OF THIS TEAM!!!!
Comment 26 Nov 2016
Excellent game! Playoff caliber, character testing....any of those phrases will do. Michigan can suck it with their 40 seniors on roster. Proud of our boys for digging deep and for JT who singlehandedly put this team on his back until CSam got his chance to shine. Upon confirmation of the 2OT touchdown, by confirmation I mean no flags on the play....I proceeded to dismantling my OhioState flag and run through the streets with it and my kids, and nieces and nephews of my private community yelling Victoriously and Optimistically that we'd be going to the Playoffs! Still pumped after that one! Go Bucks!!
Comment 13 Nov 2016
I have, yes. But....are those conference champions deserving of advancing when clearly the B1G Conferences and the marquee teams within it have all faced adversity and been considered mostly top 10 teams if not top 5 throughout the majority of the season. Theoretically, Ohio State wins out while being ranked #2 and Penn State also win out. By virtue of the tie breaker and representation of the B1G East team, regardless of the outcome between that championship game, how do they possibly consider moving us out when weaker P5 conferences have floundered in and out of the top 6. Just a theory, but come on. Do you really take a late loss Washington eventually beating a Utah in the Pac12 championship over a battle proven Ohio State with one of the highest strength of schedule out there. And again....same goes for an Oklahoma team winning the B12, by which we have a head to head win or an ACC team that survived most of their games by the skins of their teeth.....sure they survived. Lots and lots to consider. Bottm line. Week by week they will allegedly select the top 4 teams. How? On championship week do they remove Ohio State at all without their ability to prove why they're really supposed to be there? Sounds like the committee have their hands full.
Comment 06 Nov 2016
Any other opinions on the post game handshake between coaches. Seemed as though NEB head coach had the last word that left Urban silent. I can't imagine it was about running up the score....Maybe a direct comment about taking out his starting QB? Curious if anyone else noticed that from the Broadcast vantage.
Comment 06 Nov 2016
Impressive night for our boys! It was sure nice to see Armstrong jog back acrss the field after seeing him carted off. Great to see the defense play big D and the offense for the most part on the same page. Hate to say it, but, Good move to get Dontre away from PR. I'll always be uneasy if he's given any more chances to attempt any return. Solid win. Onto Maryland! Go Bucks!!
Comment 28 Oct 2016 sincere condolences for being restricted to TSN (the worst) short of moving to the U.S. you can in fact purchase a proxy server VPN which will allow you access to ESPN with a subscription or if you have any connections to anyone with a Major U.S. Broadcaster (Direct TV, Time Warner Cable, Dish1 etc....) you can sign in under their username and password for B1G, ESPN, Fox, ABC, CBS etc. The other option is finding a live stream. We used to use www and had success with that, OR, pick up and head to the states like I did and enjoy the luxury of television viewing options. I'll never go back. O-H....